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Summary of Banner Stm Aug-Dec 2013-7

Summary of Banner Stm Aug-Dec 2013-7

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Published by chthunderstorm1863
Summary of Banner
Summary of Banner

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Published by: chthunderstorm1863 on Jan 17, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Summary of the Development of the Banner Statement Aug-Dec 2013 The Banner Statement began in August with the Public Ed
 message of the Doberman Good Citizen. When Julie Stade appointed Tiffany Brizendine to be the Service Dog Committee Liaison to Public Ed, we added the DPCA President's and the Service Dog Committee
 message inspired from the DPCA Centennial: The Doberman Pinscher American Hero and Good Citizen We envisioned that message displayed with the black and white war dog photos, SAR and various therapy  photos, and other Good Citizen activities. In his Sep
tember Chairman’s Report
, AKC's Alan Kalter came out with what was, to us, a call to arms in defense of the purebred and inspired the addition of a word to celebrate the reason why the Doberman was developed. What distinguishes our purebred from others as well as mixed breeds? Why would someone want to bring a Doberman into their family instead of giving a forever home to a dog in a shelter? We looked at the Standard, searched the DPCA and AKC sites, did online searches for synonyms and identified the best descriptors to be Guardian and Protector. A majority of Public Ed members and Liaisons preferred Guardian, although there was strong support for Protector as well. Bonnie Bailey said she would include this in her presentation to the Board at Nationals and
ask members who visited the Committees’
 joint booth. At Nationals, Bonnie presented the Public Ed projects to the Board. (Please see Slide 6 from the
Public Ed Presentation to the Board
 on the DPCA Site in the Members Only Area, bottom section of the webpage.) She told them about the background of each descriptor,
 American Hero from Service Dog Committee, Good Citizen from Public Ed, and the recent addition of a descriptor to celebrate why the Doberman was bred
 based on AKC Alan Kalter’s recent call to arms in
 defense of purebreds. She reported the majority of Committee Members and Liaisons preferred Guardian, but there was also strong support for Protector, so we were now seeking votes from members at the booth and welcomed Board input. No Board member offered input or asked questions regarding the Banner Statement during her ~50min presentation of Public Ed projects or afterwards. At the Nationals booth, a 3ft by 6ft banner that looked like what is shown on Presentation slide 6 was posted in the back of the booth with a blank for descriptor for why the Doberman was developed. Under the blank was
“Defender, Guardian,
Protector, or
 _____ Other?”
. Bonnie gave three sticky dots to members who came by the booth and asked them to vote using their dots anyway they wanted. By a wide margin, Guardian was favored. No one liked Defender and no one had other suggestions. Approximately 15-20 members voted and that same number came by and talked about it but did not dot-vote. The same perception split experienced by the Committees was demonstrated by DPCA members who visited the booth. Everyone agreed a word to celebrate the reason why the Doberman was developed should be added. However, some people envisioned a positive, nurturing image of the Doberman when
they heard the word “Guardian” and some felt the same way when then heard the word “Protector”. The
takeaway lesson from the booth experience at Nationals was - THERE IS NO PERFECT WORD. We resolved to pair the selected word with a picture to adjust everyone's mental picture to match the intended meaning, visually overriding any misperceptions of either Guardian or Protector. When Public Ed was tasked with developing the time sensitive Eukanuba Ad, we had to make a decision  between Guardian and Protector. What tipped the decision in favor of Guardian was the title of the recently revealed War Dog Memorial at Lackland AFB, "Guardians of Freedom". Guardian is also used in

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