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Got It, On Giants' Shoulders

Got It, On Giants' Shoulders

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Published by MalKukura
Enlightenment Victory Song

Therapy for liberation from the neuroses of rationality
Enlightenment Victory Song

Therapy for liberation from the neuroses of rationality

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Published by: MalKukura on Sep 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Godit AdorationCanto:
On Giants’ Shoulders
Siddartha Gautama Alan Watts Malcolm KukuraSeptember 21 2009Looking for the builder of this dogmatic brain-washed zombie-mind-trap of my RationalityI searched through many births to no avail being born over and over is tiringI see you nowyou predatory engineer of that mind-cageYou won’t build this trap againAll the structural conceptual supports of your cage are smashed to smithereensYour exploitive ideological materialist ridge-pole is entirely deconstructedYour doxa is in ruinsI’m now in aletheia
My explosively liberated mind has expanded far beyond the limits that you greedy homicidal larval psychotic pigs imposed on me by forceMy emancipated mind is approaching timelessly spaceless Eternity-InfinityAll my desires are now soothedAtaraxiaI’m completely satisfied and utterly fulfilledI’ve endured so much for this spiritual rebirthI know all I need to know of the ultimate psychic mutationThe clarity and certainty of my new divine awareness is almost overwhelmingI’m humbled by my good fortune of finally returning to my original self—at home, welcome, lovedI’m autonomously enlightened, independent of teachersSapere AudeGnothi SeautonThank you for the memoriesAnamnesis
There’s no other like me in the whole world which has many pretentious charlatans Not even Thales, Laozi, Sappho or Siddartha Gautama is exactly like me Neiher is Pythagoras, Parmenides, Socrates, Plato, Bodhidharma or NagarjunaI’m uniqueI’m really very worthyI’m beautiful, good, true & intelligentI’m my own best teacher AutarkesI alone am fully enlightenedI feel completely tranquil nowI know the unperturbable calm of spiritual awakeningI’m in NirvanaThis is IT

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