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Document #39-100 BP,CVWF , Comments-2/14/13

Document #39-100 BP,CVWF , Comments-2/14/13

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Published by pandorasboxofrocks
Town of Cape Vincent Comments Regarding BP's Public Involvement Program
Town of Cape Vincent Comments Regarding BP's Public Involvement Program

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Published by: pandorasboxofrocks on Jan 21, 2014
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February 12, 2013Honorable Jeffrey C. CohenActing Secretary, NYS Boar of !lectric "o#er $eneration Siting an !n%iron&ent3 !&'ire State "la(aAlbany, NY 12223)13*0
Re: Case12-F-0410 Cape Vincent Wind Power
+ear Acting Secretary Cohen-nce again #e are #riting #ith concern regaring B"/ "ublic n%ol%e&ent "lan.n their re%ie "ublic n%ol%e&ent "lan "" for the Ca'e incent 4in "o#er 'ro5ect, B" inicate the 'ur'oe of their "" #a to 6
inform, engage and solicit additional input from  statutory parties, the local community, general public and other stakeholders.
7 -ur concern in thi letter i olicitation of in'ut, 'ecifically 'ublic co&&ent.B" goe on in their "" to outline ho# they #ill collate an organi(e the in'ut fro& ta8eholer an ho# they #ill &a8e thi infor&ation a%ailable to the 'ublic on their #ebite
“Cape Vincent Wind Power will prepare a monthly spreadsheet-style tracking report identifying PIP actiities conducted by CVWP for the preceding time period, proiding  summaries of feedback receied in such actiities and summaries describing any actions taken by CVWP in response to gien feedback.! “"he reports will be posted on CVWP#s website and filed with the $ecretary for posting in the case file.!
A of February 10, 2013, there i no 'reaheet, no u&&ary of 'ublic co&&ent an no re'one to thoe co&&ent by B" on their #ebite. Ho#e%er, on the "ublic Ser%ice Co&&iion/ #ebite there #ere 222 6"ublic Co&&ent7 'ote a of that a&e ate. 9he large &a5ority of thoe co&&ent are critical of B"/ 'ro'oal, although o&e are generally u''orti%e of inutrial #in e%elo'&ent an 'ecifically u''orti%e of B"/ Ca'e incent 4in Far&  'ro5ect.
9he 9o#n of Ca'e incent i uncertain ho# thee enore&ent an u''ort of B"/ 'ro5ect #ill  be ue an ho# thee co&&ent &ight influence the Siting Boar/ e%entual eciion. -ur concern lie #ith the relationhi' bet#een B" an a nu&ber of thoe 'eo'le 'oting co&&ent #ho u''ort the Ca'e incent 4in Far& 'ro5ect. Fro& our e:a&ination of the co&&ent, &any of the 'ro)'ro5ect co&&ent a''ear to be &ae by ini%iual #ith leae agree&ent #ith B". 9hee ini%iual not only recei%e &oney fro& B",  but their financial agree&ent ha%e the follo#ing coo'eration claue ti'ulate in the agree&ent B" ;eae Agree&ent
“%wner &lessee' shall assist and fully cooperate with (rantee &)P', at no out-of-pocket e*pense to %wner, in complying with or obtaining land use permits and approals, ta*-incenties, or ta*-abatement program approals, building permits, enironmental impact reiews, or any other permits or approals re+uired for the  financing, construction, installation, relocation, replacement, maintenance, operation or remoal of Windpower acilities in the Proect &whether located on the Property, on adacent propety, or elsewhere', including e*ecution of applications for such permits or approals if re+uired.!
B" $oo Neighbor Agree&ent 6
%wner agrees to cooperate fully and promptly with (rantee &)P' and its successors and assigns, at (rantees sole cost, and to oin in all applications for permits, licenses and goernmental approals or re+uests for other instruments which (rantee may deem necessary for purposes of the intended use or deelopment of the Wind arm.!
 None of the other ta8eholer or interete &e&ber of the general 'ublic #hoe co&&ent #e ha%e e:a&ine on the "SC/ #ebite ha%e i&ilar contractual contraint. 9hee arrange&ent clearly influence the 'ublic ialog. Ho# can benefit or har& to the co&&unity be 'ro'erly e%aluate on the bai of the co&&ent of thoe #ho tan to irectly gain financially fro&  'ro5ect a''ro%al< 4e belie%e 'ay&ent to leaeholer an B"/ contract language re=uiring coo'eration houl at the %ery leat e'arate an ientify thee 'ro5ect u''orter fro& the re&aining general 'ublic. S'ecifically, #e #oul reco&&en that B" &a8e a%ailable to the Siting Boar an it taff an the 'ublic a lit of their leaeholer an ini%iual #ith goo neighbor agree&ent, o that #e can all better unertan the 'ecial influence that B" ha on thoe %oice that u''ort their effort. "leae unertan the 9o#n i not uggeting B"/ 'ai u''orter houl not be hear in the Article 10 'roce. 9hey houl, of coure, be hear. Ho#e%er, to better gauge the relati%e  'ublic u''ort for the Ca'e incent 'ro5ect, it i incu&bent on the Siting Boar an taff to 8no# #hat 'ro'ortion of B"/ 'ro5ect u''ort i lin8e to their financial agree&ent.>e'ectfully your,?rban Hirchey @ 9o#n Su'er%ior

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