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Acne & Acne Treatment & Skin Scars

Acne & Acne Treatment & Skin Scars

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Published by Teenie Lang
An informative introduction on Acne and Acne Treatment; it's causes and methods of prevention. Includes useful tips and guides.
An informative introduction on Acne and Acne Treatment; it's causes and methods of prevention. Includes useful tips and guides.

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Published by: Teenie Lang on Sep 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Acne - Introduction
is one of the most common skin disorders today. Over 20% of people aged24 to 44 experience some form of acne. It has been recorded, that more than 85% of teenagers and young adults between the ages of 12 and 24 will have acne at one point oranother. Many of whom will unfortunately end up with permanent skin scaring, varying fromslightly visible flaws, to more severe scars and skin alterations in the more serious cases of 
.It is important to keep in mind that when neglected, acne can become infected and lead toacne scars that become permanent on your skin. You certainly don't want this happening toyou, so i advise that you check out our Acne Articles and see if any of the recommendationsand
tips have a positive effect on your condition. Sadly, i'm afraid, onesolution does not apply to everyone when it comes to acne treatment. One product mightreduce your breakouts, but then fail in helping another, yet remedy someones elsescondition entirely. As weird as it sounds, our Acne is as different as we are diverse, so weneed to treat every instance individually.Acne as we know it, is a non-contageous skin disorder; also called seborrhea or
. It occurs due to a contamination of the sebaceous glands under the skin. Thecause of this can be contributed to a build up of oily toxic matter, which contains: dirt, deadskin, excess sebum oil, acid waste and bacteria.In the absence of any disbalance, the sebaceous glands release an essential oil up and outthrough the pores and onto of the surface of the skin. This natural lubrication keeps the skinflexible and moist, providing protection from the environment.When the pores on your skin become congested and clog up, this prevents the naturallubrication process carried out by the skin from taking place and creates a build up of toxicoil beneath. When the oil produced by the sebaceous glands is unable to escape freely, as itwould under normal conditions, build up under the pore of your skin increases in sizegradually and creates what we visualy refer to as a pimple.If the walls of the congested pore can no longer contain the build up of excess oil, they willburst causing white blood cells to move in and digest the collagen around the pores. If thishappens, it will most likely lead to an eventual scar.In order to avoid having scars, you need start an acne treatment program before your acneoccurs or just as soon as it emerges, so that your pimples and back heads don't develop tothe point at which they become severely infected and burst. When the sub-surfacecollection of oil and bacteria burst, the don't just magically disappear. Instead they spreadunder the skin and propagate outwards infecting other pores. You want to try and avoid thisat all times by treating your acne promptly and regularly taking care of your skin
 Taking Care Of Your Acne Skin
like we mentioned is a complex condition that involves many parts of the body.Although it initially shows up through breakouts on the surface of the skin, you need tounderstand that these are merely symptoms of an internal disbalance your body isexperiencing, psychological or physical. Acne can be caused by any number of things thatoffset the body's natural balance. This can range from colon problems, poor digestion of food, an overall bad diet, a weak liver, blood infections, fatigue, stress and other conditionsthat force the body to retain or manage unnecessary amounts of toxicity.Unfortunately there is no one universal form of treatment that is capable of absolutelyremedying and preventing our skin condition.We all have a heart, a liver, set of lungs, two legs, two ears and nose. And although Icertainly hope that description isn't enough to fully classify any of our reader's entirephysical compositions, it definitely suffices to demonstrably illustrate that we are commonin our human makeup. Yet ironically, so different based on our personal lifestyles.If you think about it we all have our own individual routines; from what we eat, to what wedrink, to what we smoke, breath, observe and live. The specific combinations of externalfactors that constitute our lifestyles affect our bodies uniquely, which is why the reasons forthe occurrence of everyone's acne are absolutely individual and must be treated as such. Itis important to remember that acne is a visual symptom that reflects an internal problembased on our personal lifestyle pattern. That is to say that attempting to cure two differentpersons' acne conditions , through the same means of treatment will not necessarily yieldsimilar results due to the fact that we experience internal disbalances according to our ownbodies. This is, in a way where commercial products fail. The skin cream you order online from themiracle cure store isn't going to change its ingredients just to tailor them to yourrequirements. No, you get the same thing everybody else pays for. All they do is targetgeneral problems, and general we are not. All of this doesn't mean that commercialproducts are ineffective, but I do want you to understand that, seeing a spectacularcommercial or reading a list of convincing testimonials is not an evidential guaranteed tothe effectiveness the said product will have on you. Don't forget that
is the mostcommon skin disorder today. It is only natural that select groups of people share the sameconditions and consecutively use the same products. So don't get too excited if you findsomething with great reviews, because chances are you might not even be experiencingany of the dis-balances pertaining to the customers submitting those reviews.With acne you just have to keep on trying and trying until you find something thatcomplements the condition causing your acne to emerge.So in a sense I do believe in commercial products and I do recommend them, but tend tolean more towards methods of natural self-healing through regulation. Are you eating toomuch? Are you eating too little? Do you exercise? What's your current mindset? It's all a

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