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Published by Son of Rizq
mind control in america
mind control in america

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Published by: Son of Rizq on Jan 16, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Battle for Your Mind: Persuasion and Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today
by Dick SutphenThe following is an expanded version of a talk Dick Sutphen delivered at the World Congress of Professional Hypnotists Convention in Las egas! "evada# $lthough the paper carries a %&'( copyright to protect the contents fro) unlawful duplication for sale! Dick invites individuals to )ake copies and give the) to friends or anyone in a position to co))unicate this infor)ation# Since the paper was released! it has been distributed to )illions and is currently available on do*ens of Websites# $s a result of this awareness! Dick has been contacted by law enforce)ent officers! the ++C and investigative reporters# ,n nu)erous occasions! the infor)ation has helped to bring public attention to the )isuse of conversion tactics# So)e govern)ent agencies don-t want this infor)ation generally known! for the techni.ues are used in ar)ed forces basic training# So)e Christian /unda)entalists! cults! and hu)an0potential trainings would also prefer that the public re)ain unaware of how they are recruiting new )e)bers#1-) going to talk about conversion! which is a nice word for brainwashing# 2verything 1-ll share only exposes the surface of the proble)# 1 don-t know how the )isuse of these techni.ues can be stopped other than through public awareness# 1t isn-t possible to legislate against what often cannot be detected3 and if those who legislate are using these techni.ues! there is little hope of affecting laws to govern usage#1n talking about )ind )anipulation! 1 a) talking about )y own business# 1 know it! and 1 know how effective it can be# 1 produce hypnosis and subli)inal tapes and! in so)e of )y se)inars! 1 use conversion tactics to assist participants to beco)e independent and self0sufficient# +ut! any ti)e 1 use these techni.ues! 1 point out that 1 a) using the)! and those attending have a choice to participate or not# They-re also aware of the desired result of participation#So! to begin! 1 want to share a basic fact about brainwashing4
 IN TH NTI! HI"TO!Y O# M$N% NO ON H$" &! BN B!$IN'$"H( $N( !$)I*(% O! B)I&(% TH$T H H$( BN B!$IN'$"H(+
Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their )anipulators! clai)ing they have si)ply been 5shown the light5 ### or have been transfor)ed in )iraculous ways#
The Birth of ,on-ersion
 $ny study of brainwashing has to begin with a study of Christian revivalis) in eighteenth century  $)erica# $pparently! 6onathan 2dwards accidentally discovered the techni.ues during a religious crusade in %789 in "ortha)pton! :assachusetts# +y inducing guilt and acute apprehension and by increasing the tension! the sinners attending his revival )eetings would break down and co)pletely sub)it# Technically! what 2dwards was doing was creating conditions that wipe the brain slate clean so that the )ind accepts new progra))ing# He would tell those attending! 5;ou-re a sinner< ;ou-re destined for hell<5 $s a result! one person co))itted suicide and another atte)pted suicide# The neighbors of the suicidal converts related that they! too! were affected so deeply that! although they had found 5eternal salvation!5 they were obsessed with a diabolical te)ptation to end their own lives# ,nce a preacher! cult leader! )anipulator or authority figure creates the brain phrase to wipe the brain0slate clean! his sub=ects are open to new progra))ing#"ew input! in the for) of suggestions! can be substituted for their previous ideas# +ecause 2dwards didn-t turn his )essage positive until the end of the revival! )any accepted the negative suggestions and acted! or desired to act! upon the)# Charles 6# /inney was another Christian revivalist who used the
sa)e techni.ues four years later in )ass religious conversions in "ew ;ork# The techni.ues are still being used today by Christian revivalists! cults! hu)an0potential training! so)e business rallies and the >#S# ar)ed services#Let )e point out here that 1 don-t think )ost revivalist preachers reali*e or know they are using brainwashing techni.ues# 2dwards si)ply stu)bled upon a techni.ue that worked! and others copied it and have continued to copy it for over two hundred years# $nd the )ore sophisticated our knowledge and technology beco)e! the )ore effective the conversion# 1 feel strongly that this is one of the )a=or reasons for the increasing rise in Christian funda)entalis)! especially the televised variety! while )ost of the orthodox religions are declining#
The . Brain Phases
The Christians )ay have been the first to successfully for)ulate brainwashing! but we have to look to Pavlov! the ?ussian scientist! for a technical explanation# 1n the early %&@@s! his work with ani)als opened the door to further investigations with hu)ans# $fter the revolution in ?ussia! Lenin was .uick to see the potential of applying Pavlov-s research to his own ends#Three distinct and progressive states of trans)arginal inhibition were identified by Pavlov# The first is the 2.uivalent phase! in which the brain gives the sa)e response to both strong and weak sti)uli# Second is the Paradoxical phase! in which the brain responds )ore actively to weak sti)uli than to strong# Third is the >ltra0Paradoxical phase! in which conditioned responses and behavior patterns turn fro) positive to negative or fro) negative to positive#With the progressions through each phase! the degree of conversion beco)es )ore effective and co)plete# The ways to achieve conversion are )any and varied! but the usual first step in religious or political brainwashing is to work on the e)otions of an individual or group until they reach an abnor)al level of anger! fear! excite)ent or nervous tension#The progressive result of this )ental condition is to i)pair =udg)ent and increase suggestibility# The )ore this condition can be )aintained or intensified! the )ore it co)pounds# ,nce catharsis or the first brain phase is reached! the co)plete )ental takeover beco)es easier# 2xisting )ental progra))ing can be replaced with new patterns of thinking and behavior#,ther often0used physiological weapons to )odify nor)al brain functions are
fasting% radical or high sugar diets% /hysical disco0forts% regulation of breathing% 0antra chanting in 0editation% the disclosure of aweso0e 0ysteries% s/ecial lighting and sound effects% /rogra00ed res/onse to incense% or into1icating drugs
2fasting32high sugar32/hysical disco0fort32regulation of breathing320antra chants32drugs3
The sa)e results can be obtained in conte)porary psychiatric treat)ent by electric shock treat)ents and even by purposely lowering a patient-s blood sugar level with insulin in=ections#+efore 1 talk about exactly how so)e of the techni.ues are applied! 1 want to point out that hypnosis and conversion tactics are two distinctly different things 00 and that conversion techni.ues are far )ore powerful# However! the two are often )ixed ### with powerful results#
How !e-i-alist Preachers 'or4
1f you-d like to see a revivalist preacher at work! there are probably several in your city# Ao to the church or tent early and sit in the rear! about three0.uarters of the way back# :ost likely repetitive )usic will be played while the people co)e in for the service# $ repetitive beat! ideally ranging fro) (9 to 7B beats per )inute a rhyth) close to the beat of a hu)an heart! is very hypnotic and can generate an eyes0open altered state of consciousness in a high percentage of people# $nd! once you are in an $lpha state! you are at least B9 ti)es as suggestible as you would be in full +eta consciousness# The )usic is probably the sa)e for every service! or incorporates the sa)e beat! and )any of the people will go into an altered state al)ost i))ediately upon entering the sanctuary# Subconsciously! they recall their state of )ind fro) previous services and respond according to the post0hypnotic progra))ing# Watch the people waiting for the service to begin# :any will exhibit external signs of trance 00 body relaxation and slightly dilated eyes# ,ften! they begin swaying back and forth with their hands in the air while sitting in their chairs# "ext! the assistant pastor will co)e out# He usually speaks with a 5voice roll5#
&oice !oll Technique
 $ 5voice roll5 is a patterned! paced style used by hypnotists when inducing a trance# 1t is also used by )any lawyers several of the )ost fa)ous are highly trained hypnotists! when they desire to entrench a point fir)ly in the )inds of the =urors# $ voice roll can sound as if the speaker were talking to the beat of a )etrono)e! or it )ay sound as though he were e)phasi*ing every word in a )onotonous! patterned style# The words will usually be delivered at the rate of 89 to E@ beats per )inute! )axi)i*ing the hypnotic effect#"ow the assistant pastor begins the 5build0up5 process# He induces an altered state of consciousness andFor begins to generate the excite)ent and the expectations of the audience# "ext! a group of young wo)en in 5sweet and pure5 chiffon dresses )ight co)e out to sing a song# Aospel songs are great for building excite)ent and involve)ent# 1n the )iddle of the song! one of the girls )ight be 5s)itten by the Spirit5 and fall down or react as if possessed by the Holy Spirit# This effectively increases the intense at)osphere in the roo)# $t this point! hypnosis and conversion tactics are being )ixed# $nd the result is the audience-s attention is now totally focused upon the co))unication while the environ)ent beco)es )ore exciting or tense#?ight about this ti)e! when an eyes0open )ass0induced $lpha )ental level has been achieved! they will usually pass the collection plate# 1n the background! a (90beat0per0)inute voice roll fro) the assistant preacher )ight exhort! 5Aive to Aod ###Aive to Aod###Aive to Aod ###5 $nd the audience does give# Aod )ay not get the )oney! but his already wealthy representative will#"ext! the fire0and0bri)stone preacher will co)e out# He induces fear and increases the tension by talking about 5the devil5! 5going to hell5 or the forthco)ing $r)ageddon#1n the last such rally 1 attended! the preacher talked about the blood that would soon be running out of every faucet in the land# He was also obsessed with a 5bloody ax of Aod!5 which attendees had seen hanging above the pulpit the previous week# 1 have no doubt that so)e people saw it 00 the power of suggestion given to a group of people in hypnosis assures that at least %@ to B9 percent would see whatever he suggested they see#1n )ost revivalist gatherings! 5testifying5 or 5witnessing5 usually follows the fear0based ser)on# People fro) the audience co)e up on stage and relate their stories# 51 was crippled and now 1 can walk<5 51 had arthritis and now it-s gone<5 1t is a psychological )anipulation that works# $fter listening to nu)erous case histories of )iraculous healings! the average guy in the audience with a )inor proble) is sure he can be healed# The roo) is charged with fear! guilt! intense excite)ent and expectations#"ow those who want to be healed are fre.uently lined up around the edge of the roo)! or they are told to co)e down to the front# The preacher )ight touch the) on the head fir)ly and screa)! 5+e healed<5 This releases the psychic energy and! for )any! catharsis results# Catharsis is a purging of repressed e)otions# 1ndividuals )ight cry! fall down or even go into spas)s# $nd if catharsis is effected! they stand a chance of being healed# 1n catharsis! the brain0slate is te)porarily wiped clean and the new suggestion is accepted#

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