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Fabianism and Globalist Socialism - Leslie Fry

Fabianism and Globalist Socialism - Leslie Fry

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Published by onderkoffer2014
Fabianism and Globalist Socialism - Leslie Fry
Fabianism and Globalist Socialism - Leslie Fry

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Published by: onderkoffer2014 on Jan 18, 2014
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3.1 Fabianism
Leslie FryWaters Flowing Eastward
 The preceding chapters have been devoted to a study of the Jewish worldorganization, its historical background, its branches, its aims and the methods whereby they are obtained. If the reader has followed the thread thus farpatiently and objectively, his mind has doubtless grasped, not only thehistorical facts and specific Jewish plans for the immediate future, but alsosomething of Jewish character and psychology in general. A full knowledge of the latter—which can be gained only through personal experience—is thegreatest safeguard against Jewish snares and pitfalls of everyday life.In the following pages will be found the names of men and women prominentin political, economic and social circles who, lured by the tempting bait, have become enmeshed in Jewish intrigue. To all the world they appear to play anindependent role; but in reality they are merely puppets whose every move is worked by strings from behind the scene.lThe close observer will discover, slavishly serving the Jewish cause under themask of benevolence, democracy or liberalism, bishops, archbishops, primeministers and national presidents, government officials of every rank andleading representatives of all other professions (lawyers, economists, scientistsand the rest). He will recognize them at once as traitors who have soldthemselves and their country for their own personal advantage." Every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrificethe welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare."2 But thesetraitors, when the great day comes, like their counterparts in the French andin the recent Russian revolutions, will pay the price of treason with theirheads.3Not less useful to the Jewish cause than those holding official positions, arethe rich scions of socially prominent families: their wealth and their prestigeare the " force and make-believe " of the Jewish countersign.* A rich youngBostonian, Garland, gave millions of dollars to the foundation which bears hisname, and appointed as one of its trustees the notorious " red ", William
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Zebulon Foster." Foster told them that the Garland Foundation could be depended upon whenever anyone got into trouble because of radical political opinions. Severalof the organizers of the Communist party and of its ' legal' political branch, the Workers' party, were promised regular monthly salaries by Foster, to be paidfrom the Garland Foundation " Another example is the Philadelphian, William Curtis Bok, who, on the deathof his grandfather, Cyrus H. K. Curtis, in 1933, inherited6 a major interest inthe huge Curtis Publishing Company, comprising The Ladies Home Journal,Good Housekeeping, The Philadelphia Public Ledger, The New York EveningPost and other journals.7 Bok, now 35, on his return from Soviet Russia,founded a new group to facilitate Bolshevik propaganda in America: " Therecame into being in Philadelphia last week (July, 1933) a new investigatingagency sponsored by the American Foundation. It was called The Committeeon Russian-American Relations and its membership included such potentfigures as the Morgan partner, Thomas W. Lamont, whose son Corliss is a nearCommunist; the Harvard economist Frank W. Taussig;8 the lawyer Paul D.Cravath,9 a Russian recognitionist; James D. Mooney, President of GeneralMotors Export Co.; Dean Roscoe Pound, of Harvard Law School, a Liberal of the first water; Hugh L. Cooper, the engineer who built the Dnieprostry Damfor the U.S.S.R. Modestly buried away in the middle of the committee list wasthe name of its Chairman and sponsor— Curtis Bok."10 Many more examplesof rich people of good families, such as Mrs. Elmhirst (nee Dorothy Whitney),Lady Astor, the Dowager Countess of Warwick, come to mind, but space doesnot allow mention of all here, nor of a discussion of how and why each wasinveigled into the Jewish net and into the base r61e of patron and purveyor tocriminals.Suffice it to say that, in general, these people " thirst for the emotion of successand applause, of which we (the Jews) are remarkably generous. And thereason why we give them this success is to make use of their high conceit of themselves, to which it gives birth. For that insensibly disposes them toassimilate our suggestions without being on their guard against them, in thefullness of their confidence that it is their own infallibility which is givingutterance to their own thoughts, and that it is impossible for them to borrow those of others... You cannot imagine to what extent the wisest of the goyimcan be brought to a state of unconscious naivete in the presence of this highconceit of themselves; and at the same time how easy it is to take the heart outof them by the slightest ill-success, though it be nothing more than silencingthe applause they enjoyed, and reducing them to slavish submission for thesake of winning a renewal of success."11Much has already been written about Bolshevism being led by Jews;12 thesame applies to it in Mexico, China and Spain, where the systematic violenceand terrorism, oft alluded to in the Protocols as Jewish means of exercisingpower, have had full play. War is now waged against civilization in Europe and
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the United States, but it assumes another aspect. The ascent of the Jew topower in those countries is made on the ladder of Fabianism, of whichSocialism, Marxism, Communism, Bolshevism and Internationalism are thechief rungs.The definition and aims of Fabianism are given by the Fabians themselves asfollows:Basis of the Fabian Society The Fabian Society consists of Socialists.It therefore aims at the reorganization of Society by the emancipation of Landand Industrial Capital from individual ownership and the vesting of them inthe community for the general benefit. In this way only can the natural andacquired advantages of the country be equitably shared by the whole people.The Society accordingly works for the extinction of private property in land, with equitable consideration of established expectations, and due provision asto the tenure of the home and homestead: for the transfer to the community, by constitutional methods, of all such industries as can be conducted socially:and for the establishment, as the governing consideration in the regulation of production, distribution and service, of the common good instead of privateprofit.The Society is a constituent of the Labour Party and of the InternationalSocialist Congress: but it takes part freely in all constitutional movements,social, economic and political, which can be guided towards its own objects. Itsdirect business is: (a) the propaganda of Socialism in its application to currentproblems; (b) investigation and discovery in social, industrial, political andeconomic relations; (c) the working out of Socialist principles in legislationand administrative reconstruction; (d) the publication of the results of itsinvestigations and their practical lessons.The Society, believing in equal citizenship of men and women in the fullestsense, is open to persons irrespective of sex, race or creed, who committhemselves to its aims and purposes as stated above and undertake to promoteits work.The Society took the name of Fabian from the policy of temporizing itadopted, claiming to imitate that of the Roman dictator, Fabius Cunctator,during his fight against Hannibal, whom he eventually defeated at Tarentum,215 B. C.Frank Podmore, well-known spiritualist and occultist, one of the founders of the Fabian Society, is quoted as saying to one of its earliest members:—"Forthe right moment, you must wait, as Fabius did most patiently, when warringagainst Hannibal, though many censured his delays, but when the time comes,
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