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Published by felipe_xhcx

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Published by: felipe_xhcx on Sep 19, 2009
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The EF! AU is produced to aid the sharing of news, information and ideas amoungst those interestedin taking action. It is edited by a different collective each year to avoid the centralisation of power andinformation. We welcome submissions and articles (max 150 words) so if youve set up a group, takenaction or want to publicise a campaign or project please let us know. No matter how big or small itseems, wed like to share your news and inspiration. Feature articles and ideas are also appreciated.The philosophy behind EarthFirst! is the use of non-hierarchical organisation anddirect action to confront, stopand eventually reverse theforces responsible for thedestruction of the Earth and itsinhabitants.It is not a cohesive group orcampaign rather a convenientbanner for those interested inthese ideas.
 February 2002 Issue 81
 Anti-copyright - photocopy and distribute
   5   0  p  w   h  e  r  e  s  o   l   d
January 27
saw Germanchemical, pharmaceutical andwould be GM giant launch itself on the New York Stock Exchange.The occasion didn’t passunnoticed and drew protests bothat the firms NewburyHeadquaters and in other parts of the country.
Whats the problem?
Bayer has a long and dubioushistory as a major German-basedcompany producing mainstreamconsumer brands like Alka-Seltzer andBaby-Bio in addition to trademarkingheroin (for use as a cough medicine),involvement in making Zyklon-B for theNazi’s gas chambers and profiteering fromthe recent US Anthrax scare. In October2001 Bayer attempted to purchase AventisCropscience to carry its interest in Biotechout of the pharmaceutical labs and into thefields. The purchase was stalled after oneof the company’s latest products, the anti-cholesterol drug Baycol, was found to belinked to over 30 deaths leading to amassive fall in share prices. The launch of the company on the NY Stock Exchange isintended to provide sufficient funds for thetake-over to continue (subject to approvalfrom the European Commission). TheAventis purchase will make Bayer the thirdbiggest manufacturer of herbicidesglobally. It already dominates theinsecticides market. Approximately80% of this years field-scale GM trialwill be carried out by Bayer\Aventis.
Back to the action
At 7:40am around forty protestors turnedup at Bayer HQ. A couple of scaffoldtripods were erected across access roadsleading into the staff car parks and a lineof six people in arm tubes formed ahuman-chain between lamp posts,preventing employees from being able toenter with their cars. During the ensuingconfusion, some of the protesters managedto enter the building. Others managed tolock themselves together within therevolving doors at both the main entranceand the rear doors, making further entryinto the building difficult. Banners werehung saying; ‘Bayer get out of GM crops’ ,www.bayerhazard.com’ , ‘Bayerbeware’etc. Throughout the action, leaflets werehanded out to Bayer employees and topassers by in the nearby high street. Atabout 11am the blockade ended asplanned and everybody left together.There were no arrests.www.bayerhazard.com
In Norwich, workers arriving atthe Aventis chemical factory in Norwich,were leafleted about Bayer and the GEissue. The event was good humoured, withonly two fairly polite requests to go away.
“One less parasite” trad. punk slogan
WEF Solidarity
On Jan 31
several people attempted toforce their way into the Air Power 2002conference at the Royal Lancaster Hotel,W1, London. Demonstrators soundedalarms, set off stink bombs, held bannersand distributed leaflets. Walls inside thehotel were grafittied with the words‘WEF=DEATH’, ‘Murderers are in thishotel’, ‘Air Death 2002’ and leaflets stuck under guests doors. The occupation co-incided with enormous anti-capitalistmobilisations against the meeting of theWorld Economic Forum (WEF) in NewYork and the 37
Annual Munich SecurityConference in Germany. “At a time whenmany are claiming that September 11 haspacified or destroyed the anti-capitalistmovement, today’s occupation, alongsidethe Argentinean uprisings and the 1000sdemonstrating in the USA and Germany,shows that the agenda of capitalism willcontinue to be resisted.”
News in brief...
Argentine fever
On Jan 10
a group of anarchistsoccupied the Argentine embassy inLondon to highlight the illegitimacy not just of the Argentinean government, butof all governments.” The occupationlasted around an hour as several activistsoccupied the balcony and D-locked onwhilst the Argentinean flag was pulled off it’s mast and replaced by a red and black flag.Following economic collapse, Argentinahas exploded into riotous scenes of massdemonstrations, banging cooking pots,burning barricades and pitched streetbattles with police. The events have leftthirty people dead, government buildingstorched, banks trashed and supermarketslooted. While mainstream news interesthas waned reports are arriving of popularassemblies taking place in various parts of the country with ordinary peopleattempting to organise and gain a firmgrip on their own destiny For moreinformation: Argentina SolidarityCampaign: 07960 398 152.argentinesolidarity@hotmail.com.www.madres.org/ or www.indymedia.org/ or http://argentine.indymedia.org.
UK Solidarity
15 people in Norwich (ohh and 50 inLondon) joined together on Feb 2
inresponse to an international call for aglobal cacerolazo – a Spanish word formaking lots of noise with pots and pans.Leaflets were distributed expressingsolidarity with Argentinians and all thoseoppressed by the effects of globalcapitalism. This call to action coincidedwith the World Economic Forum meetingin New York. There was mixed responseto the Norwich action but the pan basherswere joined by some enthusiastic mothersand passing kids.
BOCM Pauls blockade
On December 13
12 people from Bristoland Radstock visited the BOCM Paulsanimal feed mill in Radstock to remindthe mill owners that the GM issue has notgone away whilst GM crops are stillimported to feed UK livestock. Some of the group remained outside to decoratethe fence whilst the majority entered themill, remembering to lock the gatesecurely on the way in. As soon as ourpresence was noticed all the machinerywas switched off allowing us to have thefreedom to roam the entire works with nofear for our safety (due to the relocationof some keys some of it probablyremained off even longer!). Most of theworkers were given leaflets and some wereeven interested in discussions. Traffic wasprevented from entering or leaving themill for well over an hour whilst attemptswere made to open the gates.Rumour has it a similar action took place at BOCM Pauls in Exeter during thesame week. However despite inquiriesnobody has sent us a story – sort it out!
Palestine direct action
In December, men and women fromManchester, Cumbria and London joined60 other internationals to spend theChristmas period in Palestine. They werepart of the International SolidarityMovement, a diverse, multicultural grouptaking direct action to help highlight thesituation in Palestine in the eyes of theworld, to show much needed solidaritywith the Palestinian people and to makegenuine, if small, differences to the livesof those living in the occupied West Bank.The group helped remove Israeli armyroadblocks; formed human chains toprotect Palestinian students; lay in front of tanks in Ramallah symbolising the dead of the conflict; and made cordons aroundPalestinians asserting their right to march.It was an opportunity to devote time andenergy to supporting the cause of some of the most brutally oppressed people onearth. Information on future periods of direct action in Palestine which all arewelcome to join can be found atwww.rapprochement.org.
Toxic Trouble
At 7.30am on December12
, the daybefore the opening of the Brussels EUsummit, around 50 (mainly Dutch andFlemish) eco-activists occupied theBrussels office of CEFIC, a powerfulEuropean chemical industry lobbyorganisation. Within ten minutes thestaircase had been barricaded andemployees ‘bonjoured’ out of the building.Banners were dropped statingexclamations such as “CEFIC =bioterrorism” Soon another group of 50people arrived outside with art and sambahaving distracted police attention byconverging at a nearby metro station.Some police managed to get in through afirst floor window and later a large massof riot police entered through a door thatwas broken open by security personnel.After the ‘loose’ occupants had beendragged away, eight activists remainedchained with metal ‘lock-ons’ for another4 hours. More chaos followed later overpolice refusal to release or deport all theactivists together. vrienden@groenfront.nlwww.groenfront.nl
On Jan. 7
Ecuadoran group AccionEcologica set up a protest camp at the MindoNambillo cloud forest reserve to block construction of the Heavy Crude Pipeline(OCP) project. See http://indymedia.org
Anarchist Radio News Online is aEugene based online talk radio show – visitwww.redcloudthunder.org/arn
On Dec 11
a whale meat processingplant in Norway was destroyed by fire, 5days earlier a whaling ship burnt and sank.The cause of the fires hasn’t been established
4 Swedish teenagers have beenconvicted of high treason following thepieing of King Gustaf. The 4 received fines
Katie Sierra is a 15 year old US schoolgirl who has received threats and beensuspended from school for expressing anti-war sentiments and trying to start ananarchist club. Messages of support toanarchistgirlie@aol.com
Hunting with hounds has nowresumed up and down the UK, with theofficial end of the Foot and Mouthepidemic. Contact your local hunt sab group(
see Contacts
) if you fancy getting in the way
Rioting, involving nearly 1,000inmates broke out in a Chiapas prison(Mexico) in January. Many are inside becauseof alleged connections with the Zapatistaarmy and other protests
More than 2000 demonstratorsconverged on three major dams in Lesotho,S. Africa on Nov 19
during a massive co-ordinated protest. The dams affect 27,000people and have displaced 2000.
Canadian research has confirmed GMpollen can spread further than was expected(New Scientist 24.11.01) also DNA fromMonsanto GM maize was found in a remotearea of Sierra Norte de Oaxaca, Mexico, 62miles from industrially farmed crops. Mexicohas had a moratorium on GM since 1998,US food aid is suspected. (Nature 28.11.01)
Last October the first outdoor trials of a genetically modified insect, a cottonbollworm, were conducted in Arizona. Thebright idea’ is to produce insects that carrylethal genes, which make their offspring un-viable. This is proposed as an alternative topesticides. See www.wired.com/news/print/ 0%2C1294%2C48774%2C00.html
Jan 26
arson on theUniversity of Minnesotas new Microbial andPlant Genomics Centre
On Nov 19
50 Groen Front activistsoccupied the Dutch governmentsinfrastructure planning office in protest atplans to expand the A12 motorway
Peter Melchett, former head of Greenpeace, has accepted a job with PRgiants Burson-Marsteller who haverepresented (amongst others) the ExxonCorporation, Union Carbide and errMonsanto. Apparently he doesn’t feel he iscompromising his ideals
Diary Dates...
Earth First! 2002 Winter Renezvousin the U.S of A. gecko@earthfirstjournal.org
Free weekend climate changetraining Rising Tide 01865 241 097
Rising Tide North East Gathering,Newcastle northeastrisingtide@yahoo.co.uk 
Conference: Resisting The “War OnTerrorism” glenn@viwuk.freeserve.co.uk 
Conference on Plan Colombia07950 923 448 colombia_sc@hotmail.com
another ASPIRE squatted social centre inLeeds. Music, comedy, political films, cafemore more more. www.a-spire.org.u
Women in Black/Women AgainstFundamentalism Teach-In 020 7482 5670.
Anti-gm rally in Stratford. Full detailscontact: iesmick@3amail.zzn.com
International Women’s Day. 3rd globalwomen’s strike. 020 7482 2496womenstrike8m@server101.com
Picket of the Lap Dancing club inNewcastle. Meet Greys Monument at 9pm.
“Womens Speakout” Sheffield.wsoall@hotmail.com
Int. Day Against Police Brutality.www.appleonline.net/justiceuk/jus.html
European wide action week againstracism. info@unitedagainstracism.orgwww.unitedagainstracism
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Financial activism meeting and skillshare, Amsterdam. eyfa@eyfa.org
Loads of actions at Hatfield Peat Bog0113 262 9365 leedsef@leedsef.org.uk 
CND national demo, London 07951235 915 office@stopwar.org.uk 
Start of resistance is fertile season, inresponse to...
UN biodiversity summit, Den Haagrif@gn.apc.org www.resistanceisfertile.org.
Global Day of Action for Farmer’sStruggle www.viacampesina.org
Resistance is Fertile ! Actions,workshops and festivities. Contact as above
Global Cannabis Day
Radical book Fair in Manchester. Date tbcmanchesterbookfair@hotmail.com.
World Environment Day
Stop the Arms Trade Week www.caat.org.uk 
Eurosatory Arms Fair at Villepinte,France. www.caat.org.uk 
Refugee Week www.refugeecouncil.org.uk 
19 -28
International no border-actioncamp in Strasbourg enoborders@aol.com
Bloody education!
In the early hours of November 5
,opponents of the new Said BusinessSchool in Oxford hung a large bannerfrom the roof, proclaiming that the schoolwas Built With Blood Money. Theschool has been built/’bought’ with £20million from businessman/arms-dealerWafic Said. Later, coinciding with areception to open the school, over ahundred local people came to remind Saidthat he cannot buy himself a goodreputation. The protesters were herdedinto a pen, under Section 14 and oneprotester was arrested for holding outleaflets!Protest is nothing new for this school;it has been opposed at every stage of itsdevelopment by a plethora of differentgroups. The site was the location of a five-month protest camp, attempting toprotect a listed railway station and treesfrom a proposed six-lane traffic junction.Over 10,000 people signed a petitionobjecting to the development, but a publicenquiry was never called, which it usuallywould be with a listed building.
Peat pixies
On the morning of Nov 26
about 30people from around the countrydescended upon the peat extraction site atHatfield Moor (see Feature article lastmonth). One group blocked the bridgeleading off site whilst the rest tried to shutdown machinery and occupy offices.Those blockading the bridge received alot of hassle and after a few nastyconfrontations they moved on to joineveryone else in occupying the works. Alot of information was gathered and a fewpixies partially damaged the back upgenerator. Lots of keys went missingincluding the key for the main computer.After 3 hours we were outnumbered bythe police, who asked us to leave or bearrested for aggravated trespass.Deciding enough disruption had occurredwe all left the site.The next day there was a phone roundof the firm’s managers annoying them tothe stage that one manager shouted ‘Stopbloody hassling me!’ The campaign willcontinue over the winter to try and stopthe cutting season happening next spring.For more info contact Leeds EF!
Disnae give a toss
On December 15
, campaigners inManchester set up their own DISNEYTMsweatshop outside the St Anne’s citycentre store to raise awareness aboutconditions in South China factories.Passers by saw Disney favourites MinnieMouseTM, PocahontasTM andMulanTM slaving away at their cartoonsewing machines, all the time beingbullied by an evil factory boss to theintensely ironic sounds of real Disney filmsongs. The action attracted an amazingamount of attention - a constant ring of watchers, most of them carefully readingthe leaflets on display. Neither the policenor the store manager seemed willing toobject and risk being cast as thepantomime villain and booed off-stage.Other similar actions took place aroundthe country, including London, Norwichand Leicester.Labour Behind the Label/ WomenWorking World-wide/ Manchester WDMgroup. 07816 234545 or 0161 247 1760 jessmock@yahoo.comwww.labourbehindthelabel.org
Manc Pedal Power
Manchester folk are trying to get CriticalMasses going on a monthly basis. InNovember about 15 people made it andcycled down Oxford Road and into town.According to the policeman who tried tointervene there was a tailback all the wayto Stockport. An irate cop finally stoppedthe pedal pushers; one of the cyclistsdescribed him as “acting like an angryfather who’s found his kids in his drinkscabinet.” Manchester Critical mass, lastFriday of every month, 8:00am outsidethe Whitworth Gallery, Oxford Road.0161 226 6814mancef@nematode.freeserve.co.uk.www.critical-mass.org/ 
Occupational opps...
On January 22
, 14 activists ‘occupied’the site of a proposed women’s prison, atAshford near Staines. The CAGE network occupied the site on Bastille Day 2000;there have been numerous night visits.The intention was to disruptconstruction work and slow down theprison building. A plan was formed andworked smoothly, we were within 10yards of work before being spotted.Unfortunately the current work on sitewas a pre-construction archaeological dig.When we arrived, instead of the surveyorsand foundation workers we expected agroup of annoyed looking archaeologistswith hammers greeted us. We quicklydecided that there was nothing of use wecould do, so decided to leave.
The moral of the story:
All largedevelopments have to have anarchaeological dig before constructiongoes ahead; so look out for them on yourreccies and you could save yourself a lotof embarrassment.

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