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Published by felipe_xhcx

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Published by: felipe_xhcx on Sep 19, 2009
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 Winter Moot 2002
The EF! AU is produced to aid the sharing of news, information and ideas amoungst those interestedin taking action. It is edited by a different collective each year to avoid the centralisation of power andinformation. We welcome submissions and articles (max 150 words) so if youve set up a group, takenaction or want to publicise a campaign or project please let us know. No matter how big or small itseems, wed like to share your news and inspiration. Feature articles and ideas are also appreciated.The philosophy behind EarthFirst! is the use of non-hierarchical organisation anddirect action to confront, stopand eventually reverse theforces responsible for thedestruction of the Earth and itsinhabitants.It is not a cohesive group orcampaign rather a convenientbanner for those interested inthese ideas.
 Dec 01/Jan 02 Issue 80
 Anti-copyright - photocopy and distribute
   5   0  p  w   h  e  r  e  s  o   l   d
“Mumma told me to do it...” Julian Cope
Doha, Doha, Doha!
Images from DohaBetween Nov 9
and 13
, Governmentsmet in Doha, the capital of Qatar for thelatest round of WTO trade negotiations.Despite things looking shaky for “TheNorth” following stubborn oppositionfrom both India and the ACP (African/ Carribean/Pacific-Rim) countries, themainstream media here has largelyportrayed the talks as a victory for the EU.Of course it wasn’t just in the talks thatdissent against the free-trade steamrollerwas shown, demonstrations, actions andanti-WTO events happened in over 25countries across the globe (including inDoha itself) and on the internet.
UK round-up
150 people turned out for a rallyfollowed by a march to the town centre(with a samba band)
West Country Activist Gathering
Surrey Activist Group and someWOMBLEs went leafleting and mischeif making
Picket of Qatar embassy, RTSbenefit gig and teach in.
People got suited up andwent off for a day in the office. First onthe list was the “nasty scummy lawyersfirm” Addleshaw, Booth and Co. (heavilyinvolved in PFI and the privatisation of Hackney education). They made it to the8
floor and spent ten minutes explainingthemselves to staff whilst helping withsome re-filing, before making a hasty exitin the face of overwhelming security. Alsohit were Price Waterhouse Coopers wherethe 6
floor was reached for some re-filingwhilst security were cunningly distractedby (you guessed it!) a samba band!
Over 50 people made awhistle-stop tour of anti-capitalism takingin the Army Recruitment Centre, BurgerKing, a lap dancing club, Starbucks,McDonalds, Nike and Esso with a sambaband, whistles, skateboards and leaflets.This was followed by a number of eventsat the Eclectic City 3 squat openedspecially for the occasionOutside the UK events ranged in sizefrom tens to thousands in locations asfailures andsuccesses.Accommodation is available from Fridaynight. Friday afternoon will see a joint skillsharing session with DAN (DisabledPeople’s Direct Action Network). WinterMoot 2001, 29a Beswick Street, Manc.
mancef@nematode.freeserve.co.uk 0161 226 6814
New protest sites
A camp has set up on the route of theplanned A46 bypass, near Alvaston, inElvaston Park Coronation Plantation,Derbyshire. They set up on Nov 20
andare keen to get more people down there,particularly from the Derbyshire area.dot@theadora.screaming.net.0781243421701332 727237. Site mobile 07769534725.
Rumours are circulating of anupcoming need to take direct action atSwiss cottage, Camden in opposition toplans for 170 luxury flats on top of publicspaces and community facilities. There hasalready been a vigorous local campaign,including a three-week vigil. Recently,fences around the construction site weretorn down two nights running. It isunclear what the immediate future is,however preparations are being made (alloffers of tat welcome). For more info:http://freespace.virgin.net/z.jordanswisscottagecamp@mail.ru.diverse as New York and Tehran. Very fewwere met with serious repression. For moreon global protests http://protest.net/ qatar.html http://uk.indymedia.org/ front.php3?article_id=1575926-27
Jan seesthe welcomereturn of the EF! Winter Moot. The Mootis an opportunity for people involved inthe Earth First! network to reflect onthe issues that surround taking directaction like ideas, inspiration, focus,
News in brief...
Bristolians break stuff 
Against the war...
In response to the terrorist war beingwaged on the innocent people of Afghanistan, Bristol anarchists have takenaction against state and corporateproperty. In the city centre in earlyOctober, the windows of the armed forcesrecruitment offices were graffiti-ed withglass etching fluid; “War of Lies”,accompanied by a paint bomb and gluedlocks. On the night of October 25
McDonalds was attacked, most windowssmashed, anti–capitalist, anti-war graffitisprayed and locks glued. It was shut thenext day. Let “collateral damage” meanmore property damage. No morecapitalist war and terror. Sabotage themachine! To be continued...
The real targets
As the murderous war machine continuesto destroy the lives of innocent people inAfghanistan, anarchists in Bristol continuethe struggle against our true enemy. Theonly just war is the war on capitalism, thereal war against terrorism. On Nov 6
acity centre Starbucks café was smashed upand forced to stay closed the next day.Starbucks is an icon of capitalist progressi.e. abuse of workers and ruthlessprofiteering, and so presents itself as anatural target. The same night a BarclaysBank was spray painted. Sabotage thewar/no peace under capitalism.To be continued...
Eclectic City relived
One year ago, an empty building whichhad previously been a communityresource centre was re-opened by theEclectic City Collective in Newcastle.Evicted after a month, the Council anddevelopers have done nothing since.On October 1
this year, the collectiveheld a birthday party to highlight this:“the fact that this building has been layingempty for over a year is a disgrace. Theyshould be ashamed. We offered a freeplace for entertainment, meeting andinformation - these things just don’t existanymore in Newcastle’s city centre.”The empty building, and other emptiesnearby were decorated with posters andslogans saying ‘council shame’,‘community space not derelict waste’ etc,along with drawings of what the buildingcould have been used for. The paintremains, pointing out to everyone whowalks by that developers and the Councilare more interested in profits than people.Contact 0191 272 4635.
GM court victories
Successful defence
After waiting over a year for their trial, onNov 19
two people were found not guiltyon two counts of criminal damage forcutting down Genetically Modified (GM)maize at Preston Wynn in Herefordshire.The project was part of a governmentexperiment testing the effect of GM cropson other plants. The trial started on Nov13
at Worcester Crown Court. Thedefendants say that their action on August5
2000, in openly cutting down the GMmaize using sickles was lawful as theyacted to prevent immediate damage tonear-by crops, the environment andpublic health. This is the second juryacquittal for cutting down GM crops inBritain. Contacts: Media liaison 07905771 174 /pager - 07666 723 818. MikeSchwarz, Solicitor 0207 8334433.Defendants 07890 899541.
Appeal won
On Oct 16
, a GM puller won her HighCourt appeal against a charge of Aggravated Trespass. The judge decidedthe charge was not appropriate forsomeone who pulled up GM crops if no-one was in the field at the time, asnobody’s lawful activities were beinginterrupted. The case relates to the pullingup of Aventis GM maize at OverCompton, Dorset after a rally on 16
July2000. At least 19 other related cases maynow never come to court.Contact: 07973 953 446www.gn.apc.org/pmhp/gs
Visa-card 1: Charges dropped
Bad news...Almost a year after a field of GM oilseed rape was 80% destroyedcovertly, police arrested the owner of acredit card found on the field (doh!!). Hewas charged with over £17,000 of criminal damage. Good news...In yetanother blow to the biotech nasties, thecharges were dropped the day before theVisa-card 1 was due in court. After aspate of victories in the courtroom (andin the fields!), the CPS seem unwilling toprosecute people caught destroying GMtrials, this the latest in a run of droppedcharges.
For a list of damaged and destroyed GMtrials in the UK last year, contact theGenetic Engineering Network: 02072721586. gen@gn.apc.orgwww.geneticsaction.org.uk. “My firstlittle book of GM crop decontamination”is also available, including top tips onhow not to get caught!The new list of National Seed List trials for Aventis’ Winter Oilseed Rape lineMS8/RF3 is now on the GEN website
Digna Ochoa, a prominent Mexicanhuman rights’ lawyer who has defendedseveral members of the Zapatista army, wasmurdered on Oct 19
.www.chiapaslink.ukgateway.net for thelatest on the Chiapas situation
GAP Inc. recorded a $178.8 milliondollar loss last ¼ after 2 years of fallingprofits. www.gapsucks.org
6 people arrested during a demo atWales’s only GM crop trial at Sealand,Flintshire last July have now been chargedwith criminal damage. (see AU 77)
On Oct 6
3 animal rights protestersstaged a roof top demo at the home of DuPont director, W.M.Barry. One protester,Kerry Whitburn, is now on remand.
A McDonald’s in Ottawa, Canada wastrashed on Oct 16
during protests againstmeetings of the policy-making committees of the IMF & World Bank.
The leaders of Tuvalu, a tiny islandcountry midway between Hawaii andAustralia, in the Pacific Ocean, haveannounced that they will abandon theirhomeland because of rising sea levels. Thiswill create 11 000 environmental refugees.
An RTS group has formed in Paris:reclaimlarue@hotmail.com they are inoccupation of a building in Paris and arekeen to hear from other activist groups
A McDonalds’s in Tucson, Arizona,USA, was torched on Sept 7
. The actionwas claimed by ‘activists working in theinterest of Animal and Earth liberation’.
Other US ALF/ELF actions
; a new biotechlab in Long Island, NY sabotaged on August21
; 200 wild horses freed from a holdingfacility in Corvallis, California on Oct 17
.The horses were contained to clear land forgrazing cattle; The arson in October of amaintenance building connected to theCoulston Foundation research lab, whichhas the largest colony of captive chimpanzeesin the world; Tree spiking 100’s of trees inthe Gifford Pinchot National forest, Randle,WA
The 3 Spanish anarchists being heldfor planting bombs (reported in last issuesNIB) have thankfully been let out of prison.However they may still face chargesinforepresion@yahoo.es
The UK Mumia Abu-Jamal supportcampaign has a new website, detailing thelegal case against Mumias conviction http:/uk.geocities.com/mumiauk. Radical black eco-activist, Mumia is still on death row andits asked that everyone uses this informationto raise awareness and campaign for him inwhatever way they can.
Diary Dates...
December 2001
5th International pizza punk day-Anarchic Xmas alternativeem@eroding.org.uk.
ANTI-HUNT DEMOS- ContactLeague Against Cruels Sports 020 74036155, Hunt Saboteurs Association:01273 622827; or your local Hunt Sabgroup.
Critical Mass (London) 6pm SouthBank, under Waterloo Bridge. 07801703016 criticalmass.london@virgin.net
January 2002
Prison Abolition or More Prisons?conference. 10.30 am-5pm, ConwayHall, 25 red lion sq. c/o BM Hurricane,London WC1N 3XX.prisonabolition@hotmail.com
EF! Winter Moot 2002,Manchester. 0161 226 6814mancef@nematode.freeserve.co.uk 
International Animal RightsGathering. Filmacademie, Overtoom301, Amsterdam. Targets: BiomedicalPrimate Research Centre (BPRC)vrienden@groenfront.nl
Action in Staffordshire!
November 3
was a big day in NorthStaffs. It all started at 11am outside theRoebuck Centre in Newcastle-under-Lyme with Critical Mass-ers supporting apeace vigil against the war in Afghanistan.Shunning cycle lanes the group then took a busy road, almost going into Stokeitself. Motorists were less thanunderstanding: they revved their engines,overtook on the wrong side of the road,cut up the Critical Mass and shoutedabuse. Then at the end of the ride thefirst ‘Voice of the People’ street party took place in Hanley city centre. Supported bythe ‘SoundAction’ samba band, dutchskipping, fire juggling, an informationstall and a mass distribution of onionbhajis; local groups handed out info andnetworked. Numbers swelled to 150-200people. North Staffs Critical Mass is thefirst Saturday of every month, meetingQueens Gardens, Newcastle-u-Lyme,Staffs at 11:30am. Further info 0775 1628185 www.actionnet-northstaffs.co.uk 
Support Trash
On Halloween 2001 British eco-activist‘Trash’ was caught ‘trashing’ quarryingequipment at the Nine Ladies quarry site.Judging by past sentencing for ecotage atthis protest site, Trash is guaranteed aprison sentence. As far as we are aware,Trash is not yet inside. However, hissupporters are asking that everyone sendhim letters of support straight away tohelp keep his spirits strong.
Manchester Thorntons
Four women from Manchester werestunned when they saw that Thorntons,the chocolate shop, claimed in theirwindow displays that
“1975 - women get equality”
and “2001 - women finally got what they wanted- 5 new Belgiumchocolates.”
Outraged by this offensivepropaganda, they visited two Thorntonsshops in central Manchester to showthem what they thought and what theywanted! A letter was written to themanager explaining why they were there,their objections and demanding thewithdrawal of the displays. The windowdisplays were graffitied
“2001 - women get what they want - freedom, justice and equality”
“Smash Patriarchy!”
. Theshop windows had posters glued to themstating how women are still the subjectsof domestic violence, rape and sexualharassment, and how we are seen asaggressive if we challenge oppression anddiscrimination. They got away from bothshops before the police were called. Aspray glue used was very quick drying andstrong! Visit your local store and showthem what you think.
DfID occupied
Twelve members of the anti-war groupJustice Not Vengeance occupied theDepartment for InternationalDevelopment (DfID) for 3 hours onNovember 2
to demand an immediateend to the bombing of Afghanistan and amassive aid effort to avert loomingfamine. The group displayed a bannerreading ‘A matter of conscience. FOODNOT BOMBS. A matter of survival’ andrefused to leave. The group had plannedto leave after two hours, but DFIDofficials offered them an ‘on the record’meeting with Sir John Vereker, DFIDPermanent Secretary, so they stayed alittle longer. CALL Justice Not Vengeanceon: 07947839992.www.justicenotvengeance.org.
London sit-down
Around 500 people gathered in torrentialrain on Saturday 21
October, for an anti-war march to Whitehall, where around60-70 of them then participated in a 1.5hr sit down protest blocking one side of the road. Police declined to arrest anyoneand, after a group discussion, the groupmoved on to opposite the cenotaph to laywhite flowers and hold a minute’s silencein memory of all of those killed.
Naval kidnapping
On Nov 2
, 20 people from BrightonAgainst the War barricaded themselves inthe Royal Navy Unit at the University of Sussex, taking a male officer hostage inthe process. The protesters spent severalhours in the building, hanging a bannerfrom the window reading ‘War I$ StateTerrorism!’ Outside, 200 students whohad been holding a daily peace vigil alsothreatened to storm the building atFalmer, near Brighton. Police negotiatorsspoke with the group who eventuallyemerged at 2.15pm after having shut theunit down for the whole day. No one washurt but all 20 were arrested on suspicionof false imprisonment and Section 5 of the POA. For dozens of anti-wardocuments and general information http:/  /struggle.ws/stopthewar.html. To join thehaltWAR list, email: haltWAR-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Everyone hates McDs
Local residents and New Forest Councilhave won their year long battle againstMcDonalds – after turning them downtwice McDs time to appeal ran out inNovember. Also, McDs have pulled outof a public enquiry in High Wycombe.For more info see www.mcspotlight.org.McSpotlight is also launching a newresidents page - called Stop The Store(STS) to carry reports and details of localresidents fighting against McDs as well ashandy advice - so if you know about alocal campaign then contactstopthestore@mclibel.org
OK KOd cafe evicted
The Manchester OKasional cafe wasillegally evicted at the beginning of November. Builders and police kicked inthe shopfront window to gain accessbefore nicking all the occupants. TheOKasional Cafe collective have beensquatting empty buildings for the pastfour years and the current eviction is themost violent and heavy handed since theretaking of the Hacienda in 2000. Allthose arrested were charged with stealingelectricity, despite the collective havingcontacted the electricity company. It hasbeen conjected that the raid could havebeen timed to clear the building (whichhad been acting as an anti-war info shopand is located opposite the centotaph andpeace gardens) before the major peacedemo in the city the following weekend.
The diary is looking a little empty thisissue - make sure to send in your dates

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