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Published by ganyesod

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Published by: ganyesod on Jan 21, 2014
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A Brief but Candid Discourse of the Matter and Manner of Preparing the
Liquor Alkahest
the great
Paracelsus, the Sal Circulatum Minus
Ludovicus de Comitibus:
or our Fiery Spirit of the Four Elements.
With its se in Preparing Magisteries! Arcana"s #uintessences! and other secret Medicines of the
from the Animal! $egitable or Mineral %ingdoms.
&.Maccab. ch.'.(. '). to the &*+
The Fire o the Altar turned into thick !ater"
14.v. 39.
And behold, he reached me a ull Cup, !hich !as ull as it !ere !ith !ater, but the Colour !as like Fire"
Produced by RAMS 1982
#arious have been the $pinions %Courteous &eader' concernin( the )asis and Foundation o this (eneral *issolvent, commonl+ kno!n b+ the name o the Liquor Alkahest some ima(inin( it to be Mercur+ Prepared others, that -tis in .rine, )lood and the like !hich has been the reason o so man+ and diicult labours made use o, and all in vain or that the Liquor remains at this da+ as (reat a secret in the !orld as ever, and -tis like so to continue !hile Chemical Authors deliver the sub/ect in such Tropes and Metaphors, !hich horrible and ine0tricable lab+rinth the +oun( T+ro-s are so entan(led in, that it must be b+ more than an ordinar+ Providence, that he can be disentan(led and set ree"$n this account it ma+ be properl+ said, that these Chemical 1riters had as (ood to have been silent na+, 2t!ou3d have been better or then so man+ !ould not have en(a(ed in a search, !here so
little likel+hood o obtainin( !as seen !hereb+ a (reat deal o Precious Time and Mone+ mi(ht have been saved, and that Perple0it+ o mind !hich ollo!es vain Chemical Processes mi(ht have been Prevented or this &eason it is but /ust in Authores in all their discourses, tendin( to the instruction o others, to direct to that Sub/ect !hich is the true $b/ect o that discourse and tho4 5 must ackno!led(e that 2tis not it to be delivered or disclosed so
 plainl+, as that ever+ Ho( that ma+ come to the Hone+ Pot, +et 5 sa+ that it ma+ be Clothed !ith sach a decent habit, as to  prevent it Abstruse enou(h, +et b+ this a certain and harmonious Concord to be seen as or e0ample, the $b/ect o this discourse is the Alkahest" Man and all creatures have it, or there is
no bein( in 6ature, that is ri(htl+ and (enuinel+ dissolved, but !hat ma+ properl+ and trul+ be said to be done b+ this Liquor, but  particularl+ in man ater a more evident manner in all Ch+liications
!hatever, but in this Act Man sucks the 7uintessence o all thin(s so dissolved or his o!n 6utrition and bein( Transmuted into Human Species, the &ecrements are cast o b+ the common 8munctories, ar more (rosse and 5mperect, than the Species themselves !ere in their irst &eception, consequentl+ the+ are o no it ob/ect to (round the discourse o so pure and 5mmortal a dissolvent on nor indeed Man himsel, tho4 !e (rant that it is plentiull+ in him, but 2tis that Salt or Lie in him !hich Concentrates all other Salts in his o!n 8ssence as a Catholick Fountain or all the &ivulets to be supplied rom" So that there is no takin( o it rom him but b+ a violent breakin( o the 9lass and a Transplantin( o the Fountain back a(ain to that 5ne0haustible
$cean rom !hence it irst received its bein(" Thereore, man cannot be the $b/ect o an+ discourse appertainin( to demonstrate the Sub/ect o this *issolvent or the pure in him, as alread+ said, cannot be obtained !ithout *eath, !hich is abominable even to think on but i it !ere obtained, it !ould not ans!er the end or !hat is suicient to dissolve in the #e(etable in(dom is too !eak or the Animal and that !hich is stron( enou(h in the Animal is too !eak or the Minerals" Thereore, seek it in that and rom that, !hich is the Fountain, that suppl+es all Creatures and bein(s !ith it or had it not a Source, 6ature !ould soon cease, or as she e0hausteth b+ the Acts o Motion and A(itation o Parts in 9eneration, so is she on the other hand 5mmediatel+ Suppl+ed, not onl+ in the 9reat 1orld, but also in ever+ 5ndividual Part !here Lie is: &eceivin( the same throu(h the Air, as the true #ehicle, consequentl+ this Catholick Fountain is the &i(ht ob/ect to (round this discourse on, as the true Sub/ect o the said dissolvin( Liquor this is a standin( Truth, 2t!as Truth in the be(innin(, and !ill remain so to the end o Time" The &eason and Philosoph+ o it 5 can b+ Mechanical *emonstration make clear to a  person !orth+ o such inspection: thereore b+ all Clouds, dark vails and Metaphors, 5 (enuinel+ declare that the matter o this dissolvent is one and the same in essence !ith that matter rom !hence all the !ise Antients obtained the .niversal Medicine one bein( the 1ork o Art, the other 6ature" $ne (entle, the other violent: so that b+ the dierence o $peration the+ are brou(ht to dierent eects"ii6o! thereore the Sub/ect o this discourse bein( the Liquor Alkahest, the ob/ect must be the .niversal spirit or -tis rom this (rand ountain o nature that our chaos doth proceed thereore thrice happ+ is he, that kno!s those ma(nets that attract and make a species o this (eneral 9enus: or be assured that there is somethin( more than elements in all created bein(s, even an incorruptible and quintessential spirit, !hich is the ver+ lie o elements themselves !hich bein( taken appears in mist, vapor or !ater, even that out o !hich the Antients sa+ all thin(s !ere (enerated, Ho!ever, the ri(ht kno!led(e o this matter is suicientl+ abtruse, and the operations thereo +et more abtruse, or 5 !ith man+ others kno! b+ e0perience, that the matter ma+ be kno!n and man+ doe kno! it, +et are !holl+ to seek in the matter and modus o operatin( thereon and !hatever some oppish and conceited ones ma+ think, vi;" that i the+ had the kno!led(e o the true matter all diicult+ is over this ma+ prove a (rand mistake, or 5 have been intimatel+ acquainted !ith some, that have had a true kno!led(e o the matter, and have !rou(ht thereon+et to the da+ o their death, have been to seek o the ma(ister+"

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