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Published by felipe_xhcx

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Published by: felipe_xhcx on Sep 19, 2009
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The EF! AU is produced to aid the sharing of news, information and ideas amoungst those interestedin taking action. It is edited by a different collective each year to avoid the centralisation of power andinformation. We welcome submissions and articles (max 150 words) so if youve set up a group, takenaction or want to publicise a campaign or project please let us know. No matter how big or small itseems, wed like to share your news and inspiration. Feature articles and ideas are also appreciated.The philosophy behind EarthFirst! is the use of non-hierarchical organisation anddirect action to confront, stopand eventually reverse theforces responsible for thedestruction of the Earth and itsinhabitants.It is not a cohesive group orcampaign rather a convenientbanner for those interested inthese ideas.
 May 2002Issue 82
 Anti-copyright - photocopy and distribute
   5   0  p  w   h  e  r  e  s  o   l   d
Across the UK on 18th Februaryoffices, factories and peat extraction sitesbelonging to The Scotts Company (theworld’s largest horticultural company)were disrupted by protests against thecontinued destruction of rare raised peatbog habitats.
At the Head Office in Godalming,Surrey, 20 people occupied offices forabout an hour and a half before policewith dogs arrived and people left. Most of the office was closed down and the frontdoors were locked using D-locks. By5pm, 15 people were arrested, taken toGuildford police station and charged withburglary. They were released at 3am thefollowing morning, not charged but onbail.
In Corwen, North Wales, activistsdescended on a ‘home and garden plant’at 8am and proceeded to disrupt work atthe factory. The office was occupied, aswas the factory floor. A banner was hungoverlooking the A5 road and the gateswere temporarily locked shut. After acouple of hours hanging around getting inthe way, more police showed up and itwas leave or get nicked time.
At Bramford, Suffolk a group of 15activists arrived at Scotts Fertiliser plantat 9am. Unfortunately the security were just securing the site after being notifiedof the Welsh action two minutesbefore. Four people rushed into theoffices, one group closed and D-locked themselves to the exit gate,and another headed for the entrance gate.After one person clung to the underneathof a lorry, the rest of the people werebundled out of the yard. Outside theentrance gate a lorry pulled up and wasimmediately D-locked to underneath,starting a tail-back up to twenty lorrieslong with many more being turned away.The blockade lasted for 3 hours and ittook them about an hour to bolt-crop theactivist from under the lorry. The policethen arrested five people for eitheraggravated trespass or obstruction of thehighway.
At Wedholme Flow, Cumbria about 10people spent the day on the site of theScotts peat works. There wasn’t muchwork going on to disrupt, so they decidedthat time was best spent building dams tointerfere with attempts to drain the landready for harvesting peat in the spring.
On Hatfield Moor, South Yorkshire 15activists spent the day carrying outconservation, including filling in drainageditches to prevent the moors drying out.There were no police, so they just got onwith it and left the moor around 5pm.They then proceeded to the front gatesand stopped work in the factory for abouthalf an hour, leaving before the policeturned up because they were knackered.In Goole, East Yorkshire two womenentered the offices of the Scotts fertiliser& pesticide manufacturing facility,staying only to send a fax to Nick Kirkbride, UK Managing Director at theHead Office in Godalming, announcingtheir presence and opposition to Scottsinvolvement in peat extraction. A set of gates were locked shut by other activists.
and theres more...
The national day of action was followedin April by a blockade of the HatfieldMoor works (see back page).Saturday 11th May sees a masstrespass on the moor in memory of Benny Rothman (a leader of the KinderScout trespass) who died in January thisyear. Meet Tyrham Hall Hotel on theA614 south of Hatfield Woodhouse.Camping is available and there will be abenefit gig in Hatfield that night. Formore information on this and on-goingditch filling activities ring 0113 262 9365or seewww.peatalert.org.uk 
Scott a lot of trouble!
I’m not cute, I’m angry” anon petite femme.
Hatfield Moor blokade, April
News in brief...
Castles in the mud
By the light of the moon in the earlyhours of April 25
, protesters moved intoa 30 foot pink castle blocking theentrance to one of the two GM sites thatbesiege Littlemoor, near Weymouth. Thiswas the first day that the experimentalmaize could legally be planted and itturned out that the crop was scheduled tobe sown that day. Residents hope toremain there for up to 6 weeks to preventthe maize being sown successfully. Thesite, overlooked by Teddy Bear Woods,has enjoyed widespread local supportfrom the residents of the estate who wereresponsible for over 75% destruction of the GM crop grown in the same field lastyear. Despite efforts, the farmer hasmanaged to plant GM maize in otherfields in the area and currently has someGM rape flowering.More people and tat are very muchneeded - for directions, a wish-list andmore info goto http://say-hi.to/thecastleor contact the castle on: 07815 925214/ 07733 133280
Bayer meeting blown
On April 26
seven GM activists from theUK and Holland attended Bayer’sshareholder meeting in Cologne,Germany. Their mission: to let thedirectors, employees and shareholders of Bayer know that Bayer’s new venture intoGM crops will not go unopposed. Afterthe introductory speeches, one person jumped on-stage and addressed theaudience over the PA, two activistsclimbed 30 foot up the side of the stageshouting anti-GM slogans and otheractivists occupied the speaking podiumgrabbing the microphone and ranting atthe board in German, blowing whistlesand generally causing chaos.All seven activists were eventuallyremoved by security, arrested and held foran hour before being released withoutcharge and banned from the area of theconference centre. Before being taken bypolice they were all given the chance tovote on a number of shareholderresolutions by Bayer representativesanxious that they should not be deniedtheir voting rights!
Keep Free Trade!
Manchester City Council have closed thehistoric Free Trade Hall so it can be madeinto a luxury hotel as part of Manchester’s‘Conference Quarter’. Grand plans forsquatting the Hall had to be cancelled atthe last minute. However, on February2
about 50 activists occupied the frontpart of the Hall. Ground-floor access wasimpossible so two 30ft ladders werebrought along - it’s amazing what you canget away with if you dress up likeconstruction workers in hard-hats andfluorescent tops. The websitewww.freetradehall.org went live and thepress turned up. A samba band in policehats played loud and long. The frontagewas occupied for 3 hours and bannersunfurled reading
Peterloo Martyrs, Dickens to Dylan, Punks & window-smashing Suffragettes: REBELS ALL. Wewant to Dance! Celebrate! Protest! Theywant to sell Manchester’s soul for profit 
Pie in the Sky I
On March 6
activists from a groupcalling itself ‘Pie in the Sky’ (part of theRising Tide UK network) strolled into anddisrupted a top-level conference about thenew market in trading carbon dioxideemissions. As the Shell delegate waswaxing lyrical on the new profitopportunities presented by this newmarket, several smartly dressed men andwomen entered the room, armed with aflip chart, a banner reading ‘
 Emissionstrading?Pie in the sky!
’ and leaflets. Thepresentation was greeted with politeconsternation by the £300+ a headdelegates, and the UN representative toldthe friendly leafleter to ‘Piss off!’, thoughremained silent when asked if he could bequoted. The ‘Pie in the Sky’ers left thehotel when requested by security staff,leaving an email address on their leafletsin case anyone had further questions.‘PitS’ can be reached on 07762 252932 orpie_in_the_skyuk@yahoo.com.
Pie in the Sky II
On March 18
people from ‘Pie in theSky’ walked into a second London high-profile emissions trading conference,distributing leaflets, having impassioneddiscussions with various delegates anddeclaring the whole event a profiteeringcharade that wouldn’t make a significantdent in carbon emissions. One person wasforcibly ejected by security, while othersstuck around for a brief chat. Theconference made no bones about its senseof priorities, seeing as it was called‘Profiting from Opportunities Presentedby the Kyoto Mechanisms’. Pie in the Skyis an action group committed tograssroots climate change solutions thatdon’t involve emissions trading and othermarket-based mechanisms (seewww.risingtide.org.uk for more details.)Full report on www.uk.indymedia.org.
A big welcome home to PaulRobinson, released at last from aSwedish prison following imprisonmentfor ‘violent rioting’ at Gothenburg.
A major revolt with thousands onthe streets engulfed the area around thepublic market in San Cristobal, Chiapason March 7
AMEC have pulled out of thecontroversial Yusufeli Dam project inTurkey (although they have holdings inanother company still taking part).
Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS,has ended its financial backing for theIlisu Dam project due to campaignsagainst it.
The government is planningamendments to the Criminal Justice andPolice Bill to prevent protests outsidepeople’s homes and tackle the sendingof hate mail by electronic as well astraditional means.
Saboteurs caused over $3 milliondamage in a single weekend followingattacks on two separate loggingcompanies in Tasmania.
February saw the first major strikeby Ecuadorian banana workers in over20 years. Letters of support are beingcalled for
Animal rights activists super-gluedthe locks and wrote in paint across thewindows of the Arthritis ResearchCampaign shop in Newcastle.
New Zealand had its first RTSparty on 29th March to opposeevictions for a new road in centralWellington.
State of Emergency is a newPlayStation game encouraging people torun amok as an anti-globalizationanarchists and burn down shoppingmalls!
A farmer in East Pennard,Somerset, has pulled out of growing aGM maize following pressure fromcampaigners.
The Stop the War Coalitionhaslaunched a new campaign: “Don’tAttack Iraq”
Secret documents have come tolight ordering judges to impose extremesentances on those convicted of “Mayday” offences.
George W. Bush and Tony Blairhave been nominated for the 2002Nobel Peace Prize.
Campsfield Detention Centre isdue to close around the end of the year.
UK is “slightly smaller thanOregon” according to new CIA‘factbook’www.odci.gov/cia/ publications/factbook/index.html
Diary Dates...
Contempt for GMOs
Donnie MacLeod, an organic farmer whowas called as a prosecution witness at thetrial of Matthew Herbert, has been sent toprison for 21 days for contempt of courtwhen he refused give evidence againstMatthew. Matthew had been charged withcutting the ‘X’-shaped swathe through thefirst GM trial crop at Munlochy onelection day in June last year (see pictureIssue 76). The case against Matthew hasnow been dropped.
“Donnie MacLeod wassent to prison for having the courage tostand by his principles and show support for  fellow anti-GM protestors”
said Matthew.“By refusing to give evidence againstanother activist he showed clearly that hewould not do the work of a system thathas failed to protect the people of Scotland against the threat of GM crops.”To contact Matthew Herbert call 01865245678 (office hours) More info: KennyTaylor on 01349 877625.
The genetiX snowball campaign started onJuly 4
1998 when five women peacefullyand accountably removed GM crops at afarm near Watlington, Oxfordshire. Thelast snowball action was in August 1999.Now that the outstanding legal issuesarising from that final action are completewe have decided to close the snowballcampaign. Our website is now beingarchived and it has moved fromwww.gn.apc.org/pmhp/gs towww.fraw.org.uk/gs. The genetiX snowballcampaign was made possible by the manypeople who participated in it and manyothers who supported it in various ways.Thanks to everyone for their support overthe years. Please remove genetiXsnowball’s mailing address or our emailaddress, genetixsnowball@onet.co.uk from your address lists, email lists orwebsite.
Manchester AnimalProtection
Manchester Animal Protection (MAP) iscurrently focussing on Marsh UK,provider of insurance to animal crueltylaboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences. OnMarch 19
, when 20 activists descendedupon two Marsh’s Manchester offices. AtOxford Road, protestors laid siege to theMarsh offices on the 6th floor. Workersinside were effectively imprisoned bytheir own security guards until policearrived, during which time activists let itbe known via megaphone that there wouldbe no let up in the campaign until theysevered their links HLS. Work wascompletely disrupted not only within theMarsh offices but in neighbouring officesas well, which only puts more pressure onMarsh. On City Rd activists occupied themain entrance with a noisy medley of drums, sirens and air horns. Paranoidsecurity guards would not let anyone in orout of the building. To get involved ring07932 547785.
Lodgers evicted
The Forest Lodge in Nottingham has beensquatted since September 1998. It is agrade two listed building and was found inan awful state of disrepair. Over the threeand a half years of occupation thesquatters have secured the building,protecting it from vandalism and carriedout repairs. The Lodge has afforded manypeople the opportunity to have somewhereto live and to go on to find more secureaccommodation, often in local housingco-ops. On March 19
, the Council took the occupiers to court and won the rightto evict them from the property TheForest Lodge Collective along withmembers of the local community are veryconcerned about this, as the council haverefused to enter into any dialogue.Support and publicity is much needed.Email: theforestlodge@hotmail.com orgoto www.forestlodge.150m.com
Save or delete
In Hamburg on Thursday, 28th February,Greenpeace Germany blocked the MVEnif from entering the port of Hamburgand offloading another shipment of Brazilian mahogany. Greenpeace iscurrently taking the UK government tocourt over the failure of the governmentto stop Britain importing illegally loggedmahogany from the Brazilian Amazonrainforest. The actions are part of aninternational Greenpeace campaign calledSAVE OR DELETE - which is urginggovernments to take action at theforthcoming Ancient Forests Summit inthe Hague to protect the world’sremaining ancient forests. For moreinformation check the backgroundbriefing onwww.greenpeace.org.uk or callLouise Edge in the Greenpeace PressOffice on 0207 865 8115. For more onthe save or delete campaign visitwww.saveordelete.com.
8 –11
International activist meeting inTurkey Ankara. baraka@metu.nethttp:www.all.at/baraka
Mass trespass Hatfield Moor (see page 1)
Sources of Radicalism , Manchester. Forinfo/booking contact
info@iimcr.org or
. Protest against German AtomicForum, Stuttgart www.antiatomforum.de
Netherlands. Weekend celebrationand skill sharing in remembrance of struggleagainst the Amsterdam port.
Save Titnore woods. Protest walk todefend ancient woodland!pow@worthinga27.freeserve.co.uk or seewww.worthinga27freeserve.co.uk 
Climate conference prepcom, Bonn,Germany.
World Environment Day
Commonpoverty and theCommonwealth, Manchesteer email: june7@corporatedirtbag.com. For more infowww.loombreaker.org.uk.
Stop the Arms Trade Weewww.caat.org.uk 
International Young Naturefriendsiynf@iynf.org
World Food Summit +5, Rome,Italy
-July 13
Latin American StudentSymposium on Negotiation and ConflictResolution. Monterrey, Mexico.www.iimcr.org/symposium/ symposium2002-mx.asp
Critical Mass, Utrecht.
Eurosatory Arms Fair, Villepinte,France. www.caat.org.uk 
Refugee Week.www.refugeecouncil.org.uk 
EU summit in Sevilla, Spain.
Utrecht RTS. 6 Years of Dutch EF!goto www.groenfront.nl.
World Bank ABCDE Summit,Oslo, Norway
G8 in Kananaskis, Canada.
International no border-actioncamp, Strasbourg. enoborders@aol.com
- August 17
International StudentSymposium on Negotiation and ConflictResolution. The Hague. info@iimcr.org orgoto www.iimcr.org/symposiumsymposium2002-intl.asp
Vegan Camp, Park Foot Caravan andCamping Park,Penrith, Cumbria.www.vegancamp.org or contact 0845 3303918 before 9pm or emailinfo@vegancamp.org
-Sept 4
.Earth summit, Jo’burg, SA.
European Youth Centre Strasbourg,France
NATO summit in Prague. Contact:intersec@csaf.cz

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