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800 GS Questions Download FREE | Govtjobbers.com

800 GS Questions Download FREE | Govtjobbers.com

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Published by Gunjan
800 GS Questions Download FREE | Govtjobbers.com
800 GS Questions Download FREE | Govtjobbers.com

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Published by: Gunjan on Jan 20, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Practice Set 1
Q. How many island of India are located inthe Bay of Bengal ? (A) 210 (B) 205 (C)204 (D) 209 Show AnswerQ.
 प काश 
 प    ु तक 
 ले ख  क 
 रिवद नाथ 
 टै गोर 
 जयदे व 
 Show AnswerQ. The primary purpose of software is toturn data into __________  _  (A) Web site(B) information (C) program (D) objectShow AnswerQ. Which is the highest heavy industry in terms iof investement (A) Iron (B) Coal (C)Ptrolium (D) Gais Show Answer Q. Mahatma Gandhi Setu is on the river (A) Godavari (B) Brahmaputra (C) Sutlej (D)Ganga Show Answer
GS Questions
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Q.1 Decibel is the unit of : (A) Speed of light (B) intensity of sound (C) intensity of heat (D) None of theseQ.2 Depreciation means (A) closure of a plant due to lock out (B) closure of a plant due to labour trouble (C) loss of equipment over time due to wearand tear (D) destruction of a plant in a fire accidentQ.3 Who was the first Prime Minister in the world? (A) Indira Gandhi (B)Golda Meir (C) Margaret Thatcher (D) Shrimavo BandaranaikeQ.4 Kalinga Award is given for (A) peace promotion (B) popularisation of science (C) creation of understanding among diffrent communities (D)exploration of outer spaceQ.5 A set of instruction is called (A) Program (B) Programmer (C)Programming (D) None of theseQ.6 What is Soniya Gandhi's rank in World most powerful women (A) 7 (B) 6 (C) 5 (D) 8Q.7 What Benjamin Franklin invented? (A) Bifocal spectacles (B) Radio (C)Barometer (D) HygrometerQ.8 The Rath Yatra at Puri is celebrated in honour of which Hindu deity (A)Ram (B) Jaganath (C) Shiva (D) VishnuQ.9 SCSI is a term related with? (A) Storage (B) Network Data Transfer (C)Keystroke Rate (D) Picture resolutionQ.10 A disk's content that is recorded at the time of manufacture and thatcannot be changed or erased by the user is (A) Memory-only (B) Write-only(C) Once-only (D) Read-onlyQ.11 The most suitable unit for expressing nuclear radius is (A) micron (B)nanometre (C) fermi (D) angstromQ.12 A racig car is designed to have a broad base and low height such thatits centre of gracity is (A) vey low (B) in the middle (C) raised (D) outsidethe carQ.13 Which former Austrilian cricketer has been inducted ito theinternational Cricket council Hall of Fame? (A) Smith (B) Clark (C) GlennMcGrath (D) WarnerQ.14 Robert Koch worked on (A) Tuberculosis (B) Cholera (C) Malaria (D)DiabetesQ.15 It will be true to classify India as : (A) A food-deficit economy (B) Alabour-surplus economy (C) A teade-surplus economy (D) A capital-surpluseconomyQ.16 The first metal used by Man was (A) Iron (B) Copper (C) Alumunium(D) GoldQ.17 The capital was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in (A) 1910 (B) 1912(C) 1911 (D) 1913
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► General Knowlege Quiz► India Radio► RBI India
► 2012 India Economy► Job in Kolkata► Patna Bihar 
Q.18 Gypsum is used in the case of soils which are (A) Saline (B) Alkaline(C) Water-logged (D) ClayedQ.19 Who is the 10th cricket player who score 10 thousands run in ODI (A)R.Ponting (B) M.Jayawardhena (C) K.Sangakara (D) V.SehwagQ.20 Who has been appointed as the Managing Director and Chief Executiveof Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), on November 2, 2012? (A) AshishkumarChauhan (B) Saurabh Sarkar (C) S. G. Raval (D) A N JoshiQ.21
 उपरा पित 
 पद    े न 
 ह    ै
 - (A)
Q.22 Who designed Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi (A) Le Carbousier (B)Edwin Lutyens (C) Francisco Borromini (D) E.D.StoneQ.23 National Income is based on the : (A) total revenue of the State (B)production of goods and services (C) net profit earned and expendituremade by the state (D) the sum of all factions of incomeQ.24 In the Federation under the Act of 1935 residuary powers were givento the : (A) Governor General (B) Federal Legislature (C) ProvincialLegislature (D) Provincial GovernorQ.25 President of India pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the (A) 125th (B)128th (C) 126th (D) 135thQ.26 Which of the following vedas are oldest (A) Samveda (B) Yajurveda(C) Atharvaveda (D) RigvedaQ.27 Which of the following are advantages of CD-ROM as a storage media? (A) CD-ROM is an inexpensive way to store large amount of data andinformation (B) CD-ROM disks retrieve data and information more quicklythan (C) CD-ROMs make less errors than magnetic media (D) All of theaboveQ.28 Computers use the number system to store data and performcalculations. (A) Hexadecimal (B) Octal (C) Binary (D) DecimalQ.29 "Give me blood, I will give you freedom." These Words are attributedto (A) Khudiram Bose (B) Bhagat Singh (C) Subhash Chandre Bose (D)Veer SavarkarQ.30 The office of the UN General Assembly is in (A) Vienna (B) New York(C) Paris (D) ZurichQ.31
 ट  ीट 
? (A)
 म    ु बई 
 लं दन 
 य   ू याक
Q.32 The first Defence Minister of India was (A) K M Cariappa (B) MehmudAli (C) Vikram Sarabhi (D) Baldev SinghQ.33 Ecology deals with (A) Birds (B) Cell formation (C) Relation betweenOrganisms and their environment (D) TissuesQ.34 What is the principle by which a cooling system in a motor car works?(A) conduction (B) convection (C) Radiation only (D) both conduction andradiationQ.35 The velocity of light was first measured by (A) Einstein (B) Newton(C) Romer (D) GalileoQ.36 The Unitary System of Government possesses which of the followingadvantages ? (A) Strong State (B) Greater adaptability (C) Greaterparticipation by the people (D) Lesser chances of authoritarianismQ.37 In which decade was the American Institute of Electrical Engineers(AIEE) founded? (A) 1850s (B) 1880s (C) 1930s (D) 1950sQ.38 Which of the following is not the way of measuring customersatisfaction ? (A) Periodic survey (B) Customer Loss rate (C) MystryShopper Buyer (D) Investigating customer IncomeQ.39 National Rural Development organisation is situated in which city (A)Kolkata (B) Hydrbad (C) New Delhi (D) DehradunQ.40 Sudden decrease of birth rate would cause (A) Increase in investment(B) increase in saving (C) increase in per capita income (D) increase inproductionQ.41 which part of the sun is visible during a total solar eclipse? (A)Photoshphere (B) Chromosphere (C) Corona (D) No part of the sunQ.42 Which of the computer is first generation computer (A) IBM 701 (B)IBM 1410 (C) IBM 2835 (D) ICL 2900
Q.43  ________________ is/are Auxillary storage device. (A) HDD (B) CD(C) CVD (D) ALLQ.44 Hygrometer is used to measure (A) Specific Gravity (B) Density of Milk(C) High Tempreture (D) Relative humidityQ.45 Essay on the Principles of population was written by (A) Adam Smith(B) Malthus (C) herbert Spencer (D) hebert A. SimonQ.46 After kalinda war Ashoka (A) Became a Buddhist (B) Went on toconquer other places (C) Realise that he was not strong enough to rule as aking (D) All are correctQ.47 The council of Minister is collectively responsible to the (A) Parliament(B) Lok Sabha (C) Rajya Sabha (D) Prime MinisterQ.48 By which one of the following an old written material ehich can not beread easily can be read ? (A) Gama - Rays (B) X - Rays (C) IR - Rays (D)Radio frequency wavesQ.49 Official language of the Indian Union is (A) Hindi in Devanagari script(B) Hindi and English (C) English (D) Hindi , English and UrduQ.50 What is the full form of NBFC? (A) New Banking and FinancialCompanies (B) Non-Banking Financial Crises (C) Non Banking FinancialCompany (D) New Banks and Financial CrisesQ.51 In MS Excel formula starts from (A) + (B) = (C) * (D) %Q.52 Katrina is the Name of (A) Hurricane (B) Tsunami (C) Cyclone (D)NoneQ.53 Bacteria helpful in making curd from milk - (A) Mycobacterium (B)Staphlio Coccus (C) Lacto bacillus (D) YeastQ.54 Which Indian Movie is selected for Oscar ? (A) Pan Singh Tomar (B)Barfi (C) Gangs of Vasepur (D) None of TheseQ.55 .-------------------- can store a very large amount of data (A) Floppy(B) CD (C) DVD (D) Hard DiskQ.56 What is MCX-SX (A) A Star (B) A Petrolium Organisation (C) AInternational Bank (D) Stock ExchangeQ.57 What occurs earthquakes? (A) Occurrence of underground water (B)Volcanic eruptions (C) Occurence of craks and fissures in rocks (D) Nodefinite cause has been ascertainedQ.58 The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)is located at which of the following places? (A) Geneva (B) Rome (C) Paris(D) ViennaQ.59 who was the first president of congress? (A) Annie Besant (B)Vijaylakshmi pandit (C) Sarojini Naidu (D) Aruna Asif AliQ.60 Who assumed the title Muhammadbin Tuglak and became the ruler of Delhi in 1325 A.D ? (A) Juna Khan (B) Nasiruddin Shah (C) Chengiz Khan(D) IltutmishQ.61 The cultivation of which crop require water-logging? (A) Cotton (B)Rice (C) Tea (D) OilseedsQ.62
 संग ह 
? (A)
 ग    ु  
 ग थ 
 कोई  नह 
Q.63 Duncan Pass is between (A) Andaman and Nicobar (B) North Andamanand South Andaman (C) North and East Andamans (D) India and Sri LankaQ.64 Permanent Secretariat to coordinate the implementation of SAARCprogramme is located at (A) Dhaka (B) New Delhi (C) Colombo (D)KathmanduQ.65 Who presented india in the World Congress of Religins at Chicago in1893? (A) Dadabhai Naoroji (B) Swami Dyananad (C) Swami Vivekanand(D) Ramakrishna ParamhansQ.66 What is the SI unit of Pressure - (A) Dyne (B) Newton (C) Jule (D)PascalQ.67 Keyboard is introduced in which generation (A) 2 nd (B) 3rd (C) 4 th(D) 5 thQ.68 Which of the following is the correct channel of distribution ? A

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