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Be as you are - Ramana Maharshi

Be as you are - Ramana Maharshi



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Published by Venkat Ram Reddy
One of Eckhart Tolle's Recommended reads......
One of Eckhart Tolle's Recommended reads......

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Published by: Venkat Ram Reddy on Sep 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Be as you are– Theteachingsof sri Ramana Maharishi
In I896 a sixteen-year-old schoolboy walked out on his familyand,driven by an inner compulsion, slowly made his way toArunachala,a holy mountain and pilgrimage centre in South India. On hisarrivalhe threw away all his money and possessions and abandonedhimself to a newly-discovered awareness that his real nature wasformless,immanent consciousness. His absorption in this awareness wassointense that he was completely oblivious of his body and theworld;insects chewed away portions of his legs, his body wastedawaybecause he was rarely conscious enough to eat and his hairandfingernails grew to unmanageable lengths. After two or threeyearsin this state he began a slow return to physical normality, aprocessthat was not finally completed for several years. His awarenessof himself as consciousness was unaffected by this physicaltransitionand it remained continuous and undimmed for the rest of his life.InHindu parlance he had `realized the Self'; that is to say, hehadrealized by direct experience that nothing existed apart fromanindivisible and universal consciousness which was experienced initsunmanifest form as beingness or awareness and in its manifestformas the appearance of the universe.Normally this awareness is only generated after a long andarduousperiod of spiritual practice but in this case ithappened
spontaneously, without prior effort or desire. Venkataraman,thesixteen-year-old schoolboy, was alone in an upstairs room of hisuncle's house in Madurai (near the southern tip of India) whenhewas suddenly gripped by an intense fear of death. In thefollowingfew minutes he went through a simulated death experienceduringwhich he became consciously aware for the first time that hisrealnature was imperishable and that it was unrelated to the body,themind or the personality. Many people have reportedsimilarunexpected experiences but they are almost invariablytemporary. InVenkataraman's case the experience was permanent andirreversible.From that time on his consciousness of being an individualpersonceased to exist and it never functioned in himagain.Venkataraman told no one about his experience and for six weekshekept up the appearance of being an ordinary schoolboy. However,hefound it an increasingly difficult posture to maintain and at theendof this six week period he abandoned his family and went directlytothe holy mountain of Arunachala. The choice of Arunachala was far from random. Throughouthisbrief life he had always associated the name of Arunachala withGodand it was a major revelation to him when he discovered that itwasnot some heavenly realm but a tangible earthly entity. Themountainitself had long been regarded by Hindus as a manifestation of Siva, aHindu God, and in later years Venkataraman often said that itwasthe spiritual power of Arunachala which had brought about hisSelf-realization. His love for the mountain was so great that from theday

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