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Analysis of Children’s DVD Cover

Analysis of Children’s DVD Cover

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Published by mburcombe

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Published by: mburcombe on Sep 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Analysis of Children’s DVD Cover
The typical conventions of a Children’s TV Drama are shown on the Noah and SaskiDVD cover. It contains a main image on the front to show main characters of theseries, there are no puffs however there is a montage on the back showing bits fromthe series. This is displayed next to the blurb along with added information aboutwhat the DVD contains.By looking at this cover it is made clear to me that the DVD is aimed at young peoplethrough the colours and images used as well as the typography and information shownon the back of the cover. So therefore the cover has shown a clear understanding ofits target audience and this is one thing we must do in our making of the DVD cover.For Rags 2 Riches it’s essential that we show who the target audience is through theconventions on the cover, so for example we should think about including, like theNoah and Saskia case, a montage on the back showing bits from previous episodes butthey should be photos representing characters in a way that is relevant to the seriesand which shows characteristics of the genre and themes within it. For example thisis shown in Noah and Saskia where they have CGI animation characters whichrepresent the surreal feel of the series and technology involved like a computer gamewhich is targeting younger people.
The logo of Noah and Saskia isused for the DVD title.Main image is the maincharacters involved in theseries.Movie rating: inthis case the ratingof this DVD is PG.Spine cover includes thename of the programmeso can be easily found inshelf or movie case etc.Blurb this gives short briefabout the programmealmost like a teaser.Format logo

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