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Hindustan Lever Case Study

Hindustan Lever Case Study

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Published by Sunil Pillai

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Published by: Sunil Pillai on Sep 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Case Study:Hindustan Lever Limited
Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL), a leader in the ast-moving consumergoods business, is among the top ve exporters in India.
HLL’s distribu-tion network, with more than 3,400 distributors and 16 million outlets,markets more than a thousand products manuactured in more than ahundred plants across India.Te company’s HIV and AIDS program, initiated in 2002, ocuseson protecting the health o its skilled young workorce. Its actories haveHIV and AIDS awareness initiatives built into their health and saety training.Te program also extends beyond the workplace, spreading aware-ness about HIV and AIDS through two vehicles: Project Sanjivini, whichprovides medical care to the poor in remote villages o eastern India, andProject Shakti, which ocuses on microcredit, training, and empower-ment o women. Here HLL makes good use o its expertise in distribu-
15. Te inormation in the HLL case study is based on HLL’s response to a questionnairesent to the company by email; a personal interview with the company’s vice president ormedical and occupational health at Mumbai; telephone conversations with the medicalocers o the company’s northern and southern regions; and HLL’s 2005 annual report(HLL 2006). Tis inormation is current as o September 2006.
Case Study: Hindustan Lever Limited 
tion and management to work with rural entrepreneurs in spreadingawareness.
Business background
HLL is a multinational company 51 percent owned by the Anglo-Dutch company Unilever. Its product portolio eatures household andpersonal care products—including such leading household brands inIndia as Sur—as well as oods and beverages. Te company distrib-utes nearly a thousand products through its network o 4 warehouses,more than 40 agents, 7,500 wholesalers, and many large institutionalcustomers. It also sources raw materials, intermediates, and packagingmaterials rom more than 2,000 suppliers. Net sales in 2005 totaledUS$2.2 billion.Since the 1980s HLL has directed most o its investments to des-ignated backward areas and zero-industry districts, helping to reviveseveral sick industries and develop local entrepreneurship. Te com-pany also ocuses on a range o community support activities, includingwater management, empowerment o women, and health and hygieneeducation.
Why do something about HIV and AIDS?
As a subsidiary o Unilever, HLL is committed to providing a sae andhealthy working environment or all employees in accordance with bothUnilever standards on occupational health and national and internation-al public health regulations and requirements relating to HIV and AIDS.Tis commitment is reected in the company’s HIV and AIDS policy (box 3).
Case Study: Hindustan Lever Limited 
Further impetus to strengthen HIV and AIDS awareness programsacross all units came rom the company’s belie that the epidemic posesormidable challenges to development and social progress in India. Teprimary goals o HLL’s program are to reduce absenteeism and healthcosts and increase productivity and lie expectancy.
The program
HLL launched its HIV and AIDS initiative in 2002 in the units in its south-ern region. In 2004 it extendedthe initiative to its eastern andwestern regions, and in early 2005 to its northern region.Te basic approach in allHLL units includes reachingout to all employees and busi-ness partners through HIV andAIDS awareness programs andeducating people living withHIV. But to ensure commit-ment rom those implementing
Box 3. The HIV and AIDS policy o HLL
In 2004 HLL ormulated an HIV and AIDS policy that assures employees o anondiscriminatory work environment and assistance in seeking appropriatetreatment that is currently available. The overarching goal is to protectemployees’ health. The policy was drated by HLL’s Occupational HealthDivision under the Unilever HIV and AIDS guidelines and communicated toall employees as well as to supply chain partners, including suppliers anddistributors.To succeed requires the higheststandards o corporate behavior towardour employees, consumers, and thesocieties and the world in which we live.As a part o this corporate behavior HLL isstrongly committed to ensure appropriateworkplace prevention and control o HIVand AIDS, and we will share this expertiseacross the supply chain and communitiesamong which we operate.—Douglas Baillie, Chie Executive OfcerHLL, India and Group Vice President,South Asia, Unilever.

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