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Betrayal by Ron Mcvan

Betrayal by Ron Mcvan

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Published by Frater WothanAzazel
Betrayal by Ron Mcvan
Betrayal by Ron Mcvan

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Published by: Frater WothanAzazel on Jan 20, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BETRAYAL by Ron McVanIt is an important task of every Aryan to arrive at a clear knowledge of is or er own level of etics and ow we m!st apply tose etics in practice among family" friends and folk of wom we owe te igest levels of o!r tr!st# Te ancestral legacies of o!r forbears tat trail beind and make !p o!r istory are largely dependent !pon !s as living e$ponents of o!r race to carry on te progress of self perfection as man and species and s!ffer !nd!ly from o!r mistakes" as does te planet !pon wic we depend for o!r s!rvival# Te igest caliber of o!r ancestors invested teir geni!s" teir toil and in war teir very lives in te most gr!esome of battles so tat f!t!re generations co!ld carry on %Te &reat 'ork% to improve temselves and teir own state of being on tis planet as well# 'en a race is in its nat!ral vibrant state all tings prosper( wen it is not" and its people act wit less tan te best of teir genetic potential and abandon teir c!lt!re and etnic c!stoms and defy nat!res laws" all tings go to r!in# A well administered state of tr!st and integrity among o!r folk is peraps te greatest s!rvival safeg!ard tat we can possess and e)!al in importance to o!r !nity as a race#*amily and folk are te twin pillars wic make !p te essential fo!ndation of any race nation and tat strengt will remain strong only as long as we are tr!stf!l and onorable among eac oter# By tradition" o!r own people were known to be igly devoted to teir etnic clans" yet today" te Aryan race finds itself rapidly declining in n!mber +less tan ,- of te world pop!lation. it so!ld be more important to !s now more tan ever tat tese worty etnic )!alities we find deteriorating so swiftly at every level in te modern world do not e$pire all togeter" as s!c a res!lt wo!ld certainly ins!re te total e$tinction of o!r species# It is terefore inc!mbent !pon o!r race to incorporate itself into a single body" a /an Aryan 'orld *ederation of E!ro0etnic tribes" in wic o!r national c!lt!res bot past and present sall be preserved and c!ltivated for te greater good of o!r s!rvival#In olden days most Aryan tribes sared a common code of etics" 1!stice and tr!st# A man was only as good as is word# If is word was known to be wortless" e likewise was viewed as wortless to imself and to is tribe# 2!c people wose word was not to be tr!sted were d!ly labeled as 32kraelings3 scorned and driven away from te tribe# It did not matter if yo! were ric or poor" if yo! were known not to be tr!sted it was considered one of te lowest of sames tat a man or woman co!ld end!re# A man wit no self respect will certainly ave even less respect from oters# Today most people tink noting of breaking teir word or betraying teir tr!st to 1!st abo!t anyone# Tis is largely a res!lt of te breakdown of o!r own indigeno!s tribal val!es of years gone by# Te prevailing mode of o!r time in today%s c!t0troat 4apitalistic societies is primarily %Every Man *or 5imself%" or %2crew 6ver 6ters Before Tey 2crew Yo!%# 2!c twisted seeds of to!gt are letal to te fo!ndations of any race or nation# 7o longer can we ass!me tat beca!se someone is of o!r own kind tat tey are worty of o!r tr!st wic is a key factor to te sorry state of o!r people in tis darkening modern era of decline#
38now" if to! ast a friend wom to! f!lly tr!stest" and from wom to! wo!ld%st good derive" to! so!ld%st blend ty mind wit is" and gifts e$cange" and often go to see im#3 ####################9:: 5avamal3B!t of im yet f!rter" wom to! little tr!stest" and to! s!spectest is affection( before im to! so!ldest la!g" and contrary to ty to!gts speak( re)!ital so!ld te gift resemble#3 ######9:; 5avamalBy te late ;<%s Americans were )!ickly waking !p to te rampant corr!ption in te =#2# government# 6rgani>ations s!c as te ?on Birc 2ociety wo!ld tease in)!iring minds wit 1!st eno!g e$pos@ of te root of te problem b!t like any typical conservative operation tey wo!ld be scared spitless if it came to making a real stand on any vital iss!e# Te conservatives as te name implies are never for radical cange b!t merely want to %conserve wat is% and stay comfortable# Most Aryan Americans of te ;<%s were not yet )!ite ready for te sock factor 5ollywood 7a>i%s commanded by te igly capable leader &eorge Lincoln Rockwell nor te ooded 8! 8l!$ 8lan image tat ad developed o!t of te old 2o!t# In te ;<%s te boiler was still in te process of eating !p to fever pitc# /eople were in te dark on many critical iss!es and at times it all seemed too overwelming to assimilate# After te 8ennedy assassination te =#2# &overnment ad clearly e$posed its dark side# Te bog!s Viet 7am war was tearing te very fiber of America apart at te seams# *rom te r!tless power cra>ed Lyndon B# ?onson to te basket case Tricky ick 7i$on" te b!bble of te American dream ideal was b!rsting into smitereens# Te 5ippies made a f!tile attempt to p!t a band aid on te insanity wit te peace and love anti0war flower power approac wic died almost as )!ickly as it got started# Te Manson *amily b!tceries bro!gt reality back like a das of cold water in te face of everyone# American yo!t came to reali>e in sort order tat peace and love in America in C;C didn%t c!t it" and 'oodstock wo!ld not be te arbinger of a new beginning b!t of a sorry and pitif!l end# Te Aryan Americans wo ad b!ilt tis nation were being sold o!t in Viet 7am" sold o!t of teir co!ntry and f!t!re and sold o!t as a race# By te early CD<%s wit o!r !miliating defeat in Viet 7am and te disgrace of 'atergate" anyone wit eyes to see" knew tat te =#2# &overnment ad its own agenda and no longer represented te interest of te people#### Aryan America ad become" A 7ATI67 BETRAYE 'e ad fast become !nconscio!s pawns of Te /ower Elite and teir corporate encmen#It was in te early D<%s tat more and more Aryans began to take race s!rvival serio!sly as te grim 2#6#2# of o!r sinking sip was in te air# *or myself" I knew at tat time my previo!s interest in world politics was not so profo!nd a concern as tat of te s!rvival and overall welfare of my race and eritage# I felt a comforting sense of camaraderie in tose days witin wat we referred to as te 'ite /ower Movement# Being very idealistic it took me longer tan it so!ld ave to reali>e tat many of te movement people tat I referred to as kinsmen were not always so m!c more onorable tan tose o!tside te movement and  1!st as m!c a cancer to o!r ca!se as o!r race enemies# It was not only at te fellow kinsman level" many of te movement leaders co!ld be every bit as pony and !n0tr!stf!l# Always ready to ass!me te best in people I learned my lesson in
!man nat!re te ard way# ?!li!s 4aesar" if e were alive today" wo!ld be te first to tell yo! tat tose closest to yo! are very likely at times to be te first to stab yo! in te back at te most !n0e$pecting moment# 4aesar tr!sted Br!t!s more tan anyone else and even willed all of is eartly belongings to im as if e were is own son# Br!t!s as we know elped form a plot to assassinate 4aesar# 'at many may not know is tat wen tey stabbed 4aesar on te steps of te 2enate" te worst stab of all was from Br!t!s" is most tr!sted friend" wo stabbed im in te groin#Tere is a basic !man comp!nction in all of !s to let o!r g!ard down at times and to open !p to someone wom we feel we can tr!st# Tr!st" after all is te fo!ndation !pon wic friendsips" families" comm!nities" corporations and s!rely civili>ations are b!ilt !pon and one of te iger virt!es# 'en tr!st is gone te entire str!ct!re cr!mbles# In te days of te Vikings a deal was sealed between two men by te slapping of ands and was as good as any written contract# To violate s!c a deal wo!ld be to carry a millstone of same aro!nd yo!r neck for te rest of yo!r life# A very obvio!s earmark of te typical con0artist is tat tey !s!ally pop !p o!t of nowere wit lots of ig talk abo!t temselves" not !nlike te salesman wo will say anyting to gain yo!r instant confidence# A con0artist most often as no long time friends to speak of and !s!ally not well liked among is e$tended family# 'en a person is fooled by a con0artist te first reaction is anger at yo!rself for letting yo!rself be fooled and taken in# 5owever" a sort glance tro!g te pages of istory will reveal tat te best of te best can be fooled# Many of te greatest men and women to ever walk tis eart ave been greatly deceived at one time or anoter# Tat very moment tat yo! tink yo! can never be fooled again yo! are wide open for te master con0artist" beca!se deceit is teir way of life and te arder te target te greater te callenge for tem to p!rs!e#avid Lane" well known for is activism in te Aryan ca!se ad been a fellow friend and kinsman of mine for over a span of tree decades# 'e ad long sared an avid commitment to o!r race and eritage as well as an e)!al interest in te ancient mysteries and ad become 'otanist%s at te same time wic became anoter e)!ally sared passion# avid ad met a woman in te mid C<%s named 8at1a wo came o!t of te 4ristian Identity circles and virt!ally !nknown to te national 'ite /ower Movement# Living in a r!ral ome wit er five kids in te mo!ntains of Idao after se and er only !sband ad divorced" se convinced avid tat se was ead over eels abo!t im and ad grand ideas to elp avid in is work# To gain instant credibility in te Aryan movement se concocted te false tale tat se was legally married to avid# 2!c was never te case b!t er r!se worked as se knew it wo!ld# avid" wit a C< year sentence in prison wanted noting more tan to ave a family even if only idealistically" so e let er r!n wit te lie at er b!ll eaded insistence tat se was is real and tr!e loving wife# 8at1a possessed a ig I#F# and fl!ent in si$ lang!ages and avid was e$tremely e$cited abo!t te potential tat tey co!ld sare working togeter for o!r Aryan ca!se#

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