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Excel Formulas)

Excel Formulas)

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Published by awais_azeemi

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Published by: awais_azeemi on Sep 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ImportanceFunctionsWhat it Does
Rarely UsedDAVERAGEReturns the average of selecteddatabase entriesRarely UsedDCOUNTCounts the cells that contain numbersin a databaseRarely UsedDCOUNTA Counts nonblank cells in a databaseRarely UsedDGETExtracts from a database a singlerecord that matches the specifiedcriteriaRarely UsedDMAXReturns the maximum value fromselected database entriesRarely UsedDMINReturns the minimum value fromselected database entriesRarely UsedDPRODUCTMultiplies the values in a particular field of records that match the criteriain a databaseRarely UsedDSTDEVEstimates the standard deviationbased on a sample of selecteddatabase entriesRarely UsedDSTDEVPCalculates the standard deviationbased on the entire population of selected database entriesRarely UsedDSUMAdds the numbers in the field columnof records in the database that matchthe criteriaRarely UsedDVAREstimates variance based on asample from selected databaseentriesRarely UsedDVARPCalculates variance based on theentire population of selecteddatabase entries
Top of the pageMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet Date and Time Functions (20)ImportanceFunctionsWhat it Does
InterestingDATEReturns the serial number of aparticular date (
See lesson 22
InterestingDAYConverts a serial number to a dayof the month (
See lesson 22
)InterestingHOURConverts a serial number to anhour (
See lesson 22
)InterestingMINUTEConverts a serial number to aminute (
See lesson 22
)InterestingMONTHConverts a serial number to amonth (
See lesson 22
)InterestingNOWReturns the serial number of thecurrent date and time (
See lesson22
)InterestingSECONDConverts a serial number to asecond (
See lesson 22
)InterestingTIMEReturns the serial number of aparticular time (
See lesson 22
)InterestingTODAYReturns the serial number of today's date (
See lesson 22
)InterestingWEEKDAYConverts a serial number to a dayof the week (
See lesson 22
)InterestingYEARConverts a serial number to a year (
See lesson 22
)InterestingDATEDIFCalculates the interval betweentwo dates (
See lesson 22
)Rarely UsedDATEVALUEConverts a date in the form of textto a serial number Rarely UsedDAYS360Calculates the number of daysbetween two dates based on a360-day year Rarely UsedEDATEReturns the serial number of thedate that is the indicated number of months before or after the startdateRarely UsedEOMONTHReturns the serial number of thelast day of the month before or after a specified number of monthsRarely UsedNETWORKDAYSReturns the number of wholeworkdays between two datesRarely UsedTIMEVALUEConverts a time in the form of text
to a serial number Rarely UsedWEEKNUMConverts a serial number to anumber representing where theweek falls numerically with a year Rarely UsedWORKDAYReturns the serial number of thedate before or after a specifiednumber of workdaysRarely UsedYEARFRACReturns the year fractionrepresenting the number of wholedays between start_date andend_date
Top of the pageMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet Engineering Functions (40)ImportanceFunctionsWhat it Does
SpecializedBESSELIReturns the modified Bessel functionIn(x)SpecializedBESSELJReturns the Bessel function Jn(x)SpecializedBESSELKReturns the modified Bessel functionKn(x)SpecializedBESSELYReturns the Bessel function Yn(x)SpecializedBIN2DECConverts a binary number to decimalSpecializedBIN2HEXConverts a binary number tohexadecimalSpecializedBIN2OCTConverts a binary number to octalSpecializedCOMPLEXConverts real and imaginarycoefficients into a complex number SpecializedCONVERTConverts a number from onemeasurement system to another SpecializedDEC2BINConverts a decimal number to binarySpecializedDEC2HEXConverts a decimal number tohexadecimalSpecializedDEC2OCTConverts a decimal number to octalSpecializedDELTATests whether two values are equal

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