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Why the Lord Made You, Part 2

Why the Lord Made You, Part 2

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Published by: Grace Church Modesto on Jan 21, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Why the Lord Made You, Part 2” (Luke 10:25-37) I. Introduction. A. Orientation. This morning, we saw Jesus answer the question Of what one must do To inherit eternal life. When Jesus speaks, particularly on this subject, We had better listen. What did He say we have to do? First, that we must love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind. We must love Him with our whole being; We must be fully devoted to Him. From the time we’re conceived To the time we die. But we haven’t done this. We can’t do this now, So what must we do? Trust the One who did. If you turn from your sins And trust Jesus,
2 He will give you His righteousness So that when the Father sees you, He will see that you have loved Him in this way. It’s the only way you can fulfill this qualification. But let’s not forget, That when you trust Jesus He also gives you His Holy Spirit To work in you the ability To fulfill this command, So that you will begin to love Him in this way – Because you see His glory, Because you understand the work He has done for you in His Son, Because you know He has prepared heaven for you, And He is the source of all the blessings you enjoy on earth. All you need to do now Is strengthen this love, Through the Word, prayer, praise, and fellowship. And you need to stop weakening it By cutting off the sins and sinful influences in your life. The more you do these things, The more the Spirit will give you the ability to love Him,
3 And the more you will be able to live as He calls you to live. B. Preview. We come now to the second greatest commandment: To love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Let’s understand, That was true of the first commandment Is true of this one as well: Jesus has fulfilled it, And if you will just turn from your sins And trust in Him, He will give you this righteousness as well So that when the Father looks at you, He will see that you’ve done it perfectly. And what we saw with the first commandment Is also true here as well: Though Jesus fulfilled it, It is still the standard – It’s what the Lord calls you to do – And the Spirit is working in you To fulfill this commandment as well as the first. So as we begin this year,

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