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Published by goaliehead4

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Published by: goaliehead4 on Sep 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I totally made this up out of the song “I’dcome for you” by Nickelback. Uhh, sorry if it’snot that good.Edward’s p.o.v.
I sat alone in my cave of agony. Or known as, mybedroom. I was face down on my couch, sobbing. Ithas been five months since I left Bella. My wholebody feels empty and cold. I can’t breath, hunt, orsee clearly. Everything in my life seems to be turninggrey.Everyone in the house is still angry at me forleaving her. Even Carlisle won’t talk to me! Esme ismore depressed than angry. Bella was like a daughterto her. Rosalie is actually sad as well. I’d expect herto still hate Bella. Jasper can’t even calm me down. He’s tried somany times, but my emotions over power him. I thinkAlice or Emmett hates me the most. It’s hard to tell;it’s a pretty even divide.I try to banish Bella from my thoughts, but Ican’t. It makes it even harder to breathe when I thinkabout her. To have to picture her hurt face everysecond of my existence is excruciating. I can’t pull upa single happy memory we shared. The only thingthat my mind can produce is that tragic day.
“Do you want me?” “No.” 
I sobbed harder this time and my hands grippedthe leather. My family and I had moved to Alaskaafter we left. We lived a couple miles away from theDenali clan. They were very sympathetic towards me. The Denali clan understood completely why I hadleft. But Tanya thinks what I did was plain stupid.I basically stay in my room unless I need to hunt. The first two months I had forgotten to hunt. I couldbarely lift myself off the couch. Emmett and Jasperhad to kill an elk for me.I forbid Alice to tell me about her visions, unlessthey were life threatening. I did not want to see Bellafind love again, see her kiss another man, see herdressed in a white dress with her father walking herdown the aisle, see her go off to college, see herhave a baby……….I growled at the second one. No one could everlove Bella as much as I did. No man could everadmire her as much as I could, no human could climbthrough her window and watch her dream about him.I growled at that as well.I heard a scream of terror from Alice’s room.“EDWARD! THIS IS A LIFE THREATENING VISION!”She screamed.Alice then burst through the door. I heard acrash. She probably broke the door down. I stoppedsobbing to hear her.“Show me Alice.” I sighed. My voice was muffledfrom the leather.I peeked into Alice’s mind. She was in acemetery. The Forks cemetery to be exact. The skywas a dark, bleak, grey with no clouds. Her visionskimmed over tombstones until she found a certainone.
Isabella SwanBorn: *****Died: *****(Sorry, I don’t want to do the math onwhen she was born and when she died.)
“NO!” I roared in despair and sat up on thecouch.Alice was biting her lip, trying not to cry. Sheslipped and began to sob uncontrollably. Alice leaptinto my lap and threw her arms around me. We criedand cried until the rest of the family burst into theroom.“What is it?” Carlisle asked urgent.“Bella.” I choked out.“D-d-d-i-e-d-d!” Alice wailed and buried her headinto my neck. The whole family broke down sobbing. Esmecried harder than ever. Jasper and Emmett were thefirst to recover. Jasper took Alice from me and tried tocalm her.“Do you a-all w-want to s-say g-goodbye-e?”Carlisle asked as his cries calmed down.We all nodded. I was the only one still cryinghard. Bella is gone. The love of my life is gone. I wasnot there to protect her. I was not there to stop whatever hurt her. I left her to protect her, but all I endedup doing is killing her!Now the only thought of her I can create is hercold, lifeless, body in a coffin. She would still lookbeautiful. Her hair combed neatly, a bouquet of 

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