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Published by pam911
Christians are pre-occupied today with a doctrine which is called "generational curses." Yet they are overlooking the words of Jesus "Come out of Her, Lest Ye Receive of Her Plagues." Who is "Her." The author believes that Jesus was referring to the organized church system.
Christians are pre-occupied today with a doctrine which is called "generational curses." Yet they are overlooking the words of Jesus "Come out of Her, Lest Ye Receive of Her Plagues." Who is "Her." The author believes that Jesus was referring to the organized church system.

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Published by: pam911 on Sep 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHAPTER 10 THE PLAGUES OF IDOLATRYAs both the traditional and the charismatic church seek large crowds as itssource of ministerial validation, many have been deceived into believing thatoverflowing pews is evidence or confirmation that the Lord is in the mix. Thetruth is that sheep who follow crowds have various motives, the most significantreason being a desire to be in "the in crowd." This is the grand deception thatkeeps the elect committed to a dead work. People who judge success by numbers ofpeople assembled in a beautiful sanctuary is a false sign to them that "this MUSTbe the Lord. Yet facts prove that man has the brain power to do many greatthings. The unsaved world proves this. If an unsaved superstar can fill astadium with thousands, so can a mega preacher. An egocentric generation, most church goers don't seem to realize that Satan hashad a seat in the church practically from its inception 20 centuries ago. Satan'soverall strategy over time has been to release the angels that serve him togradually yet perpetually tomove church doctrine and practices away from the crossand an understanding of repentance, rebirth, righteousness, and resurrection.Rejecting holiness, the church community in this nation and in several others arebeing entertained with singers, dancers, comedians and choirs to draw and keepthe people comforted and satisfied. The crowd today reject a hard word. They'drather watch a Tyler Perry movie.In our very hour, churchgoers who run around claiming that they are blessed arein the hands of the devil even more than the un-churched heathen. Even if thechurch is salvageable, some of the problems are so deeply entrenched within theoverall religious system that it would need a total renovation from inside out.I tried to do so myself, but it didn't work. When I started a church in 1996, Iwas still in the Denomination.. Yet once out on my own, I realized that the"church" model was not working at my church either.So I thought things would work better if I revamped things. For example, Istopped a passive bible study where I did all the work and the people just sitthere in front of me. I used to do four bible studies a week, two in the morningand two at night. Even those in faithful attendance came to each bible studymerely out of ritual and tradition. So I started requiring each member to do anindependent study based upon the message that they heard the previous Sunday. Iasked them to prepare what they had learned and "tell ME about it". They wereassigned to prepare questions based upon what they did not understand in theteaching. The response of the members was lukewarm, to say the least. After trialand much error, it finally became clear to me that no one really wanted toactually study the word of God for themselves. There goal was simply to befound in church. No one prepared anything. In fact, they appeared confused andannoyed and by their utter passivity, refused to study the bible on their own.They were used to being spoon fed and they would have bible study no other way.The problem is that in spite of all of the various denominations, branches andsects, the organized church is inter-connected and one church really cannot beseparated from another. When one suffers, they all suffer. As the founder andpastor of a church , experientially I know this to be a fact. Church is church,however you slice it. Even when it appears to be working, a close examination willfind the same endemic problems from church to church, pastor to pastor, member to
member. The foundation is basically the same and that foundation is not the trueSon of God. The foundation is actually the organization itself.It seems as if Christian television has tried to compensate for whatis missing in the organized church. Unfortunately, in the world's system ofmedia communication, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is not feasible becauseratings are based upon program diversity. For this and other reasons, mega TVpreachers are prone to add to or take away from the pure and simple gospel. Onboth radio and television, Jesus crucified, buried and raised doesn't play well.For example, Joyce Meyer primarily teaches Christians and rarely does she preach asalvation message. Consequently, she has untold people who watch her, love herdown to earth, practical focus on the joy of living, yet I have heard of too manyhomosexual couples say that they love to sit and listen to Joyce together. Churchon TV just don't convert and convict of sin.It bares repeating that according to the prophet Daniel, God will allow His peopleto be deceived for a season in the last days so that they may be tried andrefined. (Daniel 11:35). In fact, Daniel predicted that the enemy will evenprevail. (7:21). Therefore it stands to reason that to measure whether or not awork is from God or Satan's fallen angels based upon various criteria of successor failure according to church standards is a major mistake. Certainly thedenomination looks down its nose at me, not realizing that my failures with theorganized church were divinely designed to refine and purify me for "such a timeas this."After decades of refinement, I have come to understand over time that the worst ofall the plagues of the organized church is for faithful churchgoers to assume thatthey are on the narrow path that leads to eternal life, never to discover in thislife that they were actually on the broad way that leads to damnation. It's ashocking reality to discover that faithful church attendance may have even openedthem up to curses and not to the blessings that they either seek or assume thatthey have by legal right. For to presumptuously take for granted ones salvationis very dangerous, to say the least. It's a horrible thing to believe that youare safe, when the reality is that you are not safe. It's beyond my imaginationto consider the ramifications of thinking you in the secret place of the MostHigh when you are in the lion's den without any help. It's the worst kind ofplague. It is ironic to note that the very conditions conducive to the pervasive emergenceof the plagues of the organized church thrive in Her ability to weaken, distort,misapply and discard Her primary reason for existing, namely, the revelation ofboth the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Lord's words to thefirst church age in His letter to the church at Ephesus speaks volumes in ourtime. She has lost Her first love and in this generation, she is neither sorrynor ashamed. Just as the Apostle Paul described in his letter to Timothy, men andwomen of the cloth, inspired by fallen angels who teach, speak lies as if theywere truths and they have no conscience. Subsequently, the plagues are spread byteachers who use scriptures out of context and those who allow denominationaltraditions to override scripture and make powerless the word of God.Paul also warned the Galatians that anyone who adds to or detracts from the wordof God brings a curse or in other words, "a plague" on both the culprits and the
victims they teach. To the Galatians, Paul declared it this way, "if any manpreach any other gospel, other than what I have preached, let him be cursed."(Galatians Ch.1:9) Two thousand years have passed since Paul's rather seriousproclamation. I am not an historian, but I would imagine that any church orreligion professing to be Christian that either subtracts or adds to the gospel ofJesus Christ has reaped the fruit of this curse, from one generation to another.Today, there are countless people who are being oppressed and tormented by demonsbecause they are preaching "another gospel." Even though I was taught by mega preachers oppressed by seducing spirits, I amamazed to find that I have never taught any doctrine that added to or detractedfrom the bible. I may have momentarily considered or even practiced a mixeddoctrine myself. However, by the grace of God, I didn't teach it to others. Forexample, I was a faithful tither but I DID not insist that my members tithed nordid I urge them to give offerings and expect to receive a 100 fold blessing." Ibelieved in healing but I didn't teach that God ALWAYS heals. I spoke in tonguesfor more than two decades, but I didn't teach others that they must also speak intongues. I fell slain in the spirit, even operated in that practice, yet Istopped laying my hands on people's foreheads as soon as I became suspicious ofthe manifestation. If you have not yet gleaned in the preceding chapters my reason for selfdisclosure, bluntly put, in the likeness of the prophet Joel, I am blowing thetrumpet and sounding the alarm in what I believe to be very close to the last ofthe last days. I stand in a unique place because I could not blow the trumpet orsound the alarm while still a part of Zion myself. I am akin to a whistlebloweror a defector from the ordained clergy, bellowing quite loudly with an urgent cryto churchgoers to "COME OUT OF HER, LEST YE RECEIVE OF HER PLAGUES." To theunchurched, I simply say, "STAY OUT OF HER." A benefit of longevity is the ability to look back at the past with new insightSthat were out of reach in days gone by. For example, when I consider my youth,undoubtedly I escaped the plagues that lurked in both the spiritual and thenatural alleys of inner city life. Sin, destruction and death set its deadlytraps, yet without the shelter of religion or the protection of the organizedchurch, I survived the ghetto unscathed. Even the allure, domination and controlof new age occultism couldn't keep me bound once the cross and the resurrectionturned me into a new creation. My three years in the occult were very dangerous.To say the least, the poltergeist occurrences alone could have plagued me with alifetime of mental illness. And let's not forget the manifestation of a being whoresembled the fallen angel who calls himself "St. Germain" was enough to takeanyone "over the edge." Not even seeking after God or the church, the Holy Ghoststill sought me out. Not only did I escape occultism, I became born again. Yet the biggest shock to both myself and Satan is that I was able to escape theorganized church. By now, the perceptive reader has come to realize that fallenangels have fought long and hard for 25 years, to obtain jjust enough ground in meto keep me perpetually deceived. With every little bit of counterfeit guidance,manifestations of various chills and thrills to my body, whispers in my itchingears ever so softly, the religious demon thought that he had firmly secured his

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