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Mitch Mitchell: Institutional Racism and Unsolved Murders

Mitch Mitchell: Institutional Racism and Unsolved Murders

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Mitch Mitchell on the cases of Stephen Lawrence, Kelso Cochrane, Rolan Adams and Ricky Reel.
Mitch Mitchell on the cases of Stephen Lawrence, Kelso Cochrane, Rolan Adams and Ricky Reel.

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Published by: revolutionary socialism in the 21st century on Jan 21, 2014
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Institutional racism and unsolved murders
 Mitch Mitchell, January 2014
In the 1990s, I went on several occasions with others from Anti Nazi League to the Stephen Lawrence enquiry which was hel at !lephant " #astle in Lonon$%he outcome of that enquiry was the &acpherson report which ientifie institutional racism withinthe &etropolitan police force$ It highlighte several points a'out Stephen(s case)
*n the night of the murer, the police ha receive several phone calls ientifying the same  people as culprits + 'ut they faile to follow up$
%he police initially investigate the murer as a rug eal gone wrong-$
.olice interviewe Stephen(s frien /wayne roos, who was with Stephen when he was murere, was aggressively as a suspecte rug ealer$ 2/wayne is now a prominent Li'eral/emocrat councillor in Lewisham3$
%he policeman leaing the murer investigation was a former schoolmate of #liffor Norris,a notorious local criminal an the father of one of the main suspects$ /ou'ts remain to this ay over whether #liffor Norris put unue influence on police to e4onerate his son$%he &et came out with the usual weasel wors e4cuse) 5e have learne lessons from this$ 5e are taing steps to ensure these sorts of failures o not happen in the future$-ut the Stephen Lawrence case has several preceents$ In 1969 7elso #ochrane was ice to eathin .aington 'y a racist gang$ No one was ever charge with his murer$ /ocuments have come to light which inicate police at the time wante to ic any suggestions of racially motivate illing into the long grass$ %his was espite strong evience lining the crime with the #olin 8oran(s openly fascism National Socialist &ovement$ Interviewe at the time, 8oran sai) It(s regretta'le that a man ie$ ut if he han(t 'een in this country, it woul not have happene-$In the early hours of 1 8anuary 191 at #lifton :ise in New #ross, 1; 'lac teenagers attening a  'irthay party ie in a house fire$ &any suspecte a petrol 'om' attac 'ut police sai that they coul fin no evience of arson$*n <1 =e'ruary 1991 in %hamesmea, close to !ltham where Stephen(s life was to 'e taen two years later, Nathan an :olan Aams were surroune 'y a gang of a'out 16 white youthschanting

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