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Gov. Paul LePage Fundraising Email

Gov. Paul LePage Fundraising Email

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Published by gerald7783
Gov. Paul LePage Fundraising Email
Gov. Paul LePage Fundraising Email

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Published by: gerald7783 on Jan 17, 2014
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There are two bits of news we want to share with you.First, campaign finance reports were filed in the last 24 hours detailing what Michael Michaud, Eliot Cutler and our campaign spent over the last few months. Those campaign reports reveal that Michael Michaud and Eliot Cutler have spent a combined nearly !,""","""."" to defeat #overnor $e%age. That&s right, they spent nearly one million dollars in 'ust the last few months( Michael Michaud&s campaign is indicative of his governing style) Michaud has voted for budget after budget that ballooned the federal deficit, raised ta*es and placed the financial future of our children in 'eopardy. +n the same period, the $e%age campaign spent 'ust !4,""" - despite the costs of starting a campaign. These campaign reports reveal the candidate&s priorities) Michael Michaud puts politics and big spending before the people, and %aul $e%age prefers a larger return on the dollar for Maine citiens./econd, 'ust this wee0 news bro0e that the secretive Maine %eople&s 1lliance, which hides its donors, had a staff member arrested for stealing money from a women&s purse when she stopped by the woman&s door see0ing political support for their agenda.ou may have seen this news story in your local paper. The Maine %eople&s 1lliance has spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to defeat %aul $e%age and then defeat his common3sense agenda after he was elected. They bus people in for anti3$e%age policy rallies at the /tate Capitol and e*pend resources sending people door to door to attac0 the #overnor.
The Maine People's Alliance, which had a staff member arrested for stealing money from a woman’s purse, has endorsed Michael Michaud and he accepted their endorsement. This is what we are up against as the Governor sees re!election.
e face millions upon millions of campaign spending from Michael Michaud and Eliot Cutler. +f they have already spent !,""","""."" in 'ust the last few months, we can only guess how much they are willing to spend.e face liberal organiations who employ unscrupulous people who will stop at nothing to defeat %aul $e%age as they spend money to promote Michael Michaud.

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