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2nd Writing Curriculum Map Year

2nd Writing Curriculum Map Year

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Published by bgeller4936

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Published by: bgeller4936 on Sep 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2nd grade Writing Curriculum Map
2nd grade Writing 1July 2008
: 1 2 3 4
Overarching Learner Outcomes
Standards Knowledge/ Understandings
JC Students Will
Learning Targets
Writing is used as atool:-
for learning-
for demonstratinglearning-
for authenticpurposesWrite to learn by applying strategies effectively(e.g., learning logs, reflections)
Different forms of writing areappropriate fordifferent purposesand audiencesacross the contentareas and havedifferent features(e.g., journals, on-demand responses,narratives, articles).To be effective,writing must be asufficientlydeveloped, coherentunit of thought toaddress the needs of the intendedaudience.
 Purpose/Audience: Establish and maintain afocused purpose to communicate with anauthentic audience by
Narrowing the topic to create a specificpurpose for writing
Establishing a controlling idea, theme orthesis about the topic
Choosing a perspective authentic to the writer
Analyzing and addressing the needs of theintended audience
Adhering to the characteristics of the form
Applying a suitable tone
Allowing voice to emerge when appropriate(DOK 4)
Write with a focused purpose.
 In Personal Expressive Writing,
Write about a life event or relationship
 Apply characteristics of theselected form (personalnarrative, memoir)
 Recognize voice in writing
Identify voice in abook.WR-E-1.2.0
Idea Development/ Support: Students willsupport main ideas and deepen the audience’sunderstanding of purpose by
Include details that answer who,what, when, where, why as wellas personal thoughts or feelings.
2nd grade Writing Curriculum Map
2nd July 2008 2grade Writing
Developing logical, justified and suitableexplanations
Providing relevant elaboration
Explaining related connections or reflections
Applying idea development strategiesappropriate for the form (DOK 4)
 In Personal Expressive/LiteraryWriting, students will:
 Develop characters throughdialogue and actions
 Develop storyline (beginning,middle and end)
 Develop appropriate setting
Apply literary or poeticdevices (simile) whenappropriateWR-E-2.4.0Sentences must becomplete and clear.Variety in sentencestructure helps toengage the reader andmake meaning moreclear.Sometimes,unconventionalsentence structure isappropriate for anintended effect uponthe reader
 Create effective sentences by-
Applying a variety of structures and lengths-
Developing complete and correct sentencesunless using unconventional structures for anintentional effect when appropriate (DOK 3)
Write in paragraph form withcomplete and correct sentences.
 In Personal Expressive/ LiteraryWriting, students will:
 Develop both simple and complex sentences
 Develop complete and correct sentences
* efolio- word processingWR-E-2.3.0Different types of structures (e.g.,paragraphs, stanzas)are appropriate fordifferent purposes,audiences anddifferent forms of writing.Paragraphs and wholetexts must beunified andcoherent.Structural elementssuch as context,meaningful order of 
Create unity and coherence to accomplish thefocused purpose by
Engaging the audience
Establishing a context for reading whenappropriate
Communicating ideas and support in ameaningful order
Applying transitions and transitionalelements to guide the reader through thepiece
Developing effective closureDOK 3
Identify and begin to use leads
 In Personal Expressive/LiteraryWriting, students will:
Communicate ideas in alogical order 
Use transitions between ideas
Create a conclusion
2nd grade Writing Curriculum Map
2nd grade Writing July 2008 3
ideas, transitionalwords/phrases andconclusions all helpmake meaning clearfor the reader
EL-P-WS-S-4Create paragraphs that maintain focus on onecentral idea; apply paragraph structures (block andindented) consistentlyWrite a paragraph that includes atopic sentence, supportingdetails, and logical order*efolio- word processingWR-E-3.5.0Effective wordchoice
Language:Exemplify effective language choices by-
Applying correct grammar and usage-
Applying concise use of language-
Incorporating strong verbs, precise nouns,concrete details and sensory details-
Applying language appropriate to thecontent, purpose and audience (DOK 2)
Identify parts of speech:- Nouns.
 In Personal Expressive/LiteraryWriting,
 Apply correct grammar and usage
 Appropriately incorporatenouns, verbs, concrete and sensory details
Recognize correct grammar andusage.WR-E-3.6.0Effective grammarand spelling
Correctness: Students will communicateclearly by
 Apply correct spelling appropriate for gradelevel
 Apply correct punctuation independently (. ? !)
 Apply correct capitalization independently(beginning of sentences, I, proper nouns)
Identify the purposes of differenttypes of punctuation.
WR-E-3.6.0Correctness: Students will communicateclearly byIncorporating appropriate documentation of ideas and information from outside sources(e.g., citing authors or titles within the text,listing sources documenting sources in textand/or on a Works Cited page)
EL-P-WV-S-7Write legibly (e.g., print, cursive) leaving spacebetween letters in a word, words in a sentence andwriting appropriately on lined paper
Begin to write in cursive.

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