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PS Ch 1-2 Objective Sheet 1. Leaders of Current Government:

PS Ch 1-2 Objective Sheet 1. Leaders of Current Government:

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Published by lockhartliz

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Published by: lockhartliz on Sep 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PS Ch 1-2 Objective Sheet
1.Leaders of Current Government:a.President: Barack Obama b.VP: Joe Bidenc.President of the Senate: Joe Biden (VP of US)d.Pres Pro Temp: Robery Byrd – Democrate.Senate Majority Leader – Harry Reid – Democratf.Senate Minority Leader –Mitch McConnell – Republicang.Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi - Democrath.House Majority Leader – Steny Hoyer – Democrati.House Minority Leader – John Beohner – Republican j.Washington Senators and Representativesi.Senators1.Maria Cantwell – Democrat2.Patty Murray – Democratii.State Representatives1.Jay Inslee Democrat2.Rick Larsen – Democrat3.Brian Baird – Democrat4.Doc Hastings – Republican5.Cathy McMorris – Republican6.Norm Dicks Democrat7.Jim McDermott – Democrat8.Dave Reichert – Republican9.Adam Smith – Democrat
k.Chief Justice – John G. Roberts, Jr.2.Old Guysa.Thomas Jefferson – author of the Declaration of Independence b.John Adams – 2
president of the USc.Sam Adams – delegate and vociferous leader of the independence movement.d.James Madison – “Father of the Constitutione.Edmond Randolph – VA Plan – 1 House based on Popf.Alex Hamiltong.William Paterson – NJ Plan – 1 House with equal representationh.John Locke – early enlightenment philosopher who greatly influenced ThomasJefferson as he wrote the Declaration of Independence. Priniciples: Natural rights,consent of the governed.i.Roger Sherman – Conn Compromise – Legislature would be bimcameral3.Why is each important/what did it do?a.1
Constitutional Congress – 1774 – Philadelphiai.55 Delegates from 13 colonies decide to send a declaration of rights toKing George III protesting the crown’s actions towards the colonists.ii.Organized a boycott of British Goodsiii.Decided to meet again in may of 1775 (2
Continental Congress) b.Declaration of Independencei.Writers: Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, Livingston, Shermanii.John Locke – Natural Rights (3) – Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.iii.The documentc.Virginia Plan – Edmund Randolph – 1 House based on Populationd.NJ Plan – Paterson – 1 House with equal representation for each statee.Conn Comp – Sherman – the legislature branch would be bimcameral.
f.Magna Carta – 1215 – Protected nobles from arbitrary acts by the king,guaranteed rights (trial by jury), and forbade the king from taking the life, libertyor property without good reason. 1
attempt to limit the absolute power of themonarchy.g.Petition of Right – 1628 – expanded the rights of the Magna Carta to commoners,or people not of the nobility. King’s powers were limited in a number of ways.h.English Bill of Rights – 1688 – free parliamentary elections, freedom from crueland unusual punishment, and the rights of citizens to a fair and speedy trial.i.Constitution - Conventioni.James Madison “Father of the Constitution”ii.Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists1.Fed Papers (see below)iii.Legislature will be1.VA Plan: Edmund Randolph: 1 House based on Population2.NJ Plan: Paterson: 1 House based on state w/ equal representation3.Conn. Compromise: Shermana.Bicameral (1 house on pop, 1 for equal representation) j.Fed Papers – 85 essays supporting strong centralized government. (Madison,Hamilton, Jay)k.3/5
Compromisei.Do slaves count as people?l.Articles of Confederationi.Our 1
written documentii.A Confederationiii.Problems – Federal Gov’t has no way to raise $$.iv.In May of 1787 Delegates met in Philadelphia to amend the fledgingarticles of Confederation – Causes:1.Disrupted boundary lines of states

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