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Cesar Hernandez Period 2 Wuthering Heights Essay Was Catherine Always

Cesar Hernandez Period 2 Wuthering Heights Essay Was Catherine Always

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Published by Christian

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Published by: Christian on Sep 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cesar HernandezPeriod 2Wuthering Heights EssayWas Catherine always free in wuthering heights or was she enslaved there? Atsome point in her live she was free but later on in the years she was being controlled byother characters living in the household. Especially one specific person who returned tocontrol the heights, but it seems he didn’t have much of a role in dominating Catherine.The oppression by them made her angry, gloomy and bizarre with no way out of it. Evenher emotions and feelings kept her imprisoned since she didn’t know what to do and wastrapped by them. The period of time where Catherine’s life takes place is in theeighteenth century. Many of the women who lived like Catherine were controlled by themen rather than the women. A person that Catherine could relate by this reason is awoman poet by the name of Sylvia Plath also known as the emo wife by others. In thenovel “Wuthering Heights,” Catherine is not considered free, except that there are some points in her life that shows that she is free.The novel Wuthering Heights take place in the mid eighteenth and earlynineteenth centuries. In this period of time women had no rights that men had, men coulddo basically anything they want. Women would just stay at home and take care of boththe family and the household. Women were always oppressed by the men, they had noformal education, weren’t able to vote, and could not get most opportunities of jobs inlife. At some point in a females life the parents control who they marry and treat themarriage as a funeral. This applied to many of the women in the middle class and lower classes, some of the upper class women might have also been affected by this. Families inthe lower classes lived in shoddy tenants such as the house hold wuthering heights. Theupper class lived in small mansions such as Thrushcross Grange.In the novel Wuthering Heights, the women living in the heights were not freesince some served to maintain the household. There are two tenants in the storyWuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. Catherine lives in wuthering heights but alsowas taken care of in the household thrushcross grange. At the grange she learned to become a proper woman and then returned to the heights. She was happy and sort of freefor some time but then a few years passed and Heathcliff had returned to control theheights. Heathcliff married Isabella and Catherine married Edgar. Catherine loved bothEdgar but also loved Heathcliff as well since she and him played when they were young.Edgar began to question her if she had feelings for Heathcliff and had left her for sometime. Catherine was becoming depressed during her time there and was also having sometemper tantrums due to an emotional breakdown. It is realized that she has hurt bothEdgar and Heathcliff, but Heathcliff says that she became ill because of her self and whatshe is doing which affects many of the characters in the novel. Later on in the story shedies after giving birth to Cathy, but before that she had said that her spirit will never be atrest and also Heathcliff curses her so her spirit would never leave him.

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