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Christie George Washington Bridge documents

Christie George Washington Bridge documents

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Published by Brett LoGiurato
Pages 301-400
Pages 301-400

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Published by: Brett LoGiurato on Jan 10, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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about the matter. Weinberg is correct, dollars-wise. Before we get to bridge
 costs, let's note
 bridges in the New York and New Jersey region are run by either the Port Authority of New York and New
 or the Metropolitan Transit Authority. It's
 for every bridge we mention, we're using the peak
 cost for a standard two-axle vehicle.
Raising New Jersey
 Southeast ports
Tyrone Richardson
 and Courier The Bayonne Bridge may only connect a part of northern New Jersey
 New York City, but a billion-dollar project to
 the iconic steel-arch connection is expected to bring more cargo to ports in the Southeast Raising the Bayonne Bridge What The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is raising the roadway of the Bayonne Bridge to give more air
 for larger cargo
 Why: The bridge's current 151 feet of
 is too short for many post-Panamax ships. How: Crews are building a roadway above the current four-lane roadway, which will be removed. When: The SI.3 billion project is slated to be completed by 2015. That's why, more than 700 miles south, Charleston and Savannah maritime officials are monitoring the project
 will raise the Bayonne Bridge's roadway from its current 151 feet to 215 feet for the air
 needed to accommodate larger cargo vessels from an expanded Panama
 The raising of the bridge is considered a critical piece in the string of improvements to
 infrastructures along the East Coast The improvements are geared toward enticing more larger
 to stop at cargo terminals alt along the Eastern
 including the highly competitive Southeast region. "The raising of the Bayonne Bridge will remove a significant restraint for big ship deployment to the East Coast," said Jim Newsome, president and
 State Ports Authority.
 of Guy Tozzoli's
Evolution of Guy Tozzoli's relationship
 the Port Authority: March 1961The Port Authority issues a report endorsing the idea of a World Trade Center in Manhattan. March 1966Construction on the Twin Towers begins. Late 1968 Guy
 director of the Port Authority's World Trade Department, attends a meeting of executives from other ports around the world to discuss an association of trade centers. May 1969 Tozzoli incorporates the World Trade Centers Association,
 New York City as its headquarters and proposes bylaws. For the next 17 years, he runs the
 from his Port Authority office, directing agency staff to handle its day-to-day operations.
 of the
 World Trade Center name
 Port Authority's power,
 in 1975, when New York City was broke and crumbling —
 its budget and crime rate out of control, the Bronx burning, and thousands of police officers and teachers being laid off — a high-ranking executive of the Port Authority was on a
 in Zaire. On the itinerary was a $320-per-person safari
 would cost $1,400 per person today, guided sightseeing tours and lunchtime cocktails. Guy
 director of world trade for the Port Authority, brought his wife and an agency employee responsible for handling travel arrangements and dispensing
 The Port Authority paid.
 considers new way to
 look down
 Ryan Ori
 Chicago Business Willis Tower, already knocked from its perch as the Western Hemisphere's tallest building by New York's One World Trade Center, soon could face a new challenge from
 its own city. The owner of the observatory in the John
 Center on North Michigan Avenue is planning a tourist experience called the "Tilt"
 would rival the Ledge, the popular and profitable glass-floor balconies on Willis' 103rd floor, according to sources familiar
 the proposal.
 Montparnasse Group 56, which bought the 94th-floor John Hancock Observatory for $44.2 million in 2012, has
 creating an enclosed glass box protruding from the observatory
 would hold several visitors. Once they're strapped in, the box would
 creating downward-facing views of downtown. More is at stake than prestige and vertigo.
 NY - George Washington Bridge Toll.
PA - DW - 000301
 Public Affairs Broadcast
 Tuesday, December 17, 2013 7:31 AM Subject: Morning
 upper-level westbound
Two New Jersey-bound lanes of the George Washington Bridge upper level were closed Monday night for emergency repairs on a support beam under the roadway, a spokesman for the Port Authority
 The spokesman said the closure would remain in effect
 at least 5 a.m. Tuesday, while engineers
 the damage and workers repair it. It was the
 time in three weeks
 an issue
 a support beam under the roadway had forced lanes to be closed for emergency repairs, the spokesman
 Monday nights closures caused delays of about an hour as westbound drivers were urged to use the lower level or choose the Lincoln Tunnel or Holland Tunnel as alternatives to New
 on GWB
 The Associated
The Leader-Herald - (Full Text)
 lanes on the upper level of the George Washington Bridge have reopened. The Port Authority of New York and New
 had to close two upper-level westbound lanes on Monday so crews could complete emergency repairs. The shutdown created major
 delays. The repairs come less than a week after emergency repairs on the bridge snarled
 and emergency repairs closed three lanes heading
 New York City one month ago.
Emergency Lane
 Closures on
 Cause Gridlock for 2nd
 in Less
 New York
 the second time in less than a week, drivers
 to get
 New Jersey from New York City Monday found themselves stuck in hours of gridlock because of emergency lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. Two westbound lanes were closed for much of the evening, causing massive backups. Another lane shut down at 9 p.m. for a planned rehabilitation project on the structural steel deck , leaving
 one of the four upper-level westbound lanes open
 all lanes were cleared for
 Tuesday morning. The upper-level westbound lanes of the GWB were closed so emergency repairs could be made to a support beam under the roadway, according to The Record .
West Virginia senator
 federal probe
 Port Authority
 is run
By Melissa
A U.S.
 Senator from West Virginia has launched a federal investigation
 how the Port Authority is managed, joining a growing list of Democrats who remain unconvinced
 study — the official explanation offered by Governor Christie appointees at the agency — was the motivation behind lanes closures at the George Washington Bridge. Sen.
 D. Rockefeller IV, chairman of the
 Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee sent a letter to the Port Authority board questioning its procedures and requesting answers to nine
 questions by
 15. He
 asked the U.S. Secretary Of Transportation to investigate the lane closures saying he's concerned about "political appointees abusing their power." "As the Committee
 oversight responsibility of the Port Authority, I continue to have
 concerns about the actions of this agency," Rockefeller wrote in his letter to the Port Authority's board. "The gravity of this situation demands a comprehensive investigation.
Port Authority patronage pit poses problem
 York Daily News
PA - DW - 000302
The high school pal of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who plunged tens of thousands of George Washington Bridge motorists
 gridlock, has been followed out the Port Authority door by the Christie crony who tried to cover up the offense. Good riddance to David Wildstein, salary $150,000, and Bill Baroni, salary $289,667. And good luck to Christie in
 to sell the notions
 had nothing to do
 "Bridgegate," and
 he believes Baroni's story
Wildstein closed two of three local GWB
 lanes on four morning rush hours as part of a
 study." Since no one at the PA — including Executive Director Pat Foye — has yet shown any awareness of such a study, Christie's tale won't wash unless he produces the document Good luck to him
 with that
Chris Christie's
 nightmare traffic
 Richard Cohen Washington Post
 Sept. 9,
 lanes to the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey to New York were suddenly closed . No warning was given nothing posted days before or announced on the radio. Traffic backed up to the outskirts of Omaha (an approximation), reasonable people went mad, children were appropriately traumatized and the residents of Fort Lee, the New Jersey town at the western end of the bridge, got the
 of air pollution of the type
 will, studies have shown, strike them down in later years as they venture out for the Eady Bird
 Their last words, you can be almost certain, will be, "Damn you, Chris Christie." The New Jersey governor has asserted
 he had nothing to do
 the totally capricious lane closings. As for his aides who instigated the mayhem, they insisted they were not — as alleged getting even
 the mayor of Fort Lee, the Democrat Mark
 who had failed to endorse the Republican Christie's reelection, as some 60 other Democratic officials had prudently done. They said the lane closings — which lasted four
 — were imposed to conduct a
 oddly enough, no one knows anything about
 furthermore, cannot find. It might prove
 if you close lanes,
 will back up.
Congress May Be Asked to Join GWB
The Epoch Times - (Full Text)
 New Jersey state lawmaker wants Congress to investigate the agency responsible for
 jams caused by unannounced lane closings approaching the George Washington Bridge
 New York City. Democrats claim the gridlock was an act of retribution by loyalists of
 Chris Christie, which the governor has denied.
 Loretta Weinberg of Bergen County said she will introduce a resolution Thursday
 asks Congress to investigate the Port Authority of New York and New
 The Democratic-led Senate could pass the resolution by the end of the year. The authority's inspector general and the Assembly Transportation Committee already are looking
 the land diversions
 brought Fort Lee to a standstill during the
 week of school in September. But the lawmaker said
 would bring a wider perspective to the probe since it could examine whether changes are needed in the federal legislation
 created the bistate authority
 operates bridges, tunnels, rail service, and airports in the New York and
 Jersey region. "Congress should be looking at the law
 created the Port Authority, the lack of transparency, whether the law
 created the authority requires changes, and
 the structure of the authority needs to be amended,"
 Weinberg, a Democrat The lane closings have created a distraction for
 who won re-election by 22 points in November and is seen as a strong potential contender for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. The governor's top two appointees at the authority have resigned, and he held an hourlong news conference Friday to try to manage the story. Democrats contend the lane closings were political payback to Fort Lee Mayor Mark
 a Democrat who declined to endorse Christie for re-election. The closings were ordered by Christie's No. 2 man at the agency, David Wildstein, a childhood friend of the governor's and former political blogger. Christie's top deputy. Bill Baroni, knew about them but the agency's executive director, Patrick
 an appointee of New York
 said he wasn't informed. Baroni later received a letter from Sokolich claiming the closings were punitive, but the mayor has since backed away from
 statemenL Christie said Friday he has no reason to doubt the explanation of his two appointees, who contend the closings were for a
 pattern study. Foye testified
 he wasn't aware of any
 study, and two Port Authority directors said they feared for their jobs if they failed to carry out Wildstein's order to divert traffic. Weinberg said
 is troubled about the work environment described by the three under oath, and is still concerned by the results of a Government Accountability Office audit in August showing the Port Authority lacked transparency when it raised tolls by 50 percent on bridges and tunnels
 New York after holding only one day of public hearings. Neither the governor's office nor the Port Authority responded to email requests for comment Monday afternoon. The Port Authority has
Thursday to
 over documents and emails subpoenaed by the state Assembly panel.
For Chris Christie,
 closures at N.J.
 if not scandal
 Philip Rucker Washington Post
PA - DW - 000303

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