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A Childhood Lost and Forgotten

A Childhood Lost and Forgotten

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Published by Randi Miller

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Published by: Randi Miller on Sep 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Written By: R.L. Miller
A Childhood Lost and Forgotten
As I grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee a place where orangeand white dominate the skies. (I don’t care too much forfootball but figured I would throw that in). Knoxville is one of the four larger cities in Tennessee, which doesn’t say much for itsince it is a city of only 183,000 people as of 2007. It was farsmaller during the time that I was there as a child. Just to giveyou an idea of the size: Atlanta, Ga has more than 530,000;Miami, Fl has 362,000; and San Francisco has over 800,00people in it. None the less this is a city of a very small size.Most of the people make minimum wage and if you made morethan that there you are doing pretty darn good for yourself. Theaverage person makes anywhere between $25,000 a year to$28,000.I would consider this more of a country rural city thatmost people don’t live very close to each other, also condos andapartments are very scarce. Nice to know fact is that over 60%of the people that live there have been divorced. Also, onlyaround 20% are not classified as Caucasian. These facts can beseen on the Tennessee Census website. One odd fact I found
out about the city while researching is that it was once called“Underwear Capital of the World”, because at one time theyhad around 20 of the leading underwear makers with textileplants there.A characteristic of mine that everyone would point outand would still to the day tell you is that I was a very timid andsweet child. I do not treasure these moments because therewere reasons to why I was that way growing up. I was an onlychild up until I was about 5 years old and people would noticeme and the feeling of love from those years I can stillremember. After my sister was born, though I could feel agrowing discomfort and replacement. This did not only comefrom family, but also from the people around me and in my life.I was not a good looking kid seeing as to how I had amassive head, giant eyes, and I had a pretty big body for myage. I was never considered obese as a child although I was alarger kid. The times have changed and the perception of obesehas changed too. Lets get back to what I was originally gettingto. My sister was like an angel to everyone that could do nowrong and was perfect in every way shape and form. Thedifferences between us were massive. We had different fathersso I had dark hair blue eyes and a larger stature. She on the

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