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DeadEarth Unauthorized - Book 1 - First Draft

DeadEarth Unauthorized - Book 1 - First Draft



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Published by Dyson Logos
This 23-page PDF rebuilds the radiation manipulation tables from the deadEarth PHB, Radiation Table Supplements 1 & 2, and ATTITUDES 1.1 and categorizes all the radiations by "type" and provides a new way to roll for them.
This 23-page PDF rebuilds the radiation manipulation tables from the deadEarth PHB, Radiation Table Supplements 1 & 2, and ATTITUDES 1.1 and categorizes all the radiations by "type" and provides a new way to roll for them.

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Published by: Dyson Logos on Sep 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unauthorized EditionSourcebook 1
Radiation Manipulations
deadEarth Unauthorized Edition
About deadEarth Unauthorized Edition
deadEarth is the creation of JT Smith and ChrisHagness and is the copyright of The Game CrafterLLC and Anarchy Ink.The deadEarth RPG products have been releasedby The Game Crafter under the GNU FreeDocumentation License allowing for the non-commercial redistribution and modification of thegame materials.deadEarth Unauthorized Edition is a non-fanrecompilation of the deadEarth game and ismeant to supplement the use of the existingmaterials. Each book in the deadEarthUnauthorized line is also released under theterms of the GNU Free Documentation License(see the end of this document for details).deadEarth Unauthorized Edition has beencompiled and produced by Dyson Logos and isreleased by DLGames.
About this Sourcebook
Sourcebook 1 Radiation Manipulations is anattempt to organize the radiation manipulationspresented in the various deadEarth books andsupplements into a single set of tables.But beyond that, I have tried to classify thevarious radiation manipulations into a variety of sub-tables based on the effects of the radiationmanipulation. One of the goals of this change isto allow the Game Master to change thecharacter generation rules so that radiationmanipulations rolled during character generationcannot be instantly fatal to the character beingcreated. This system also allows for very specificradiation manipulation tables to be called up forspecific occurences – specific artifacts may onlytrigger one type of radiation manipulation, andsome radiation manipulations may call for rollsfrom specific tables. This in part also eliminatesthe abortive “PMRA” system that was introducedin the Game Master's Guide.
About the deadEarth
deadEarth is a post-apocalyptic RPG set nineyears after the end of World War III. Roughly 90%of humanity was destroyed in the war, and thesurvivors are starting to rebuild.deadEarth is the most realistic game ever, withheavily researched setting and mechanics thatreflect reality better than any other game on themarket or that you have ever imagined.It is also the only RPG with unlimited flexibilitybecause it relies on the imagination of the playersand the Game Master to detail the world and thecharacters that live within it.
About the Author
Dyson has been gaming for over 30 years and forsome reason has recently become obsessed withthe deadEarth RPG.Dyson originally bought the game at CanGames in2000 from the people at Ambient Inc who weredemonstrating the game at the convention thatyear. To this day he wishes he had signed up forthe demonstration game that was held there, asfrom all descriptions it actually somehow workedsomething he has never managed to makehappen with the game as written.Dyson maintains an RPG-oriented blog withcharacters and a collection of hand-drawn mapsathttp://rpgcharacters.wordpress.com.Dyson finds it odd to write about himself in thethird person on the first page of this book.This deadEarth Unauthorized Edition sourcebookwas released on September 22, 2009.
Sourcebook 1 – Radiation Manipulations - page 2
deadEarth Unauthorized Edition
While deadEarth claims to be a deadly gameoverall, it has been generally noted thatcharacter creation is probably the deadliest partof the game because of the lethality of theRadiation Manipulations table.The new division of the Radiation Manipulationsinto categories allows for the removal of the 104deadly, nearly deadly, and seriously cripplingradiations as well as the 15 “realistic or boring”radiations.These radiations are kept in play for rolls on theRadiation Manipulations tables once game playhas begun, but during character creation they areavoided to allow for less useless characters.The exception is if a character has a choice as towhether or not to gain additional radiationsduring character creation – such as spending skillpoints for a radiation or when dealing with aradiation that allows the character to choose aradiation in exchange for getting another onerolled for. In these cases, the cahracter must rollon the “in playradiation manipulations tableinstead of the “character creation” table.The Radiation Manipulations have been broken upinto the following categories & charts:
– dealing specifically with combat andcombat abilities
Cross Mutation
– giving you abilities and featuresof other creatures
Events & Renown
– modify renown or are one-time actions & events
Mental Radiations
– affect personality and mentalabilities
Physical Radiations
affect physical stats,appearance and structure
Rites & Powers
grant abilities not normallyavailable
Skill Manipulations
– provide bonuses or penaltiesto skills, or increase skill points when using skills
The Ugly Stick
– makes your mutant ugly
– affect or are affected byother radiation manipulations
No Fun At All –
crippling, disabling and deadly
Boring & Realistic
– do nothing or give you cancer
Sourcebook 1 – Radiation Manipulations - page 3
Rolling For Radiation Manipulations
Table 1-1 – Radiation Manipulations Master Chart
In PlayManipulation ChartCharGen
01-05Violence (d100)01-0506-1213-15Cross Mutation (d100)Events & Renown (d40)06-1213-1516-26Mental Radiations (d200)16-2827-48Physical Radiations (d300)29-5149-59Rites & Powers (d200)52-6360-79Skill Manipulations (d300)64-8580-82The Ugly Stick (d100)86-8883-93Meta-Manipulations (d200)89-10094-99No Fun At All (d200)100Boring & Realistic (d20)

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