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English Rabbi c Avraham-green Letter

English Rabbi c Avraham-green Letter

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Published by mendel241
free english version of rabbi C. Avraham defending himself
free english version of rabbi C. Avraham defending himself

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Published by: mendel241 on Sep 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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95 LORIMER ST.BROOKLYN, NY 11206(718) 388-4411
Dear Rabbi Moshe GreenIt has come to my attention that you have written a disparaging letter in English to aSupreme Court Judge, concerning my revered father. In your letter, you declare that anyGet written at my father’s Bais Din has questionable validity and is unacceptable sincesuch a Get will cause a woman to retain her married status, and any future offspring froma new marriage will be considered mamzeirim (bastards). It is well known that your statements were made on behalf of 
Mrs Oberlander
; a recalcitrant, slanderous thief, andvicious informer, in order to continue baseless lies that she is an Agunah (chainedwoman).
In the name of Justice, Righteousness, and our holy Torah, I demand a thoroughresponse from you to the following sins which you have committed
Shaming and slandering my father
First and foremost, I protest the humiliation of my revered father “Chief Justice and Grand Rabbi of the Bais Din Kedushas Levi. Myfather has been a Rabbi for many years involved in community affairs with honesty andearnesty and without seeking honor and glory from his sacred work. He has many yearsof experience in arranging for Gittin, and has done so with the strictest standards of pietyand “Fear of Hashem”, and also received commendations from great Rabbis. I’m greatfulthat no Halachic calamities has ever arisen from any of his Gittin. I’m very upset anddisturbed at your statements and slander which makes my father appear like anignoramus in the Get process.It is well known in our Torah, that a slanderer who spreads lies about another person can“lose his portion in the next world” as well as to descend in Gehinnom (hell).Our sagesstate that he who embarrases a Rabbi is to be
“ex-communicated until he appeaseshim”.
Your attempts to minimize your statements by making such remarks as: “ I never said theGet is invalid, but rather stated that I will not officiate at a marriage of a woman who wasdivorced by Rabbi Abraham”,is ridiculous and very sneaky. Your remarks are no differentthan a Rabbi who states that he won’t eat meat at a certain individual’s home. Even if theRabbi does not declare his meat unkosher, the very fact that he declared that he wont eatat his home is
tantamount testimony
that his meat is unkosher!2)
Shaming and degrading a Bais Din
How does a person like yourself degrade andhumiliate a Bais Din and spread false rumors without substantial evidence to back your 
claims! According to Halacha(Jewish law),every Bais Din is presumed to be kosher andvalid unless proof is provided to the contrary.(my father should be treated no differentlythan the infamous Moshe Finkel whom you gave the benefit of the doubt years before thetruth was revealed that he sold
meats to the Jewish public!!) My father hasofficiated many Gittin in the past with many children born to remarriage of thesewomen. The rumors and lies that you are spreading is uncessarily causing a “LAAZ ONTHE GET”,which we know that the revered Rabeinu Tam has issued a strongcondemnation and ex-communication on any individual who dares to spread baseless lieson any GET.3)
Shaming of the innocent and pure
In the name of the innocent children begottenfrom a marriage after a GET was issued from the above Bais Din, I protest and demandan explanation as to how you falsely raise a doubt of legitimacy of these children as to possibly render them “MAMZEIRIM” with insufficient proof and with plenty of malice!Once again the Torah warns against such behavior and warns of the impending punishment.4)
condemning the righteous and justifying the wicked
I,m dumbfounded how is itthat for many years you remained silent about the Gittin officiated by the Bais Din of Rabbi Landesman, where real questionable Gittin are being executed on a daily basis. Itis well known that Rabbi Moshe from Satmar had issued a letter invalidating RabbiLandesman’s Gittin because of his involvement with Rabbi Wolmark in having men“roughed up” in order to extract a Get from them. These type of Gittin are invalid because they were obtained under coercion and duress, yet you remained silent to thatBais Din’s actions!! It is precisely for this very reason why my father undertook toofficiate Gittin after seeing such blatant Rabbinic corruption in the Get process!5)
Helping out a Sinner
Your letter appears to be addressed to your students at large. Doyou really believe that you could fool Hashem? (Master Of The Universe) What Rabbirenders a Halachic decision in English? Everyone knows that your letter was writtenspecifically for the Supreme Court Judge presiding on the Oberlander-Rappaport Divorcecase. You had hoped that the Judge will take heed to your letter and render the Get thatMr Rappaport deposited in my father’s Bais Din invalid; but Hashem had other plans.Mrs Rappaport’s evil plan was to pretend she is an “
so that the New York Get Law should award her all of the marital assets! There are rumors that say that youreceived a large “payoff” to produce this letter. How shameful can a Rabbi like you stoopto such behavior! It is a disgrace to the Torah that a Rabbi would aid a woman inviolating the Torah’s commandment against arbitrating and litigating a fellow Jew in theCivil Courts. Mrs Oberlander-Rappaport has even tried to have her husband arrested andhas attempted to forcibly extricate a Get in the Supreme Court which is obviously aninvalid Get! (attached herein see letter from a Bais Din Shaar Hamishpot stronglycondemning the actions of Mrs Rappaport and that of her parents)It is therefore with great pain and anguish that I seek to hear from you why you have not protested such a woman’s actions but instead lent her support to continue in her viciousand wicked ways. How is it that you do not fear what the great sage “RAMA” stated in

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