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The Perfect Murder

The Perfect Murder

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Published by Dean Sharples
A writer wants to end his partnership with his writing partner but his partner blackmails him. So he decides to plan the perfect murder to get rid of his partner once and for all. But something goes wrong.
A writer wants to end his partnership with his writing partner but his partner blackmails him. So he decides to plan the perfect murder to get rid of his partner once and for all. But something goes wrong.

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Published by: Dean Sharples on Sep 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Perfect MurderNick was sat down at his desk, working on his laptop computer.Behind the curtains lurked a man holding a scarf. As Nick continuedto type the man crept slowly from his hiding place towards him, hiseyes glazed and his staggering walk clearly indicated he was drunk.
Suddenly the man wrapped the scarf around Nick‟s neck from
behind and the two started a struggle. Whilst the two battled Jean
(Nick‟s Wife) emerged from the kitchen carrying a tray of tea.
 „Are you two messing about again?‟ She asked. „You‟ll never get anywork done if you keep playing games.‟ 
The man removed the scarf. „I was only trying to prove a point,‟ Hetold her. „The murderer in our story should strangle his victim.‟ 
Nick gets up off the floor and rubs his neck. „As I
keep telling you
Tom,‟ He said sitting back at his desk. „That storyline has been done
before many times. Our murderer needs to be clever. Maybe somekind of set up that kills the victim at a time when the murderer ismiles away. If you could lay off the booze for a bit then you mightbe sober enough to agree.
 „I‟m not drunk.‟ Tom said swaying slightly.
 „You are sloshed!!‟ Nick told him. „Look, you can‟t even stand upstraight.‟ 
Tom tries to stand straight. „Yes I can –
look!!‟ and stumbles onto
the couch.
 „Look Tom –
remind me again,‟ Said Nick. „Why do I put up withyou?‟ 
Tom looked hurt. „Well you may be the actual writer, but I‟m theone with all the great ideas. That‟s why we are such a good
partnership. All those great films and plays we wrote. They are all
my ideas.‟ 
 Jean broke up the squabbling by suggesting they sit down and drink
their tea. Tom decides he‟d rather have a whiskey and stumbles
over to the drinks cabinet.
 „There you go again!!!‟ Groaned Nick. „Straight on the booze. Allthat money we‟v
e earned writing these plays. Mine has been
invested wisely while you‟ve thrown your half away on booze,women and partying.‟ 
 „What do you mean?‟ Tom asked sinking back his whiskey and
pouring another.
 „We‟ve been together for ten years now,‟ replied Nick. „With my half 
of the money I have bought this beautiful house overlooking the seaand I have a few thousand invested in shares and savings. Whileyou are stuck in a small boarding house, three months behind withyour rent and not a penny put aside. The barman of your local is
richer than you.‟ 
 Tom just glared
 „It‟s my money and I‟ll spend it as I see fit.‟ 
 Nick turns to Jean and asks to be left alone with Tom for a fewmoments. She agrees and goes into the kitchen to do here ironing.
 „Tom.‟ Nick said thoughtfully. „I‟m going to be straight with you. Iwant to dissolve the partnership.‟ 
 Tom gazes at Nick with a shocked look and nearly chokes on his
whiskey. „Why?‟ 
 „You are an embarrassment to me.‟ Nick explained. „You‟re always
drunk. When we go to film premiers you are always propping up thebar, getting drunk and starting fights. Every time we go out youcause trouble. We lost the deal with that producer because you said
his wife looked like a baboon.‟ 
 „Well she did!!‟ replied Tom.
 „And fancy telling tha
t actor who came to audition that he looked
like a limp wristed Nancy Boy. You hurt his feelings.‟ 
Tom shook his head. „So what are you saying to me Nick?‟ 
 „I‟m saying either you stop drinking and improve your attitude or..‟ Nick paused, „this partnership is over.‟ 
 „But I don‟t have a drink problem.‟ Tom said. „I drink, I get drunk
and fall over. You see
no problem.‟ Tom laughs.
 „I‟m being serious Tom.‟ Nick glared at him. „I‟m better off writingon my own.‟ 
 Tom walked towards Nick holding his glass and started pleading
with him. „You can‟t do this. I need you. I can‟t do anything else. Mytalent is thinking up good ideas for plays and films. Look, how‟s this
for an idea. Two friends right. One is blackmailing the other so (he
takes a long swig from his glass) the other hatches a plot to killhim. This man is an expert mountaineer. He leads the blackmaileron a mountaineering holiday. While on the Alps he loses him andalerts the police. Because the mountain is so high and cold andbecause of the snow the police take days to find him. By the timethey find him he has died from the cold.
 „Interesting idea.‟ exclaimed Nick. „But it has some faults.‟ 
 „We can iron out the faults later.‟ Said Tom. „The fact is it‟s a gem of an idea and it‟s mine. The perfect murd
er. So you see, you need
 „I need someone who can control his drinking.‟ Said Nick. „That isn‟tyou my friend. Looks like I have no option. You won‟t change yourways so there is no way we can work together. I‟ve made up my
mind. We will finish this play together then we go our separateways ok. Look, the money we make from this play will help you sort
yourself out. It will pay your rent and you can always get a job.‟ 
 „But this is my job.‟ Moaned Tom.
 „Not any more I‟m afraid Tom.‟ Said Nick.
 Tom looked upset as he sat down on the couch and tried to take inwhat Nick had said to him. After a moment of thought he decidedhe had an ace up his sleeve.
 „Maybe this will change your mind. Ten years ago when you were an
accountant, you swindled the bank out of £10.000.
 „What!!!‟ shouted Nick? „ That‟s rubbish.‟ 
 „No it isn‟t.‟ Tom shouted back. „I have proof. An old friend of yours
spilled the beans when you did the dirty on him. I have documentsfrom him that prove you stole that money. They show payments of £50
0 a time going straight into your bank account.‟ He hands Nick abrown envelope. „Here, take a look at this. You can keep them if 
you want. They are only copies. The real ones are stashed away in
a safe place.‟ 
 Nick studied the documents for a moment and realised that Tom isnot bluffing. If this got out he would be jailed for sure. He had littlechoice but to agree to keep the partnership together and Tomcelebrated with yet another drink.

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