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DeadEarth - Radiation Table Supplement 2

DeadEarth - Radiation Table Supplement 2



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Published by Dyson Logos
Radiation Table Supplement 2 adds 100 Radiation Manipulations to the 1,000 from the deadEarth PHB - 100 more ways to make your mutant a freak. Thanks to g026r for retrieving this from the archives.
Radiation Table Supplement 2 adds 100 Radiation Manipulations to the 1,000 from the deadEarth PHB - 100 more ways to make your mutant a freak. Thanks to g026r for retrieving this from the archives.

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Published by: Dyson Logos on Sep 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Radiation Table Supplement #2
deadEarth Radiation Table Supplement #2-2-
Read This Or Die
This document is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. See Appendix A for details.
Notice of Trademark
is a trademark of The Game Crafter, LLC.The Game Crafter 
is a registered trademark of The Game Crafter, LLC.
Notice of Copyright
deadEarth is Copyright 1994-2002 The Game Crafter, LLC. Radiation Table Supplement #2 isCopyright 2000-2002 The Game Crafter, LLC. All rights reserved.
Chris HagnessJT Smith
Adam BeckettJames ClarkCory ConeMichele DiegoliJoshua Tingdahl
cover art
Denise RobinsonRevision
Revision 1.3, released on March 30, 2002.
More Information
For more information about the world of deadEarth and other supplements, visit the web site athttp://www.deadearth.com.For more information about The Game Crafter and our other games, visit our web site athttp://www.thegamecrafter.com
deadEarth Radiation Table Supplement #2-3-
How It Works
Radiation Table Supplements (RTS) are built to enhance and expand the Radiation Table in the
deadEarth Player’s Handbook 
(PHB). You may ask yourself why we would want to expand the1000 radiations on the original table. The answer is that we are just plain crazy. :-) We keepcoming up with new radiations and we thought you’d like to see what we’ve come up with.
RTS’ often refer to radiations listed in the PHB. When this happens the radiations are denoted as“(000) Radiation name.” When a radiation refers to an RTS its notation will look like “(RTS8-00)Radiation name.”We suggest three methodologies to implement an RTS into your dE gaming environment: randomselection, replacement, or reconstruction.Use
random selection
to allow for the most diversity in radiation. Before each gaming sessionyou (as the game master) should create small strips of paper with the names of each supplementand each section of radiations from the
deadEarth Player’s Handbook 
(i.e.: 100s, 200s, 300s, …,RTS3). Put each strip into a hat, dice bag, potato chip bag, or any other container you’ve gotlaying around. Before each gaming session, each player will draw from the hat to determinewhich table they will roll on for that gaming session. At the beginning of each new gamingsession, each player will redraw.Another way to introduce an RTS into your radiation table is to use the
method.This method is simple. Simply pick a section of the radiation table (for example: the 300s), andthen replace that section with a given RTS.Our final suggestion for bringing an RTS into your gaming environment is quite tedious, but issometimes the most gratifying. The method we’re talking about is called
. Use aword processor or spreadsheet to create a new list of radiations, which you handpick from thePHB or any RTS. We don’t suggest that you waste your time typing out all the descriptions,instead simply type the number to roll, the name of the radiation, and its original number. Your listwill look like this:000 Avian hybrid 060001 Dreadful RTS1-13002 Heightened Senses 144etc. By creating a list like this you can really customize your radiation table to suit your campaign,players, etc. and by listing the original numbers, you and your players will be able to easily lookup the radiation’s description.

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