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Newspaper Insert Guidelines 2005

Newspaper Insert Guidelines 2005

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Published by manishetty
this is news paper guidelines
this is news paper guidelines

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Published by: manishetty on Sep 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Newspaper Insert Guidelines
(A special thanks to Bill Rogers and the Hendersonville [Tennessee] Noon Sertoma Club for recommended guidelines for a tried and true club fundraiser!! And, to Sertoman Austin Farley for his professional recommendations!!)
For a sample insert, please see your 
CD that accompanied the
Manual, or e-mail infosertoma@sertoma.org.
Two reasons for the newspaper insert: awareness and a club fundraiser.
The Henderson Noon Sertoma Club generally sells $12,000-$15,000 in advertising and realizesabout 30 percent of that with their 28-page insert, which
benefits the club’s fundraising revenue by$4500-$5000
Additionally, the increased awareness for your club and Sertoma is a veryimportant intangible benefit.
Speak with the editor, education editor, advertising director or special projects manager of your localnewspaper(s) a minimum of 
eight weeks in advance
, and get a special discounted ad price (30percent usually – each club must work its own deal with the local newspaper). Lead time in excess of eight weeks is suggested, as the newspaper(s) may have another ad campaign scheduled for abutthe same time – the potential advertiser may have a problem justifying additional advertising expenseclose together.
Ensure the club knows the exact costs, including overruns (often no charge) for club use; advertisingdeadlines; and exactly what assistance the newspaper advertising staff will provide.
Provide to the newspaper the newspaper insert Word documents from the Headquarters CD, andsupply info to your newspaper about your club for page two (inside cover). Feel free to submit your club news, such as a Sertoman of the Year photo and write-up or the photo and caption of a checkpresentation you’ve made, in other places throughout the publication. Or, revise the Word documentsaccording to your needs. Note: the newspaper will design the pages with your club news, photos andthe ads provided, and they will fax proofs to large space advertisers prior to the deadline.
Works better in smaller communities of 50,000 or less, or in a suburban city of a major city. The“friendliness” of the newspaper people probably will be directly proportional to the size of the paper.Larger papers aren’t always interested in discounting.
If the large papers don’t want to do anything in the entire paper, ask if it has “zoned” editions(suburban or outlying areas) for the possibility of using the insert in those editions.
Partnering with another club(s) in your community or county for increased manpower and awarenesscould be beneficial. The other newspapers in a county could run the insert as well, and partneringcould increase the number of pages of the insert (decreased ad rates).
A newspaper insert would be justifiable with a minimum of eight pages. Of course, we believe wecould sell more than that easily. For the tabloid size, the newspaper will talk in terms of four-pageincrements.
Ask about color (four-color and spot color). Will ads with color be sold? How much additional? Whatare the mechanical requirements of the paper for color ads? Color affects how many pages can berun, location of ads, etc. Selling a spot color back cover ad pays for the front cover.
One return on investment for the newspaper is community goodwill, plus the newspaper does notassume the risk of collecting debts owed. Far less than normal return on investments in revenues ispossible because the newspaper’s sales staff, news staff and line managers are, except for a fewpeople, bypassed in producing the newspaper insert.
The club will need to establish credit or pay in full prior to printing.
Sell business card size, 1/8,1/4, 1/2 and full-page ads at discounted prices the companies can onlyrealize through the Sertoma club.
Collect for ads while you’re at the location selling the ads.
Forward ads sold each week to the newspaper to avoid production bottlenecks.
Suggested Advertisers
Sertoman businesses, politicians, members of Congress, legislators, realtors, attorneys,restaurants/clubs, medical centers/hospitals, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, optometrists, funeral homes,hair salons, speech and hearing clinics/associations, colleges, CPAs, insurance companies, securitycompanies, stock brokers, apartment and office space property companies, banks, roofers, car, boat andmotorcycle dealerships, politicians, video stores, lenders, retail stores, florists, convenience stores, autorepair and body shops, pool, patio and spa companies, YWCAs and other nonprofits, wrecker services,drug stores, printers, trophy shops, lawn care services, cleaners, cabinet and specialty shops, pestcontrol companies, carpet stores, glass repair shops, chimney sweeps, jewelry stores, donut shops,company employees (bank VP, bank service manager, etc.), wholesale clubs, air conditioning and heatingcompanies, contractors, golf courses, individual contributors, club members, your own club ad for anupcoming event… Decide whether it is appropriate in your community to pursue beer or liquor ads, asthese may cause potential advertisers to reject the idea of buying an ad with this association.
Suggested Ad Rates
Ad rates will vary according to your agreement with your local newspaper(s), its circulation and thenumber of anticipated pages. Your newspaper can guide you. Small ads are your friends. They bring inmore money per page, but require more sales calls to be made and more merchants sold. Eighteenbusiness card-sized ads fit on a page of the standard four-column tabloid format. See the attachedSertoma Ad Flyer for an example of an ad sales piece, and adapt for your club after you’ve determinedthe prices per ad size.
Sample Schedule of Events
The larger the profits a club wants to achieve, the more ads that must be sold. More ads means longer lead time to sell.8 weeks (minimum) prior to printingMeet with newspaper to iron out all details. Take the SertomaNewspaper Insert PDFs with you. Have your ad flyer designedand printed by the paper (should be at no charge).6-8 weeks priorDistribute ad flyer to members to begin selling.4 weeks priorIf you havent already submitted, provide your club news andphotos to the newspaper. 25% of ads to newspaper.3 weeks prior50% of ads in.2 weeks prior80% of ads in.1 week prior100% of ads in. Ads/news and total pages agreed upon. Clubknows total payment due to newspaper and potential profit onceall outstanding invoices are paid by advertisers.TBDFinal proofing at newspaper. Treasurer provides check.D-DayPublished in target newpaper(s).
Sample Procedures
Appoint one member as news coordinator to provide club news in the Newspaper Insert on page twoand other pages, as appropriate.
Appoint one member as advertising coordinator. This person will check all insertion orders, see thatall materials are included and check for mistakes or illegible writing in the ad, correcting as needed.Do not rely on spell check; actually pull proofs and read the ads for accuracy. This person keeps arunning logbook of ads (sizes, amount received, etc.) and forwards payments to the club treasurer.This person delivers ads sold to the newspaper at least once a week during the sales period andapproves the Ad Flyer created for your use in selling ads.

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