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Published by sherrymi

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Published by: sherrymi on Jan 20, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 3: Introductory Letter Page 5: Artifact 1 Page 6: Artifact 1 Analysis Page 9: Student Survey Page 10: Amelia’s Informal Piece Page 11: Artifact 2 Page 14: Artifact 2 Analysis Page 15: Artifact 3 Page 16: Artifact 3 Analysis Page 17: Artifact 4 Page 19: Artifact 4 Analysis Page 21: Artifact 5 Page 24: Artifact 5 Analysis Page 25: Artifact 6 Page 26: Artifact 6 Analysis Page 27: Artifact 7 Page 28: Artifact 7 Analysis Page 29: Rationale/Big Question for Lessons Page 31: Lesson 1 Page 23: Lesson 2 Page 35: Lesson 2 Worksheet Page 36: Lesson 3 INTRODUCTORY LETTER:
It is said that some are born with destinies to fulfill. Perhaps they’re meant to be doctors, firefighters, or policemen. I was not born to fit into any of those categories, but I was born to save lives. Maybe I could not save lives the way those individuals could, by healing wounds, rescuing people from burning buildings, or keeping the bad guys off the streets. However, I could save lives by educating, by steering individuals down the right path, and by opening doors that had never been opened before. Yes…I was born to save lives, too. I was born to be a
One could say it sounds cliché, but I’ve always known I wanted to be a teacher. Undoubtedly, I was that little girl who used to line her dolls and stuffed animals in a row in front of a mini chalkboard with hopes that I could somehow teach them writing, math, or even their ABC’s. I can still remember reading my favorite childhood stories aloud every day as if we were in a real classroom, and I was a real teacher. There I was, a young girl already dreaming of making a difference in the lives of others’. When I came to Bloomsburg University, I had a world of expectations. This was my chance to learn all the secrets in the world of education so that I could become the best teacher I could be. However, as the years passed by, my expectations were never met. How could I learn everything I needed to know unless I was actually placed into a real classroom setting? Would student teaching by my only chance for this? It was not until I had Dr. Supon that I realized there was hope. Her class was based around teaching lessons. Not only did she want us to learn how to write lessons, but also how to teach them as real professionals. Never once did she look down on us as though we were her students. She referred to us as her “colleagues,” which was an honor in itself. Never once in my college career thus far had I been referred to as a real teacher. I didn’t even have my certification yet. To Dr. Supon, however, I was, and her class became more valuable to me than any other class I’d ever had. Although I had learned much from her, I still felt let down by the university. Yes, I had experience teaching my peers, but where was I supposed to get the experience of teaching actual students from? This overwhelming feeling of dread came to me every time I thought about student teaching. Was I going to crash and burn? Was everything I had worked for up to this  point going to be a waste? Just when I was about to lose hope, I was given the opportunity to take two classes with one of the most incredible professors I’ve ever known, Dr. Sherry. He reminded me of Dr. Supon, in fact, because he looked at all of us as though we were teachers, too. He wanted the  best for us, and he wanted to make sure we were well prepared for what was ahead. Despite their similarites, however, Dr. Sherry gave me something Dr. Supon could not. He gave me the most amazing chance to experience the classroom, not from the perspective of a student, but from the
Technology Support S…, 12/2/13 1:44 PM
Comment [1]:
This sounds cliché, but I truly feel like it was my destiny to become a teacher. I may not be the best at writing lessons, but I truly do love English, as well as my students!
Technology Support S…, 12/2/13 1:45 PM
Comment [2]:
Dr. Sherry’s class has helped me more than any other class at Bloomsburg University. I feel so prepared to go into student teaching next semester, and it is because of the wonderful opportunities he has given me.

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