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500 Nursing Questions

500 Nursing Questions

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Published by: Filipino Nurses Central on Sep 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRACTICE TEST QUESTIONSDownloaded from FILIPINO NURSES CENTRAL{www.nursescentral.ning.com}1. According to Maslow, which of the following categories of needsrepresents the most basic?
 a) Physiologic needs
Physiologic needs must be met before an individual is able to movetoward psychological health and well-being.b) Self-actualization
Self-actualization is the highest level of needc) Safety and security needs
Safety and security needs, while lower level, are not essential tophysiologic survival.d) Belongingness
Belongingness and affection needs are not essential to physiologicsurvival.
2. Which of the following statements reflects the World HealthOrganization’s definition of health?
 a) A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and notmerely the absence of disease and infirmity.
Such a definition, however, does not allow for any variations in thedegrees of wellness or illness.b) A condition of homeostasis and adaptation.
The WHO definition addresses physical, mental, and social dimensionsof being.c) An individual’s location along a wellness–illness continuum.
The concept of a health–illness continuum allows for a greater range indescribing a person’s health than the definition provided by the WHO.d) A fluid, ever-changing balance reflected through physical, mental,and social behavior.
The WHO definition does not allow for any variations in the degrees of wellness and illness.
3. Which of the following statements defines culture?
 a) The learned patterns of behavior, beliefs, and values that can beattributed to a particular group of people.
Included among characteristics that distinguish cultural groups aremanner of dress, values, artifacts, and health beliefs and practices.b) A group of people distinguished by genetically transmitted material.
A group of people distinguished by genetically transmitted materialdescribes the term race.c) The status of belonging to a particular region by origin, birth, ornaturalization.
The status of belonging to a particular region by origin, birth, ornaturalization describes the term nationality.d) The classification of a group based upon certain distinctivecharacteristics.
The classification of a group based upon certain distinctivecharacteristics describes the term ethnicity.
4. The reason that case management has gained such prominence inhealth care can be traced to
 a) Decreased cost of care associated with inpatient stay.
The reasons case management has gained such prominence can betraced to the decreased cost of care associated with decreased lengthof hospital stay, coupled with rapid and frequent inter-unit transfersfrom specialty to standard care units.b) Increased length of hospital stay.
In general, length of hospital stay has decreased over the past 5years.c) Discharge from specialty care units to home.
In general, patients are transferred from specialty care units tostandard care units at least 24 hours prior to discharge.d) Limited availability for inter-unit hospital transfers.
In general, patients in acute care hospitals undergo frequent inter-unittransfers from specialty to standard care units.
5. A preferred provider organization is described as a
 a) Business arrangement between hospitals and physicians.
PPO’s usually contract to provide health care to subscribers, usuallybusinesses, for a negotiated fee that often is discounted.
b) Prepaid group health practice system.
A prepaid group health practice system is termed a healthmaintenance organization.c) Limited insurance program.
Insurance is a cost payment system of shared risk, not a health caredelivery system.d) Health care savings account program.
A health care savings account program is an incentive program toconsumers, not a health care delivery system.
6. Which of the following categories identifies the focus of community/public health nursing practice?
 a) Promoting and maintaining the health of populations andpreventing and minimizing the progress of disease
Although nursing interventions used by public health nurses mightinvolve individuals, families, or small groups, the central focus remainspromoting health and preventing disease in the entire community.b) Rehabilitation and restorative services
Rehabilitation and restorative services are the focus of extended carefacilities and home care nursing.c) Adaptation of hospital care to the home environment
Adaptation of hospital care to the home environment is the focus of home nursing.d) Hospice care delivery
Hospice care delivery refers to the delivery of services to theterminally ill.
7. A major goal for home care nurses is
 a) Restoring maximum health function.
Tertiary preventive nursing care, focusing on rehabilitation andrestoring maximum health function, is a goal for home care nurses.b) Promoting the health of populations.
Promoting the health of populations is a focus of community/publichealth nursing.c) Minimizing the progress of disease.
Minimizing the progress of disease is a focus of community/publichealth nursing.

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