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Urine Stone

Urine Stone

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Published by ganyesod

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Published by: ganyesod on Jan 22, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I TRACTATUS JOHANNIS ISAAC! DE URINAHow to extract all tinctures thereby 
ou "ust #now that all tinctures$ white an% re%$ or howe&er they be$ are all extracte% in the sa"e way$ an% that it is all a wor# towar% the Re% an% the 'hite( ou "ust ta#e a lar)e earthenware *ot or cas#$ well )la+e%$ ,ille% with ol%$ clear urine( Set that on an ale"bic$ which "ust be bi)$ to)ether with its recei&er$ an% %istill all that you can( -lac# ,eces will stay at the botto"( Calcine these ,or about three hours so that they )low "o%erately. then %issol&e the" in a/ua co""uni an% boil it ,or two hours( A,ter this$ ta#e it ,ro" the A an% let it settle. %ecant the clear li/ui% abo&e the ,eces( Now$ *ut it bac# on the ,ire an% let it boil 0the li/ui%1 until a s"all ,lux a**ears on it( Then re"o&e it ,ro" the an% *ut it in the col% air or in a col% cellar( A clear salt will crystalli+e( Re"o&e this an% boil the 2T %own an% let it s*rout as be,ore( 3ather the salt a)ain( Ta#e the collecte% salts an% %ry the" in an earthenware *an( Use earthenware because it can )low )ently without "eltin)( Now$ %istill it a)ain in a/ua co""uni %estiilata an% *ut it bac# on the ,or a /uarter o, an hour( Then ta#e it ,ro" the ,ire$ let the ,eces sin# 0settle1$ an% *our o,, the clear as be,ore(our "ust always %ecant the clear while it is still war". then boil it a)ain until there is a s"all ,lux$ li#e beans( Set it a)ain in the col% air or in the cellar as be,ore( 4reser&e the sal that has s*route%$ an% a)ain boil the other 5 or urine$ which %oes not turn into sal$untiil there a**ears a ,lux$ as be,ore$ until it turns into sal( Then %ry the salt in anearthenware *an an% *reser&e it until I tell you how to use it(Then you "ust ta#e all the *rocesse% urine that has been %istille% with 6$ an% i, there is so"e i"*urity li#e an oil$ or so"e yellow ,attiness$ s#i" it o,, with a s*oon or with a ,eather$ so that the urine beco"es /uite *ure( Now$ *rocess this urine a)ain with ,ire$ into a )la+e% earthenware cas# with an aie"bic an% a reci*ient$ an% re*eat this until there are no "ore ,eces in the earthenware &essel or cas#( Always %iscar% the re"ainin) ,eces as they ha&e no &alue(A,ter this$ *rocess 0%raw o,,1 a)ain in the 7-$ an% so"e blac# ,eces will re"ain( Re*eat this until the water )oes o&er clear$ without any ,eces$ always throwin) the ,eces away( Then ta#e the a,ore"entione% salt$ which has been %rie%$ *ut it into the clari,ie% water an% into an ale"bic( Close it ti)htly an% set it on hot ashes ,or three to ,our %ays by which ti"e the salt is %issol&e% into clear water with no ,eces$ thus the tincture is now *re*are%2 This is now *ure as be,ore but %e&oi% o, its ,ecibus an% o, its coarse hu"ore( It has now beco"e so subtle$ that it is inex*ressible(80N(-( 9uan%o sal soi&itur in a/ua" claru" abs /ue ,ecibus tuna *rae*aratu" est1(O, this urine you shoul% ta#e six /uarters 05iertheil1 an% three /uarts o, *rocesse% 0%rawn o,,1 acetu"$ three /uarters o, a/ua &itae$ hal, a *oun% o, co""on salt$ hal, a *oun% o, eal"iac$ hal, a *oun% o, co""on caix &itae$ "ix all these to)ether an% let it %issol&e into clear water without ,eces( 7ow you ha&e a won%er,ul "atter which turns all calcea cor*oru" into their,irst "atter$ that is$ into( 'ith this water$ one can %rawout the blesse% 9uinta Eeaentt2ao,an% o, all thin)s whichare re% an% white( Thus *re*are%$ this water re/uires ten ortwel&e ri%es or tri*s 0Reisen1 an% a)ain %rawn o,,$ it retains all its *ower as i, it ha% not been use% at all( Howe&er$ one "ust recti,y this water(
HO' ONE CAN E:TRACT AN TINCTURE THE'ISH 'ITH THIS 2;ATERTa#e Sul*hur or Auri*i)"ent or Ochre or whate&er you woul% li#e to extract a tincture ,ro"( 4ul&eri+e the "atter ,inely an% )rin% the" to)ether with %istille% 0%rawn o, ,1 &ine)ar so it is li#e soa*( Then$ *lace this in a lar)e &essel an% set in the o&en on ashes or san% an% *our on it this clear urine$ or the a,ore"entione% water$ so that the &essel will be hal, ,ull( Then sto**er the &essel with a cor# an% "anually stir or sha#e it su,,icnetly so that the "atters will "ix 0incor*orate1 well( Then$ return it to the ashes or san% an%$ at ,irst$ )i&e it a s"all ,ire thus heatin) the li/ui%( <ro" ti"e to ti"e$ re"o&e the cor# to allow air to enter or the &essel "i)ht crac#. also$ continually sha#e the &essel$ by han%$ to insure )oo% "ixin) o, the "atters an% to *er"it the &ine)ar 0acetu"1 to *enetrate well('hen you obser&e the &ine)ar to be colore% well$ %ecant the war"$ clear li/ui% o,, ta#in) care that no ,eces co"e o&er with it( Sa&e this li/ui% ,or yoursel,$ sto**erin) it ti)htly( On the ,eces$ *our a%%itional urine$ as be,ore$ an% so"e %istille% &ine)ar$ sto**er it an% sha#e it as *re&iously %one$ to "ix it( 'hen a color 0tincture1 a**ears$ %ecant it an% a%% it to the li/ui% *re&iously sa&e% an% seale%( On the ,eces$ *our new Urine as o,ten as will *ro%uce a tincture$ that is$ until no "ore color will a**ear( In this way$ you will ha&e %rawn o,, all the tincture 0or &irtue1 ,ro" the "atter( Now you can throw away the ,eces orsa&e it ,or use$ i, you #now what it can be use% ,or= Then$ ta#e the a,ore)oin) tincture in a reci*ient an%e&a*orate o,, the "oisture until a s"all ,lux a**ears on to*( Then$ let it )row col% an% *our the "atter$ where the ,lux has a**eare%$ into a *ot that can be seale%( 6ute a hel" thereto an% %raw o,, all the rnositure in ashes or san%$ causin) the tincture$ either white or re% %e*en%in) on the "atter use%$ to re"ain behin% in the *ot( This is the 9uinta" Easentia o, the "atter ,ro" which you ha&e "a%e it( I, you ha&e a%%e% to it the white$ so will you ,in% the /uintessence(The 'hite one will be as white as snow an% the Re% one will )lea" li#e )ol%( In the ,ore)oin) "anner$ one can also extract the 9uinta" Essentia" 7ercurii 2ati in the Re% or the 'hite( Also ,ro" ,ilin)s o, or > Nitr( out o, 5er"ilion or out o, AEre( usto( an% also out o, )ol% caix an% sil&er$ or out o, > in the /uic#est way out$o, all thin)s in the wOrl%(NOTA So that the Urine will be the stron)est$ you "ay want to throw in Sal"iac an% Sal Co""une 4rae*aratu" ana ? @9uintlein 0a ,i,th *artB1 an% then you will see the color as we ha&e *re&iously written about(<ro" these %rawno,, or extracte% tinctures$ one can "a#e Ce"enta an% ce"entiren with it$ which is a little #nown secret *ractice an% art(ou can also "a#e ,ro" this$ A/ua,ort$ that is as re% as bloo% an% as irri%escent as a ruby( 'ith this 'ater$ "an can %o won%erous thin)s$ about which we are not *er"itte% to s*ea#(THE <IRST 'OR O< THE ANCIENTS

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