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Cart a Eric

Cart a Eric

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Published by Xilenita
Supernatural Season 5 Wish List
Supernatural Season 5 Wish List

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Published by: Xilenita on Sep 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Mr. Eric Kripke:We, the members of a Supernatural’s Latin-American forum heard that youread every letter about suggestion for the show so; we came up with some ideas, since we haveno idea what direction the show would be taken this coming season, many thought about differentthings. Some of the member gave their real name and some for privacy decided only to give ustheir screen name, and this is what we came out with:LAURA:* That the brothers would meet a relative, in the episode 4.03 “In the beginning”, we knew thattheir mother Mary was an only child but if John had any brother or sister was never mentioned.* That Ellen returns for at least an episode.* That the actors that played the young Winchesters return.KYDALI:* That something bad like the lost of all their money and things would drive them to do somethinglike Striptease. (Pervert we know but juicy for us!)* That Castiel would loose his Grace for at least a day.* For them to go back way in the past, no less than 60 or 70 years.* An episode with a Succubus.* See Bobby when he was young, when he first met his wife.* More Chuck and Castiel funny moments.* See every ability that an Angel and Archangel has.MAHINCITAACKLES* Let the Trickster come back!* I want John back to have a emotional talk with his sons and I want to see Ben again, as well tohave the Colt back!* Tell us why was Dean blooding in Bloody Mary?! (Probably not even you do know the answer tothis question, hehe). Dean shirtless more often!* Dean and Sam hunting at beach… wearing swimsuits, as lifeguards… Baywatch style!* I like the idea of Dean losing his memory, and becoming a big friend of Cass.* Dean and Sam as soap opera actors… and Sam being the leading man (I love the idea of Deanmaking fun of him)* Dean and Sam portraying hippies… or EMOs, for some case they’re working in.* Bobby talking about John’s family, and maybe introducing the brothers to them. We alreadyknow Mary’s family, but John’s side remains unknown.* It would be interesting to see Dean and Sam personalities to swap!
VIACKLES:* See other levels of Angels or Archangels.* The return of diseased character brought back to help the brothers.XILENITA:* Hunters friend of the Winchesters, an x-lover of Dean turned into someone hideous.* The return of Ash, Anna or John.* Castiel naked.* An episode of the Wild West, where they fight side by side with Samuel Colt and maybe thereturn of the Colt to the brothers.* Interaction of Chuck and the Ghostfacers.* The return of Sarah, as a hunter or not.* I’d like that a hunting woman shows up but she has to be kind of ironic specially with Dean. Also, she has to be an expertise in witchcraft as well as invocations with knowledge in self-defense, too.* I’ve always thought about a character who’s some kind of ally, like a tattoo guy with a broadknowledge in Symbology…though, I’d like Johnny Deep in the tattoo guy role (LOL) or someonealike.* Also, I’d like you to include a character who takes the role of an angel and a succubus’daughter. So, Dean and Sam get bewitched by mother and daughter’s charms and must berescued before they get killed by them.COONIP:* See Bobby and John hunting as young and see because of what they fought the last time theysaw each other.* New Angels where Castiel is the responsible for them and see him getting them out of troubleas Dean laughs at him for it.* That Castiel would give Dean his powers for a day and he to use them to peek on girls or something like that.
* I want to see Dean in a sexy scene with the song “You can leave your hat on” while he slowly takes hisclothes off ….Oh God! I think I’d die! (LOL)
SULIXD:* See the brothers travelling to another country (If it’s Latin America better).

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