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2014 Health & Medical

2014 Health & Medical

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Published by PauldingProgress

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Published by: PauldingProgress on Jan 22, 2014
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A Special Supplement to
The Paulding County ProgressJanuary 22, 2014
2014 Health & Medical
Great Care, Right Here!
1250 S. Washington Street | Van Wert, OH | 419-238-2390 | VanWertHospital.org
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 2 - Paulding County Progress Health & Medical Wednesday, January 22, 2014
The basics of boosting metabolism
Men and women looking to sheda few pounds and keep thosepounds off often look for ways toboost their metabolisms. Some maynot know just what metabolismmeans, and though it is a complicat-ed combination of processes,metabolism is perhaps bestexplained as the sum of thoseprocesses, each of which is institut-ed to convert food into energy.So it’s no surprise that so manypeople, especially men and womenwhose metabolisms have begun toslow down, want to boost their metabolism and turn that food intoenergy more quickly.Though metabolism is a collec-tion of complicated processes,boosting metabolism can be rather easy. The following are a handful of ways to do so, which can help menand women reach their fitnessgoals.
Eat the right foods and eatmore often.
Many adults have beenturned on to the concept of grazing,an approach to diet wherein adher-ents eat small portions of foodevery two to three hours instead of the more traditional three squaremeals per day. But grazing is onlyeffective when men and women eatthe right foods.Each small meal should still havenutritional value just as if it were alarge meal.When eating smaller meals,include healthy sources of proteinand fiber. Vegetables tend to beespecially beneficial because theyare high in fiber, a nondigestiblecarbohydrate that is hard for the body to break down. As the bodyworks hard to break down fiber, it’s burning energy and boosting itsmetabolism along the way.Fish is another potentially benefi-cial food for those looking to boosttheir metabolisms, as studies haveshown that the omega-3 fatty acidsfound in fish oils increase the levelsof fat-burning enzymes in the bodywhile decreasing the body’s level of fat-storage enzymes. Eating more often benefits the body because doing so stimulatesmetabolism, reassuring the bodythat food will be coming on a regu-lar basis. When meals are skippedor there are long intervals betweenmeals, the body reacts as if it mightrun out of food and begins to storefat.
Add some lean muscle.
Leanmuscle can boost metabolism, so aworkout dominated by cardiovascu-lar exercise won’t have as positivean impact on metabolism as onethat includes a combination of weight training and aerobic exer-cise. When muscles are workedhard, the body needs to work hardto recover and rebuild those mus-cles, burning more calories and boosting metabolism as a result.
Don’t believe everything youread or hear.
Suggestions aboundas to ways to significantly improvemetabolism. Unfortunately, manyof these suggestions boost metabo-lism but not enough to help peoplelose weight, which is the ultimategoal of many people looking to boost their metabolisms.For example, green tea has its proponents who feel it can have asignificant impact on metabolismthanks to EGCG, a compoundfound in the tea that has been proven to elevate metabolism.However, the impact of EGCG on boosting metabolism is negligible,
Strength training to build lean muscle is one way men and women canboost their metabolisms.
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 Wednesday, January 22, 2014Paulding County Progress Health & Medical - 3
How to find time for fitness
Finding time to exercise is nosmall feat for many men andwomen. Obligations at home andat the office can make it hard to fitin a workout, a familiar quandaryfor men and women with multiplecommitments.Though it’s not always easy to fitin a workout when juggling multi-ple responsibilities, men andwomen must consider the responsi-bility they have with regard tomaintaining their physical andmental health. The United StatesDepartment of Health and HumanServices advises that healthy adultsget at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity or 75minutes a week of vigorous aero-bic activity, and that such activityshould be spread out over thecourse of the week.In addition, the DHHS alsoadvises that healthy adults includestrength training exercises in their workout regimens at least twice aweek. Such a workout schedulecan improve both physical andmental health, making it easier for men and women to handle their hectic schedules.While such recommendationsmay seem manageable, many menand women still feel as if there’s just not enough time in the day for them to incorporate a daily exer-cise regimen. The following are afew ways such men and womencan find time for fitness.
Take a walking lunch.
Many professionals have heard of a“working lunch,” but thosestrapped for time to exercise mightwant to take a walking lunchinstead. Rather than sitting at your desk or in your favorite booth at anearby restaurant on your lunchhour each day, consider squeezingin some time to walk during those30-60 minutes you normally spendeating or catching up on office gos-sip with coworkers. Invite a fewcoworkers along, walking to andfrom your favorite restaurant or finding a nearby park and going for a quick walk. This is an easy wayto squeeze in the recommended 30minutes of moderate aerobic activ-ity each day, and you will no doubtfeel more energized after lunchthan if you had simply eaten with-out exercising.
Exercise in the morning.
Research has shown that men andwomen who exercise in the morn-ings exercise on a more consistent basis than those who exercise later in the day, including after leavingthe office at the end of the work-day. When exercising in the earlymorning hours, men and womenare less likely to encounter sched-uling conflicts, as coworkers, col-leagues and even the kids will like-ly still be asleep. That means fewer interrupted or missed workouts.
Prepare meals ahead of time.
If working out in the morning sim- ply won’t work out for you, thenconsider planning meals inadvance so you can free up time between the office and dinner eachnight. For example, slow cookersand crockpots make it possible tostart making dinner in the earlymorning and require little or noeffort once you arrive home in theevening. Plan to cook a few mealseach week in a slow cooker, whichwill free up time for you to work-out when you would otherwise be preparing dinner.
Work while you workout.
Smartphones and tablets havemade it easier than ever to getwork done while you’re away fromwork. This includes getting somework done while you’re getting inyour weekly recommended aerobicactivity on the treadmill, ellipticalmachine or exercise bike. Thanksto smartphones and tablets, youcan now read and answer emailsand work on some projects whileyou sweat away those extra pounds.
Get off the couch.
Many menand women prefer to unwind onthe couch as they catch up on their favorite television shows andmovies. But such unwindingshould not come at the expense of working out. Much like catchingup on work at the gym, you alsocan catch up on your favoriteshows and movies while at thegym. Many smartphones andtablets now have apps that allowusers to access subscriptionstreaming services, so users whocan’t find time to exercise shouldtake advantage of such apps andwatch their favorite shows andmovies from the treadmill insteadof the couch. Readers who cancomfortably read while exercisingcan follow a similar route and readon the elliptical instead of sittingsedentary in a chair as they maketheir way through the latest best-seller.Finding time to exercise can be dif-ficult, but even the busiest men andwomen have several options attheir disposal as they attempt tomake fitness a bigger priority intheir lives.

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