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 a bewildered state

 a bewildered state

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Published by Paul Carlson

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Published by: Paul Carlson on Sep 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Bewildered State”By Paul CarlsonRough draft: scenes, dialogue and story lines Intro:Commercial starts with “Credit Man”* showinghow good his life is. The credits roll. As thecommercial winds up, the film transitions to “Jessie”,a very much similar man in a life with a wife “Kathy”and a daughter “Jessica”. Several scenes are shownwith “Jessie” and “Kathy” in closeness.
 Jesse has a very lucrative job with his construction company.He builds houses in large subdivisions. His work is very wellknown and respected for his quality and craftsmanship.At this point in time, he is being considered for a job buildinghigh rise towers for one of his good friends and mentors, Jeff.* “Credit Man” is a credit company commercial depicting a manthat has over extended himself.
 Scene 1: Leaving for work“Jessie” and “Kathy” are shown getting ready forwork. There is a lot of activity as each try and getready around the other. They agree to try and meetfor lunch as they prepare to leave the house.“Jesse” has commitments at the build site early,and then a meeting with Jeff later in the morning. Scene 2: The encounter
“Jesse” arrived at “Jeff’s” to see what “Jeff” had on his mind.“Jesse” was glad to see “Jeff”, but was very distracted by theproblems at the site.“Jeff” patted him on the back and urged “Jesse” into his office.He had a lot to tell “Jesse” and was eager to tell him that hewanted him on one of the biggest projects he had taken on.“Jeff asked “Jessieto go upstairs to estimate finishing somefloor for leasing.These floors had been vacant for several months because there
wasn’t enough clientele to lease them out, and “Jeff” was hopingthat bringing “Jesse” in will help out.
“Jessie” had exited “Jeff’s” office and is going to takethe freight elevator because he is parked in back of the building. The elevator is broken, so he has totake the stairs. “Jessie” on his way out enters someunfamiliar corridors that have been underconstruction for some time, are unused and havevery little traffic. He opens a door checking for anexit but enters a room instead. Realizing he is lost,he continues to check for another door that might bethe exit. As he enters a room, he hears a voice.
“Killer”: I’m busy. No one is supposed to be here!
“Jessie” cannot see who is speaking.
“Jessie”: Sorry to have bothered you. I appear to belost. Which way is the exit?
“Jessie” hears some scuffling noises, but still cannotsee anything.
“Killer”: Head back out that door you came in and keep going.
“Jessie” heads back out the door. As he pulls thedoor too, he pauses. Something didn’t seem rightwith this situation. At this point, a maintenance mancomes around the corner.
“Maint. Man”(Speaking loudly): Can I help you?“Jessie”: I’m lost and I’m trying to find the exit.“MM”: Follow me and I will show you the way out.“Jessie”: Would you check out this room firstsomething seemed strange here.“MM” (opening door and stepping in room): Is theresomething I am supposed to see?“Jessie”(Looking around the MM): There wassomeone here a minute ago.“MM”: I don’t see anyone. There is nothing
scheduled for this part of the building so no oneshould be here.“Jessie”: Hmmmm. That’s odd. Okay. I need to get to the rear exit.
MM Leads the way down the hall with Jessiefollowing. Scene 3: Distraction  The next day, Jessie reads in the paper that a womanhad been killed in the very building he had been in.He begins to feel ill at the very thought that he mayhave walked in on the murder while it was beingcommitted and did not know it. (different shotsshowing Jessie’s mind wandering about what hesaw). Kathy notes Jessie’s distraction.
Kathy: Jessie, are you okay? What’s the matter?
 Jessie seems very distracted and bewildered.
 Jessie: I’m not sure. I just read about this murder and I think I might have been there about the time it was happening.
Kathy moves over to console “Jesse”thinking it might just be a coincidence.Camera pans off Jessie and fade out.
Scene 4: The next encounter A couple of days later, Jessie is again downtown andgoes to a large office building for a business meetingwith his friend Jeff. As he goes through the office, helooks to the right and sees a distinctive lookingfellow. Jessie’s impression was of the office highroller, a little on the international traveler style. Jessie proceeds into Jeff’s office for the meeting.When the meeting is over, he leaves Jeff’s office.

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