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Published by Cheri Ho

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Published by: Cheri Ho on Jan 19, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There should be a consensus between the participant and his/her employer concerning the objectives of joining the programme. For this reason, we kindly ask you to jointly formulate your objectives
Candidate profile
Please fill in the form digitally in English and return as a pdf documentPlease attach a copy of your passportPlease attach a photo of yourself as a jpeg fileIf your enterprise has a (digital) company brochure, please attach
Last name: Patronymic name:
First name(s): Gender:male femaleDate of birth:
Home address: Zip/postal code:
Place of residence:
Contry of citi!enship:
Cell phone:
Home and/or contact telephone:
Office telephone:
"#mail address:
Company name:
$ebsite company:
Crrent 'ob title:
eportin to:
Ho* many direct reports:
+otal amont of sbordinates to manae:
,ears of employment *ithin the company:
Description of professional responsibilities and dties:
Personal goals
-re yo a&ailable drin the follo*in periods. First *eetraininssia: ,es0o+rainin/internship +he 0etherlands: ,es0oProfile of the Dtch host company yor enterprise is interested in establishin contacts *ith: 1f yor enterprise has established bsiness lins / contact *ith a Dtch company *hich is ready to host yo as a candidate2 please indicate: $hat type of internship assinment has yor preference. $hat are yor main personal ob'ecti&es drin the internship. Formlate *hat yo *old lie to learn drin the internship in the 0etherlands: Ho* *ill yor company benefit from the president3s Proramme. Formlate *hat yo can offer a Dtch host company drin and after the internship in +he 0etherlands: "4plain ho* yor personal de&elopment oals and yor career path correspond to the de&elopment oals of yor company: Do yo already ha&e the commitment of yor C"O for sch pro'ects/actions. (Please tic the appropriate bo4): ,es 0o
Work experience (please start with your most recent job):CompanyPositionDate startDate endDuties (in short)
ducation (please start with your most recent degree!professional "ualifications):
#ame of $ni%ersity or College& 'ddressDepartmentear of  'dmissionear of raduationDegree!# 
*raining programmes& including training in a foreign country:#ame of institution#ame of programmeear +ength of  programmeCertificate !# 
Have you followed (a part of this training programme before! "f yes, which programme, what month/year#
,oreign language proficiency:
,oreign +anguage-other tongue.asic/ntermediate,luen
Place Date %inatre candidate

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