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In The Hour of The Egregore

In The Hour of The Egregore

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Published by Devon Pitlor
Tracing the distant origins of a legend vital to mankind's future survival.
Tracing the distant origins of a legend vital to mankind's future survival.

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Published by: Devon Pitlor on Jan 13, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In The Hour of The Egregore
by Devon Pitlor
I. In a borderless and hopelessly remote countryLike long glimmering tentacles issuing from an unseen body hub, strings of slo!moving pilgrims, dressed as gaudy travelers, meandered one behind the other into the "bandoned Land, admiring as they passed its no embellished ruins and feeling the distant pulsations of civili#ations that had disappeared long before theirs had sprung. Each filament of pilgrims branched off, folloing a nominal leader, in different directions. In a time here hours and days ere not counted like ours, these anderers ere performing a ritual that came ith the thaing of the ice and the onset of spring.They ere visiting the toering $onuments of %athan &ecker to sit at the feet of a storyteller ho, ith the first glimmer of the %orth 'tar, ould position himself under the gleaming metallic legs of &ecker(s statuary and begin a series of ceremonial recitations of the Legend of Declan and )achel!!!#ealous and fervent lovers from another era. The Legend in places as a romantic one, filled ith a sense of tragedy that that pilgrims needed to hear over and over again to revitali#e their forces. "nd the story as not alays the same. 'ometimes Declan, the boy, as confused ith )achel, the girl. 'ometimes the story, the fable, featured the more evil characters such as The Dentist and another assassin called Tucker Plouffe. The Dentist as truly an assassin according to some accounts. &ut no, that as, according to others, Plouffe. *et in other accounts, the death of Declan and )achel, doomed lovers in all versions, as caused by stranger forces. "nd often the details became confused, herein The Dentist became Tucker Plouffe or the great munificence of %athan &ecker, architect of massive statuary in the "bandoned Land, as forgotten and he himself became an instrument of the most ab+ect evil.
"s it as a legend, each storyteller had a different version. Each had a different theme to throttle. That as part of the spring ritual in this borderless land going to hear a different depiction and personali#ed rendering of The Legend.-nder one of the huge and patently abstract leg supports of one of %athan &ecker(s artistic creations, a huge band of pilgrims ere gathered as they did each spring. or centuries they and their predecessors had heard the legend. In vast blocs of time, hich e might call centuries, the legend usually focused on %athan &ecker /hose name came to be pronounced in countlessly different ays over the eons that had drained aay0. "nd in that far!aay 1century1 the teller sat on a small piece of industrial rubble that had not yet been cleared and began his tale ith
Once upon a time there was a great artist, a sculptor of renown...
&ut then as the passing nuggets of ine2orable time funneled into the future, a succeeding narrator started ith
There was then an artist great, a man kind, a person powerful, who made the  famous animals them things above us now all towering...
"nd immeasurable recitations later, the storyteller opened his sacramental service ith
Thenthere days blarst biggen artist in living to give came all from him to thems loving he did throt dis art himself holding det darvel carber lite...
"nd finally, on this fine spring day, amidst the recked shells of a civili#ation vanished, the current storyteller began
 Holan! Apiscon very very nabez, saue in de stabtartoo grater, grater ali banaba!!
The infinite passage of moons through ever!changing skies and patchy stars in constellations so much ad+usted by Time itself had led the many inhabitants of the &orderless Land to speak a very different language than the 'tandard "merican English ith hich the core story that launched the legend began. &ut that is normal for ords and phrases as they too pass through the curtains and gateays of time. It as as normal as the contortion and confusion of the key details.&ut even no, the core story and its characters ere essentially the same, as ere the lessons and thrills hich the story held for the pilgrims of springtime.II. 'ome core versions"s has been noted, the focal point of the legend varied ith the storyteller.The tragic love and death of Declan and )achel as by far the most e2hilarating, as tales of love never seem to fade in their grip on the human consciousness. The core details ere these Declan &ecker as the much!loved and dreamy son of the sculptor %athan &ecker. He lived alone ith his father until the age of seventeen /for reasons alays unclear0 until his father became both famous /for his huge, abstract statues hich began to adorn hundreds of public places in the "bandoned Land0 and rich. Then %athan managed to get remarried to a oman hose name as usually /but not alays0 rendered as Theodora 3oulbourne, a oman ho brought a telve year old daughter, a radiant girl named )achel, into the house. Declan and )achel, separated by five years, became little by little enchanted ith one another!!!although in some versions not unknon, either )achel or Declan hated one another and had even tried to kill each other. &ut these versions usually came from the tisted mouths of renegade storytellers and appealed only to the very fe. The ma+ority of yearly pilgrims anted Declan and )achel to be starstruck and fall impossibly in love ith one another. They anted Declan to die at age tenty!eight and )achel to follo him to the grave, in soul!searing de+ection, at tenty!three a year later. They anted )achel to be unable to live in a orld

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