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Survival by Jeffrey George Banfield

Survival by Jeffrey George Banfield

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Published by Jeffrey G Banfield
Just a short film that I wrote one day when I was tampering with the idea of becoming a screenplay writer.

I hope you enjoy, any feed back (Good or Bad) would be greatly appreciated
Just a short film that I wrote one day when I was tampering with the idea of becoming a screenplay writer.

I hope you enjoy, any feed back (Good or Bad) would be greatly appreciated

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Published by: Jeffrey G Banfield on Sep 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SURVIVALSynopsisA story of a grieving family, suffering the wrath of twodeaths in the family, in this story I document the emotions ofthe family while they deal with the death of the most previousloss.In the story there is mention of the previous death in thefamily but this story mainly concentrates itself around thesecond death.
SURVIVALA short film scriptBy Jeffrey George Banfield“In ealdor we libban, in cwalu we belifan.”TranslationIn life we live, in death we survive.The Old oak grandfather clock strikes 3:00PM; a silence runsover the household, hearing nothing more than the clocksdeadly blow, the sun glaring from out the window where thegrandfather clock stands tall, the clock’s siren sounding fivetimes as if the world has come to a complete halt.A young women, no more than twenty years of age sits on thelounge room arm chair, eyes wide open, filled with tears, herface filled with anguish and uncountable amounts of sorrow.The faint sound of a rattling cup and plate sweeps frombeneath her, a tear rolls from her left eye and down her painfilled face, rolling past her cheek and dropping from her chininto her cup of tea.The tea ripples like a pebble being thrown into a lake.The young woman loses function of the strength in her fingersand drops the cup and plate to the ground. The plate lands onan angle and roles along the carpet as if it was being guidedto something, the plate eventually hits the shoulder of man,it stops the plate and makes it land flat on the carpet.The plate sits still and lifeless as the man that it hadstruck.The man lay’s there stiff and cold, fully dressed in a suitand tie, his face is wrinkled and old.A mosquito fly’s in through a crack in the lounge room windowfrom behind the grandfather clock, it completely ignores thegirl who now has her hands over her head and her head buried
in her knees, the mosquito fly’s over to the man and lands onhis foot, it begins to walk up his leg and onto his chest, itwalks on a photo frame that lays on the man’s chest, in theframe is a picture of him, an elderly women and the same girlthat sits in the chair not a few feet away from the man, themosquito proceeds on its journey up the man’s body, it travelsup his chin and cheek and stops just below his right eye, themosquito then digs his needle like mouth into the man’s hard,wrinkled skin and begins to suck, the mosquito struggles forthe one source that allows it to live, it fails to get what itso desperately needs.The mosquito fly’s off of the man and out of the lounge room.The girl still sitting there in grief and shock brings herhead upright and looks directly at the man on the floor, shethen stands to her feet, and proceeds to walk to the kitchen.INT. KITCHEN OF THE HOUSE – 3:10PMIn the kitchen she picks up the telephone that is mounted onthe hard, dry wall.She begins to dial very slowly, 9...3...0...9...4...8...7...2.The phone rings four times until it is answered.YOUNG WOMENHe’s gone, come as soon as you can thank-you.She then hangs up the phone and looks at the clock on theother wall, 3:12PM, she stares at the clock as if time hasstood still, she is dumbfounded as to how time is moving soslowly.The young woman notices a knife on the kitchen table andproceeds to walk over to it slowly.She picks it up and examines its craftsmanship; she strokesher fingers from the tip of blade down to the wooden handle,she then places the knife back on the table in the exact sameposition she picked it up from.The young women hears three hard knocks at her front door, sheswiftly turns her head to the noise.YOUNG WOMEN

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