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Adults With Specific Needs

Adults With Specific Needs

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Published by baplig

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Published by: baplig on Sep 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 For more information visit:www.leeds.gov.uk/libraryAsk us any question and we’ll try to find the answer – free! Telephone: 0113 247 6016Or contact Enquiry Express:enquiry.express@leeds.gov.uk 
Leeds Library and Information Service
Computers for everyone
Assistive Technology is available on librarycomputers, this is a range of software andhardware alternatives, designed to makecomputers easier to use.
A trackball mouse can be operatedwith just one finger and can be used toreplace the standard computer mouse
Big key boards which have blackletters on white backgrounds and arealmost four times normal size
Larger monitors with a touch screenfacility (an alternative to the mouseand trackball). By touching the screenyou tell the computer what to do
Adjustable height desks allowcomfortable access to the PC for thosepeople who use a wheelchair
CCTV magnifiers enable an enlargedimage of any document placed underthe magnifier to appear on themagnifier’s screen. The contrast andcolour of the text can then be adjustedto help the document be read moreeasily
Read and Write Gold software isdesigned to make using the computereasier for people with either learningdifficulties or dyslexia. It will suggestwords and also has a speech to textfunction
Supernova software will enlarge theimage on the screen to make itclearer. Supernova also has the abilityto read out on the screen text
Penfriend is available to help peoplewith dyslexia and mobility problems.The predicted text features of thissoftware can speed up typing and alsohelp with spelling
One to One or Group Sessions are deliveredfree of charge to people wanting to learnhow to use a computer.
If visiting the library is a problem contactEnquiry Express Information hotline apersonal reference library at the end of thephone ring or text 0113 247 6016.Alternatively you can e-mail questions toenquiry.express@leeds.gov.uk. 

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