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Cathedral of Magdeburg

Cathedral of Magdeburg

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Published by tibi_pl2005

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Published by: tibi_pl2005 on Jan 14, 2014
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The Protestant 
Cathedral of Magdeburg
 Magdeburger Dom
), officially called the
Cathedral of Saints Catherine and Maurice
 Dom zu Magdeburg St.  Mauritius und Katharina
), is one of the oldest Gothic cathedrals in Germany. One of its steeples is 99.25 m (325 ft 7 in) tall, and the other is !!.9" m (33 ft # in), ma$in% it one of the tallest cathedrals in eastern Germany. The cathedral is li$e&ise the landmar$ of 'a%der%, the capital city of the
 of *a+ony-nhalt, and is also home to the %rae of /mperor Otto 0 the Great.The first chrch ilt in 937 at the location of the crrent cathedral &as an aey called *t. 'arice, dedicated to *aint 'arice. The crrent cathedral &as constrcted oer the  period of 3!! years startin% from 2!9, and the completion of the steeples too$ place only in 52!. 1espite ein% repeatedly looted, the athedral of 'a%der% is rich in art, ran%in% from anties to modern art.
[edit] History
[edit] Previous building
Tom of Otto 0, 6oly oman /mperor.
The first chrch &as fonded *eptemer 2, 937 at the location of the crrent cathedral &as an aey called *t. 'arice (
St. Moritz 
), dedicated to *aint 'arice and financed y /mperor Otto 0 the Great. Otto &anted to demonstrate his political po&er after the sccessfl ;attle of echfeld in 955, and ordered the constrction een efore his coronation as /mperor on <erary 2, 92. <rthermore, to spport his claim as sccessor of the /mperor of the
Weströmisches Reich
, he otained a lar%e nmer of anties = for e+ample, pillars to e sed for the constrction of the chrch. 'any of those anties &ere sseently sed for the second chrch in 2!9. The chrch had most li$ely one nae &ith for aisles, a &idth of # meters and a len%th of "! meters. The hei%ht is estimated as p to ! meters.The &ife of Otto, >een /ditha, &as ried in the chrch after her death in 9#. The chrch &as e+panded in 955. 6ence, the chrch ecame a cathedral. 0n 9", /mperor Otto 0 selected 'a%der% as the seat of an archdiocese &ith -dalert on Trier as archishop, een tho%h the city &as not centrally located t at the eastern order of his $in%dom. 6e did this ecase he planned to e+pand his $in%dom, and also hristianity, to the east into &hat is no&adays *loa$ia. This plan, ho&eer, failed. /mperor Otto 0 died soon thereafter in 973 in 'emleen and &as also ried in the cathedral ne+t to his &ife.The entire cathedral *t. 'arice &as destroyed on Good <riday in 2!7 y a city fire. -ll  t the sothern &in% of the cloister   rned do&n. -rchishop -lrecht 00 on ?efernr% decided to pll do&n the remainin% &alls and constrct a completely ne& cathedral, a%ainst some opposition of the people in 'a%der%. Only the soth &all of the cloister is still standin%. The e+act location of the old chrch remained n$no&n for a lon% time, t the fondations &ere rediscoered in 'ay 2!!3, reealin% a ildin% "! m lon% and # m &ide. The old crypt has een e+caated and can e isited y the plic.The place in front of the cathedral (sometimes called @ne& mar$etplace@,
 Neuer Markt 
) &as occpied y an imperial palace (
), &hich &as destroyed in the fire of 2!7. The stones of the rin sered for ildin% the cathedral. The presmptie remains of the palace &ere e+caated in the 9!s.
[edit] Construction of the current building
*aint 'arice in 'a%der%.
Plan of the athedral of 'a%der%.-rchishop -lrecht 00 on ?efernr% decided to constrct a completely ne& cathedral. *ince -lrecht &as ery edcated for his time and stdied in <rance and 0taly, he $ne& aot the ne& Gothic architectre deeloped in <rance, t yet completely n$no&n in Germany. *seently he decided to ild the ne& cathedral in the modern <rench style. Aet the craftsmen did not $no& the style, and only slo&ly learned the %othic style. The constrction of the choir  started in 2!9, only t&o years after the fire that destroyed the preios chrch, t this choir is still in a ery omanese style, initially still sin% romanese %roin alts, comined &ith a %othic center stone, &hich ho&eer is not needed for omanese %roin alts.The Gothic inflence increased especially et&een 235 and 2! nder -rchishop Bilrand. -s the constrction &as sperised y different people in the span of 3!! years, many chan%es &ere made to the ori%inal plan, and the cathedral siCe e+panded %reatly. The people of 'a%der% &ere not al&ays happy &ith this, since they had to pay for the constrction. 0n some cases already constrcted &alls and pillars &ere torn do&n to sit the &ishes of the crrent sperisor.onstrction stopped after 27#. 0n 325, -rchishop ;rchard 000. on *chrapla &as $illed y the people of 'a%der% ecase of e+treme ta+es. <ol$lore says that especially the  eer  ta+ increase cased mch an%er. -fter&ards 'a%der% &as nder a  an, and only after the donation of fie atonement altars did the constrction of the cathedral contine nder -rchishop Otto on 6essen. Otto &as also ale to complete the interior constrction, and formally opened the dome in 33 in a &ee$lon% festial. -t this time the cathedral &as dedicated not only to *t 'arice as efore, t also to *aint atherine.0n 3! the constrction stopped a%ain after the ncompleted parts hae een coered  proisionally. Only in #77 did the constrction start a%ain nder -rchishop /rnst on *achsen, incldin% the t&o to&ers. The to&ers &ere constrcted y master ilder ;astian ;inder, the only master ilder of the cathedral $no&n y name. The constrction of the cathedral &as completed in 52! &ith the placement of the ornamental cross on the north to&er.
[edit] Luther, the Swedes, and Napoleon

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