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Published by felipe_xhcx

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Published by: felipe_xhcx on Sep 19, 2009
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The EF! AU is produced to aid the sharing of news, information and ideas amoungst those interestedin taking action. It is edited by a different collective each year to avoid the centralisation of power andinformation. We welcome submissions and articles (max 150 words) so if youve set up a group, takenaction or want to publicise a campaign or project please let us know. No matter how big or small itseems, wed like to share your news and inspiration. Feature articles and ideas are also appreciated.The philosophy behind EarthFirst! is the use of non-hierarchical organisation anddirect action to confront, stopand eventually reverse theforces responsible for thedestruction of the Earth and itsinhabitants.It is not a cohesive group orcampaign rather a convenientbanner for those interested inthese ideas.
 April/May 2001Issue 75
 Anti-copyright - photocopy and distribute
   5   0  p  w   h  e  r  e  s  o   l   d
Cargill is the worlds largest privatelyowned company, controlling 25% of theworlds grain harvest, also one of the topthree food and drink corporations it hasconcerns in all aspects of food production;processing, feed and fertilisers,transportation and commodity trading.Cargill’s operations include the UK’s onlysoya crushing plant, located in Liverpool.The docks and this plant are the mainentry point for GMO’s into the country.
“5th-10th March 2001 What a wonderfulweek.......We were few and yet we did much!”
In six group meetings Liverpool againstGenetiX was born and the week of actionswas organised. Actions spread throughCrosby, Bootle, Seaforth Docks andLiverpool City centre. The whole week had flavours of hard work, persuasion,learning, acceptance and a hint of glory bythe end of it.We woke people up at Crosby onTuesday with huge painted foam mutantanimals and vegetables outside and insideSainsbury’s. Locals thought theywere dreaming when they saw agiant pea-pod full of money chasing a smallwinged banana to make sure shedidn’t run into the road!There were public meetingsin both Bootle andLiverpool City Centre,by two speakers whooffered us alternatives,
Liverpool v Cargill
“Girls and boys come out to play, the moon doth shine asbright as day, bring your suppers and leave your sleep, and  join your play fellows in the street” Trad. nursery rhyme
Ha. Many good slogans were producedduring the week my personal favouritebeing ‘Don’t work for Cargill’s it’s SHITE’
“Work together and be effective or thesecompanies will keep on having the edge, and all we will be, is an irritation and fodder for the justice system.”
Liverpool against GenetiXc/o 96 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HY0151-707-1788 or 07890-704-881
Cargill breifings available fromCorporate watch (see contacts) orwww.gm-info.org.uk
May day reports from theUK and beyond
Special report from thePGA conference in Milan
Climate Chaos
Resource reviews
Diary Dates
10 page bumper issue
although therewerent amillion locals theones that werethere madethemselves plain and thuslively dialogues ensued.Thursday we bombardedBootle shoppers with infoabout Cargill’s. Theovergrown fish smoking acigarette hung around with many mutantvegetables that day and they got manystrange looks from shoppers and passers-by! As with the rest of the week the localswere mostly really friendly and interested,the coppers were chilled and many signedpetitions.We had police interest all week but onFriday in Seaforth the police got a littlenervous and the port coppers kept usunder close observation, while two of ourlot and one of our camera technicians (!!)were escorted to meet the PR lady fromCargill’s who was stunned that anyonethought they could be seen as bad andtried to tell us that they had a goodenvironmental reputation andthat the locals liked them - wegently told them otherwise.Cargill were unable to answerto their Corporate Crimes andhadn’t heard of Corporate Watchand said they would be lookingon the website to read thebriefing about them. Ha - Ha -
Green for Beltane, Black for the Haymarket
News in brief...
A rip-roaring riot of rabble-rousing around the globe
A womble’s perspective
: Disguisingsofa cushions and banners as rubbish anddodging cops, a few wombles eventuallyemerged from a small dark alley. As theychanted, shouted and unfurled bannersfree money began to fly and cheers andshouts in Oxford Street greeted them.Banners were used in the front and tothe sides of the crowd to form a block some padding was handed out and otherwombles joined. As the block advancedup Great Portland Street it became moreraucous, it was really working, a line of riot cops retreated. Then onto JohnLewis, where came the first realconfrontation.The blows rained down but thepadding held and again the copsretreated. Next an attempt at the linesguarding those trapped at Oxford Circus.The cops struck back their lines being 2deep. At one point they were pushedback and surrounded on both sides bythe crowd.On New Bond St, numbers swelled toabout 1000. Then whilst leaving Soho,cops stood 3 deep and were extremelyheavy. A decision to retreat was made toprevent the crowd being trapped. Outmanoeuvering the cops people dispersedto avoid arrest.Hopefully more wombles will beencouraged to form and help facilitatecrowd movement to effectively opposethe cops, creating better mass streetgatherings.
Critical mass started at 8amwith music, banners, and leaflets aboutMay Day. Later people paraded towardsBroadmead to the rhythm of sambadrumming but one unlucky woman wasarrested for criminal damage aftertouching a police camera with swiss roll!!An army recruitment office waspostered with ‘To kill or to be killed,RAF jobs`. Traffic was stopped atBridewell police station but they had nointentions of releasing comrades. Thecarnival continued onto REED jobagency where demonstrators entered withdrums & banners and stuck ‘On strike’and ‘1
of May - No jobs today’ postersto windows. At REEDs accountancybranch, a parody of exploitation wasperformed a boss whipped a workerwhilst sucking her blood to fulfil hisgreed.Job centre staff were entertained bydrumming until many job seeking policeofficers appeared.Outside MacDonalds, where policehad been waiting since 8am, NobbyNobody performed some anti-capitalistsongs dedicated to the pigs and thecorporations. The day ended at the copshop where the one arrestee was releasedat 4.30pm.
The police stopped anysizeable protest occurring when firstarrivals were immediately surroundedand penned in. About 40 people were inthis group and 100+ more were outsidepolice lines. After being read section 14jthey were told to take the protest to anunderpass. The crowd, tightly surroundedmoved off whilst individuals were targetedand arrested. 14 people were arrested;one for having a 4 letter word on histrousers; 9 were charged. However thishas not dampened spirits and a campaignto defend the right to protest is now beinglaunched! s26brum@hotmail.com
A few hundred gathered inthe heart of the city to spontaneously playdance and be merry on a sunny day. Thedecorated pole provided as muchenterainment as the free tea & cake stallthough not nearly as much as the policeturning up with and installing toilets foreveryone!
Over 1200 peopleparticipated in peaceful demos.
a successful and well-attendeddemonstration forced the Dublin Stock Exchange to shut early.
Thousands protested plans bythe government to reform social securitypayments, as well as the threat of 
Anyone who was on the Allsorts orReclaim The Streets info list needs to resubscribe to allsorts@gn.apc.orgbecause their knackered old computerhas died. If anyone’s got a decentcomputer they can have get in touch.
3 GE tree research sites (up to1200 trees) were sabotaged in Oregon,USA in mid March. The felled and ringbarked poplars included transgenic treeplus traditional hybrids used as ‘rawmaterial’ for GE research. The actionhas latterly been claimed by anonymous‘concerned students and alumni’ of Oregon State University.
The Government is planning togive the go-ahead for the UK’s firstcomercial GM crop, T25 maize
Please don’t phone DerbyNational Front on 07932 566 702 ortheir hotline on 07932 547080. If yousign up to uboot.com you can bombardtheir phones with text messages free
On April 2
around 300 peopledemonstrated against the proposed banon demonstrations in Dublin citycentre. The council then voted againstthe ban. Source http://struggle.ws
14 beagles were liberated from theanimal testing laboratory HuntingdonLife Sciences in New Jersey, USA
On March 31
as part of a GEFree Zone ActioFestation inAmsterdam, about 100 peopleaccompanied by a salsa band, went to asupermarket and stickered products.
Pepe Rei editor of Basquemagazine ‘Ardibeltza’ (not part of ETA)has been imprisoned without chargesince the Jan 18
. “Conspiracy withETA” is being used by the Spanish Stateto silence this voice of Basqueautonomy. Ardibeltzas offices wereraided and closed on April 27
andthere was a court hearing for Rei (whois in ill health) on May 3
. SchnewsMay 4th & www.euskalinfo.f2s.com
On April 5
FBI agents raided thehome, business, and vehicles of spokespersons for the North AmericanEarth Liberation Front Press Office.
Earth First! Journal new address.P.O. Box 3023, Tucson, AZ, 85702,USA collective@earthfirstjournal.org
There has been some editorialchanges at Green Anarchist magazine.They are looking to extend links withthe wider peace & green movement.New address: Green Anarchist, 9 AshAvenue, Galgate, Lancaster, LA2 ONP,England grandlaf@lineone.net
Martyrs, Red for International Workers day
More breif news...
In Warsaw over 1200anarchists marched, stopping atgovernment offices and the US embassyto have a chat.
In the capital, Bratislavahundreds gathered from severalrevolutionary groups and were visited bymany other people who showed interestin ideas of revolutionary anarchism.
Czech Republic:
Hundreds gatheredin Prague with anarchist literaturemagazines and stickers and a soundsystem with free vegan burgers. Nazisshouted nationalistic slogans, so the copsprotected them and thenattacked other protesters with batons andhorses.
Pittsburgh, USA:
200 costumedpeople celebrated with chants, cheers,flags and a mobile maypole. The policeseemed unsure of what was going on andeventually 150 riot cops tried to directthe march. 6-10 arrests were made andpolice used pepper spray and physicallybeat several demonstrators.
Long Beach, USA:
Cops outnumberedprotesters & unsurprising there wereover 60 arrests. People were shot at, atclose range with rubber bullets.Confused bystanders were alarmed at thecops shooting kids for no reason.
Thousands of May Dayprotesters took to the streets in Australiaon Tuesday, burning political effigies andblockading stock exchange buildings.Protesters linked arms to block theAustralian Stock Exchange (ASX)buildings in Sydney and Melbournechanting “No One In, No One Out”.Police warned they would not tolerateviolence and even welded shut metalmanhole covers to prevent them beingused as missiles. Stock traders wereforced to go to work in the dark throughunderground carparks so the buildingscould be closed, an ASX spokespersonstated “…we’ve made arrangements to
staff but not at the expense of running themarket properly.’’In Melbourne, protesters wavingflowers played volleyball to disrupt traffic.A MacDonalds restaurant was forced toclose after protesters splashed it withpaint and slogans such as “McFilth” &“McCrap”. Australian WorkplaceRelations Minister Tony Abbott said of the protests “Its pretty mindless activityand what the protesters need tounderstand is that capitalism is just afancy word for freedom”.
New Zealand:
Hundreds of peacefuldemonstrators held the Carnival againstCapitalism in Wellington, with severalwell organized groups protesting againstprivatisation of NZ’s water services, freetrade andglobalisation.
Costa Rica:
Over 10,000 took to thestreets of San Jose: from banana workersto housewives. All were demonstratingwith their usual spirit of militancy, unityand solidarity. This unity of workers isgrowing and all feel confident of newvictories.
To date (10/05/01) a total of 96 peoplehave been arrested, 92 were arrested onMay Day and 4 since, an indication thatarrests may continue. Seven people arestill being held on remand.Did you see anyone being arrested orinjured on Mayday? If so please contactLDMG, as this information may assist apersons defence or civil claim fordamages. Provide the persons name oran accurate time and location of arrestso it can be matched to a particularperson. It is easier and quicker if youcould send e-mail in the first instance;please include your phone number. Alsoif you know anyone who was arrestedwho has not or contacted LDMG pleaseget him her to do so.There may be further arrests, ‘wanted’photos have appeared in at least onenewspaper.
Remember if someone youknow apppears to be wanted, it is veryuseful for them to know, but gossiping orotherwise drawing attention to the factcould land someone in prison
. If you arearrested
admit it’s you in thepicture, you only have to give a nameand address, say ‘no comment` to allother questions and get a good solicitor.LDMG are not co-ordinating thebringing of a mass civil action against thepolice though will assist in gatheringinformation about arrests;ldmg@altavista.com Tel. 020 8245 2930(24hr answerphone).If you wish to pursue a claim then youmay wish to contact the following:Liberty is taking up the issue, contactNancy Collins. nancyc@liberty-human-rights.org.uk Tel 020 7378 3653.Mark Scott at Bhatt Murphy solicitorsm.scott@bhattmurphy.demon.co.uk Tel 020 7253 7744.
In March 2001, Dutch eco-activists sabotaged water pipes in aBetuweline tunnel causing over 10,000guilders damage. The Betuweline is acontroversial project to connectdifferent industrial areas of Holland &Germany by train. No group has claimresponsibility for the sabotage.
Sri Lanka become one of the firstcountries to impose a total ban on GMfoods.
Communiqués to the ELF NorthAmerica press office; the arson of 2cement trucks belonging to Ross IslandSand and Gravel in Portland USA, April15th. An anonymous communiquéstated “Let this be a warning to all thegreedy corporations who exploit ourEarth’s natural resources”; An attemptedarson at a Nike Outlet store in the townof Albertville, Minnesota, targeted dueto the corporation’s use of sweatshoplabour overseas and it’s role inglobalisation; March 30
a fire thatdestroyed $1 million worth of newSUV’s at the Joe Romania Chevrolettruck lot in Eugene was claimed btanonymous communique.North American ELF Press Officeelfpress@tao.cawww.earthliberationfront.com
FAQ about the earth liberationfront booklet is now available. This 31-page booklet contains answers tofrequently asked questions about theELF & costs $7. Cheques & moneyorders to “Resistance” C/O NorthAmerican ELF Press Office PO Box4783 Portland, OR 97208 USA
The EF! Summer Gathering has beenforced to change it’s postal addressdue to being severely let down by alocal ‘resource’ centre in Norwich.Apparently someone at theGreenhouse objected to the boxattracting general Earth Fist! mail anddecided to shut it down withoutwarning. Gathering mail should nowbe sent to the EF! Action Updateaddress. If you have recently sentmail and want to check it wasreceived e-mailendcottage92@hotmail.com –anything very important should beresent.
EF! summer gatheringaddress change

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