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TOP 3 Welding Equipment

TOP 3 Welding Equipment

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Published by John

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Published by: John on Sep 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TOP 3 - Welding Equipment
 The job of a
can be dangerous, unless there is strict adherence to all safetymeasures. Although the task at hand is hazardous, there are five important pieces of Welding equipment every welder must have. The five important pieces of equipmentare:The power supplyThe electrodesThe source materialThere are many types of welding procedures and welding sources or materials. But,they all have one thing in common. Each welding process must have one of the threepieces of equipment mentioned above. Each welding process large or small will notbe able to be performed if they are missing either one of those parts.It is a must to to have a steady supply of power, this electricity is what will give theheat to the metal. This heat will cause the metal to melt and form what is called aweld. The weld will create the manufactured good or goods. The power supply can beone that is portable or fixed. They can have either AC (alternate)/DC (direct) poweroutput source. The power supply of any welding equipment can come with one of three backup resources such as:A gas backup source optionA diesel backup as an optionOr even a rechargeable battery packAn electrode is used to carry current to the source material or manufactured part.The electrodes are unique for each job and there are many to choose from. Thereare some made of non consumable material or consumable, meaning the will or willnot disintegrate will transferring the heat to the source material. They are important

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