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Running on Empty - Pilot Script

Running on Empty - Pilot Script

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Published by somoskin932360

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Published by: somoskin932360 on Sep 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Running on Empty 
Episode 1Pilot ScriptByJulie Somoski
Running on EmptyPilot ScriptOPENING SCENEFADE IN:INT. KAYNOR HOUSE – UPPER LEVEL – MORNINGJULIE KAYNOR is in her mid 30s. She’s a wife, mother, andhomemaker at the moment, currently searching for her new life.At the moment, she’s finding it hard to talk to her husbandwhile trying to become independent of him.DAVID KAYNOR is in his mid 30s. He’s a husband and father,current working as an editorialist for a local newspaper. He’sconfused about his feelings, but still feels as if he should beclose to Julie.SAM and NATE KAYLOR are 9 and 11 years old. They’re the songs ofJulie and David and are very mischievous. Both are confused bytheir parents’ separation.(The scene opens with the song “Running on Empty” and beginswith JULIE in bed as her alarm clock goes off. She hits it, getsout of bed, and walks over to her closet. The scene switches toDAVID hitting his alarm clock but remaining in bed. The sceneswitches back to JULIE, who’s in her closet picking out outfitsto wear. The scene switches over to DAVID, who’s putting on atie and looking into a mirror. He pauses for a few seconds, towhich the scene turns once again to JULIE, who’s fixing her hairand also looking into a mirror.The camera then turns to DAVID walking down the hallway. Hepasses JULIE’s bedroom door, to which he stops and looks in onher. JULIE, not knowing DAVID is there, is sitting on the edgeof her bed looking out the window with a thoughtful look on herface. “Running on Empty” gets softer and fades into background.)DAVIDGood morning.JULIE(Slightly jumps up and turns around, only to look back out thewindow.) Morning.DAVIDAre you alright?
JULIE(Short pause, turns around) Why wouldn’t I be?(JULIE turns back around and gets up. DAVID stares at her.)JULIE(Talking in a slightly higher pitch) Well, breakfast isn’t goingto make itself.(JULIE then walks past DAVID and begins walking downstairs. DAVIDfollows her. “Running on Empty” plays louder again.JULIE stops at the stairs to open up the living room blinds.DAVID goes outside to retrieve the newspaper. SAM and NATHAN aresitting at the kitchen table pounding their fists.)JULIEStop hitting the table. Breakfast is coming. (She turns on theradio to “Picking up the Pieces” and then continues to makebreakfast and put on a pot of coffee.)DAVID(Sits down at the table with the newspaper. He opens is up as ifto read, but then puts it down) So how’s school going boys?SAMGood.NATEFine.DAVIDAnything interesting happening?SAMDad, nothing interesting ever happens at school.NATEDad, you can read your newspaper. It’s okay.DAVIDJulie, can you get me a cup of coffee?(Julie ignores him and stares down at the pan.)

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