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Libertynewsprint 9-20-09 Edition

Libertynewsprint 9-20-09 Edition

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Liberty Newsprint in is America's daily E-Reader Newsfeed Archive powered by Feedjournal.com's publisher. Our goal is to produce a compelling mix of news to keep you informed. Subscribe Now!
Liberty Newsprint in is America's daily E-Reader Newsfeed Archive powered by Feedjournal.com's publisher. Our goal is to produce a compelling mix of news to keep you informed. Subscribe Now!

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Sep 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Internet News RecordLibertyNewsprint.com U.S. Edition18/09/09 - 20/09/09
The First Draft: Missile defense, Iran and value voters
By David Alexander (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 9/18/2009 8:56:29 AM
President Barack Obama’sdecision to abandon a big, fixed-installation missile defense shieldin Eastern Europe is drawingsome angry reaction abroad.Conservatives in Poland, wherethe Bush administration plannedto base interceptor rockets, andthe Czech Republic, where a radarinstallation was planned, accusedWashington of buckling toRussian pressure.Defense Secretary Robert Gatesmeets Friday afternoon with hisCzech counterpart, Martin Bartak,as the administration works toexplain its new thinking. It maybe a hard sell.“Betrayal! The USA has sold usto the Russians and stabbed us inthe back,” said the Polish tabloidFakt.The Czech daily LidoweNoviny took a similar line.“Obama gave in to the Kremlin,”it said.Some military experts viewedthe decision as a sign of weaknessby Obama that Moscow hardlinerswould try to exploit further.Russian Prime MinisterVladimir Putin described it as“correct and brave,” and followedup Friday with a speech callingfor Obama to agree to concessionson trade and technology transfer.The Bush administration hadproposed the shield to counterconcerns Iran was developing along-range missile capability thatcould strike at the United States.The Obama administration saidIranian short- and medium-rangemissiles were a more immediateconcern. It said it would scrap theantiballistic missile shield in favorof a more mobile, versatile systemtargeting shorter-range missiles.U.S. newspapers were morereceptive to that rationale. TheNew York Times called it “asound strategic decision” andUSA today said it marked the firstbig break in foreign policy withthe former administration.Republicans charged that itamounted to a big securityconcession to Russia, even as theadministration said the decisionwas all about Iran and notMoscow.The announcement came aheadof the U.N. General Assemblymeeting in New York next week and the start of direct talks inOctober between Iran and majorpowers concerned about itsnuclear enrichment program.Iranian President MahmoudAhmadinejad did little Friday toallay those worries.Speaking to worshipers atTehran University, Ahmadinejadsaid the Holocaust was a “liebased on an unprovable andmythical claim.”He said it was a pretext to createa Jewish state and that Iranianshad a “national and religiousduty” to confront it.U.S. Secretary of State HillaryClinton, in a speech looking at heraims for the U.N. GeneralAssembly, said the missiledecision was a reaction to Iran,not Russia.“We would never, never walk away from our allies,” she said.Obama meets today with SusanRice, his ambassador to theUnited Nations, ahead of theGeneral Assembly session.And the religious right beginsits annual Washington gathering— the Value Voters Summit —looking for ways to rallyconservative Christians againstObama’s agenda, includinghealthcare reform. http://www.reuters.com/news/politicsPhoto credit: Reuters/LarryDowning (Obama discussesmissile defense Thursday);Reuters/Yuri Gripas (Gatesdiscussing missile defenseThursday)
Authorities: Insane killer likely planned getaway (AP)
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News)
Submitted at 9/20/2009 8:43:52 AM
DurtyDuck buzzed up: Nakedman, 91, holds drunken intruder atgunpoint (AP)11 seconds ago 2009-09-20T10:03:25-07:00
NY governor ignores pressure to end election quest (AP)
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News)
Submitted at 9/20/2009 9:37:21 AM
jonsiel buzzed up: NASAlaunches rocket, dozens reportstrange lights (AP)7 seconds ago 2009-09-20T10:04:25-07:00
2Internet News Record
Clinton, Gingrich, Lott share political war stories and laughs
By Thomas Ferraro (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 9/18/2009 9:04:38 AM
While members of the U.S.Congress angrily debated bogged-down efforts at healthcare reform,three one-time adversaries sharedold stories, pats on the back andlaughs.Former Democratic PresidentBill Clinton, ex-RepublicanHouse Speaker Newt Gingrichand former Senate RepublicanLeader Trent got together thisweek for the unveiling of Lott’sofficial Senate portrait.“I’m still wondering why I’mhere,” Clinton said, drawingchuckles and applause from apacked crowd on Capitol Hill of afew hundred people, includingpast and present congressionalpower brokers.Indeed, it was a strange scene.Clinton, Lott and Gingrich oftenengaged in front-page politicalbattles during the formerpresident’s eight years in theWhite House that ended inJanuary 2001.Most notably, Gingrich and Lotthelped lead the failed bid in late1998 and early 1999 to oustClinton from office for lyingabout an affair with a WhiteHouse intern.None of them, in their remarks,made any mention of the scandalthat rocked the nation and thattied up Congress for months.Neither did they go near the flapthat caused Lott to step down asSenate majority leader aftermaking what was seen as aracially insensitive remark in2002, ending more than five yearsa t the helm of the Senate.Instead, they focused on thegood times, kidded about sometough times and talked aboutproductive times.They noted that together theybalanced the budget for the firsttime in 30 years and passed majorlegislation, including measures tooverhaul welfare, dramaticallyboost education spending andcreate the federal health insuranceprogram for children.Lott revealed a key to theirability to find common ground.“We never lost our ability totalk, even when I said somethingstupid — or vice versa,” Lott said.Along the way, they developeda friendship.“The world be amazed to knowwhat good chemistry Trent andNewt and I had in private,”Clinton said.Gingrich said the three weresimilar in their rise to power.“We came out of nowhere, wehad no plausible reason to gethere, we got here and wereslightly confused by theexperience … and couldn’tbelieve the other two were here,”Gingrich said.Lott acknowledged hanging onhis office walls cartoonsridiculing Clinton. He saidClinton, after seeing them,laughed and gave him anothercartoon — this one of Clintonskillfully fending off Republicanopposition. Clinton framed and
CLINTON, page 3
3Internet News Record
Politicians score big in the NFL — campaigncontributions
By Thomas Ferraro (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 9/18/2009 11:37:35 AM
Politicians have hit pay dirt inthe National Football League,with some teams providing farmore fertile turf than others.The San Diego Chargershaven’t been much of apowerhouse on the field duringthe past 20 years.But in the game of nationalpolitics, the Chargers have been ahigh-stakes participant, leadingthe league in campaigncontributions during that timeframe.San Diego team owners,officials and players combined tocontribute $2.4 million to U.S.congressional and presidentialcandidates since 1989, accordingto the Center for ResponsivePolitics, which tracks campaigncontributions.According to the center, that’sfour times more than the nextteam, the Houston Texans,$623,456, followed by theArizona Cardinals, $337,096, andWashington Redskins, $323,000.With few exceptions, most of the money went to Republicans.Officials and employees at TheNational Football League,however, favored Democrats.They gave $244,798 to themembers of the party that nowcontrols the White House andCongress, compared to $97,075 toRepublicans.Last year, the NFL, amultibillion-dollar enterprise,created a political actioncommittee — Gridiron PAC.They also opened an office inWashington, where they are betterpositioned to lobby members of Congress as well as the WhiteHouse.“Like any large business, apresence in Washington is a goodthing to have,” said Jerry Miller,the NFL’s vice president forgovernment relations and policy.Miller made the comment in aninterview with Capital Eye, apublication of the Center forResponsive Politics.Miller was also quoted as sayingthat the NFL lobbies on a varietyof issues that interest the league,including labor law, gambling andcommunications.Last year, Democraticpresidential candidate Barack Obama was the recipient of contributions from a number of big names from the gridiron.They included Atlanta Falconstight end Tony Gonzalez, $4,600,Chicago Bears Coach LovieSmith, $2,300, and CincinnatiBengals safety Roy Williams,$2,300.On the other side of the politicalfield, Chargers coach Norv Turnergave $2,300 to Republicanpresidential candidate JohnMcCain. Philadelphia Eaglescoach Andy Reid contributed thesame amount to Mitt Romney,one of McCain’s vanquishedchallengers for the party’spresidential nomination.An individual can’t contributemore than $2,300 to a candidatein the primary campaign and$2,300 in the general campaign.NFL players could donate thisyear to one of their own.Retired Buffalo Bill andPittsburgh Steeler tight end JayRiemersma is running forCongress as a Republican.To see the Center’s full reportand a listing of all the teams, click here.For more Reuters political news,click here.Photo credit: Reuters/TamiChappell (Tony Gonzalezcelebrates score in Sept. 13football game)
continued from page 2
autographed it for the then SenateRepublican leader.Amid the laughter there wasalso some heartfelt talk.Clinton told Lott, said: “When itis all said and done, all thatmatters is whether people arebetter off than when you started.”“On that score, my friend, youdid pretty well,” Clinton said.Lott had a message forCongress, which has becomingincreasingly partisan in recentyears.“If three good ole boys from theSouth, like the ones you heardtoday, can find a way to get itdone …. I know that theoutstanding leaders that we havein Congress … can get it done.”Lott added, “I will be prayingfor you.”For more Reuters political news,click here.Photo credit:Reuters/Hyungwon Kang(Clinton, Lott pose in front of portrait of Lott.)
5 children, woman found dead in Fla. apartment (AP)
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News)
Submitted at 9/20/2009 9:18:03 AM
DurtyDuck buzzed up: Nakedman, 91, holds drunken intruder atgunpoint (AP)11 seconds ago 2009-09-20T10:03:25-07:00
The Economic Backdrop: Not as Strong as Advertised
(Financial Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha)
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Submitted at 9/20/2009 10:00:00 AM
Politics/ Top News/ Economy/ Finance/ 

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