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Circuit Theory Solved Assignments - Semester Fall 2008

Circuit Theory Solved Assignments - Semester Fall 2008

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Published by Muhammad Umair
Circuit Theory Solved Assignments - Semester Fall 2008
Circuit Theory Solved Assignments - Semester Fall 2008

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Published by: Muhammad Umair on Sep 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Assignment No 1 Solution
In given circuit
Calculate the total current flow and the voltage drop across each resistor(b)Relative to point d, what will be the voltage at points, a, b and c
We can see that 1
, 4
and 3
are in series so total resistance of circuit will beRt=1+4+3Rt=8
 Given voltage is V=24vTotal current can be found using Ohm’s law (V=IR) ORI=V/R=24/8
Now this same current 3A is flowing through all series resistance soVoltage across1
will be V=IR
Voltage across4
will be V=IR
V=3X4=12V Voltage across3
 will be V=IR
V= 3X3=9v 
(b)Voltage at pointarelative to point d is
=24vVoltage at pointbrelative to point d is sum of voltage of 1
and 4
Voltage at pointcrelative to point d is
Q. 2:
Find the equivalent resistance of the network given below. Write each step of thecalculation to get maximum marks. Draw the circuit diagram of each step otherwise youwill lose your marks
Starting from right side we see, at point a current will not pass through 5
, 14k 
but follow easy path (short circuit path) and reach to point a passing from point b, cand d so we neglect effect of 14, 5 and 9k 
 Now 8k 
and 2k 
are in parallel so8x2/8+2=16/10=1.6k 
and 2k are in series so1.6+2=3.6k 
At left side 6k 
and 3k are in parallel, 6x3/6+3= 18/9=2k 
 which is again in parallel of 2k 2x2/2+2=1k 
is in series of 4k 
so 1+4=5k 
and 3.6k 
are in parallel5x3.6/5+3.6=18/8.6=2k 
Give brief answersa)
Conductors allow flow of current while insulator do not allow, WHY.Ans:
Conductors, (metals) allow electricity to pass through them while insulators do not conductelectricity through them. This is because the conductors have free electrons which move in a specifieddirection on the application of some potential, causing the flow of current. Insulators don't have freeelectrons, because the electrons are tightly bound to the nucleus.
In insulators the gap between the valanceband and conduction band is large and requires large energy to produce free electrons.A conductor will allow current to pass through it easily because it has a low resistance. An insulator has avery high resistance and will allow very little current to flow through it.
Give two examples of DC voltage source and AC voltage source.Ans
:Battery and dry cell are DC voltage source while AC generator and electricity from wapda grid stationare AC voltage sources.
In any circuit, state two requirements for producing current.Ans: 
For producing current in a circuit
Circuit must be closed circuit.2)
There should be a potential difference (voltage source) across the circuit.

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