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Libertynewsprint 9-23-09 Edition

Libertynewsprint 9-23-09 Edition

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Liberty Newsprint in is America's daily E-Reader Newsfeed Archive powered by Feedjournal.com's publisher. Our goal is to produce a compelling mix of news to keep you informed. Subscribe Now!
Liberty Newsprint in is America's daily E-Reader Newsfeed Archive powered by Feedjournal.com's publisher. Our goal is to produce a compelling mix of news to keep you informed. Subscribe Now!

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Sep 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Internet News RecordLibertyNewsprint.com U.S. Edition22/09/09 - 23/09/09
Obama takes on anti-Americanism, calls for newera
By Tabassum Zakaria (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 9/23/2009 9:34:15 AM
President Barack Obama beganhis first speech before the U.N.General Assembly by taking onthe anti-Americanism that spreadoverseas in the aftermath of the2003 invasion of Iraq (six yearsbefore his presidency).“I took office at a time whenmany around the world had cometo view America with skepticismand distrust,” he told worldleaders.Misperceptions, misinformation,opposition to U.S. policies, and abelief that the United States actedunilaterally “fed an almostreflexive anti-Americanismwhich, too often, has served as anexcuse for collective inaction,”Obama said.He called for embracing “a newera of engagement based onmutual interest and mutualrespect.”Obama basically put on the linehis hopes for a new chapter inU.S. relations with othercountries, and made clear that hewas breaking from the unpopularpolicies of his predecessor, formerPresident George W. Bush.He ticked off action taken onissues of friction, saying he hasprohibited torture, orderedGuantanamo Bay prison closedand worked on combatingextremism “within the rule of law.”At home, Obama facesRepublican and conservativecritics who question whether he istough enough on nationalsecurity.The Republican NationalCommittee was quick with aresponse to Obama’s U.N. speech:“Last week President Obamabacked off his pledge to protectAmerica and our allies in EasternEurope with a strong missiledefense shield. This week, we areseeing the president back off hisMarch pledge of providing theresources necessary for our menand women in Afghanistan.”“The president has already lostcredibility with his commitmentto our allies, so why should webelieve his words today before theUnited Nations?” the RNC said ina statement.Obama is trying to changeworld perception of the UnitedStates. Republicans are trying tochange American perception of Obama.Do you believe Obama willsucceed in reducing anti-American opinion abroad? WillRepublicans succeed in turningAmerican opinion againstObama?Click here for more Reuterspolitical coveragePhoto credit: Reuters/ShannonStapleton (World leaders listen asObama addresses U.N. GeneralAssembly), Reuters/Mike Segar(Obama speaking at the U.N.)
Another kindof death panels
By Emily Kaiser (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 9/23/2009 6:59:40 AM
U.S. Representative BarneyFrank has never been shy aboutexpressing his opinions. Hisopening remarks at a hearing hechaired with Treasury SecretaryTimothy Geithner on Wednesdaywas no exception. Frank pokedfun at a political squabble overhealthcare reform as he detailedhis position on what to do aboutnon-bank financial firmsconsidered "too big to fail.""There will be death panelsenacted by this Congress, but theywill be for non-bank financialinstitutions that will not beconsidered too big to die.I say that because we have thiseuphemism that we are going tobe 'resolving' these institutions. Ithas not been my experience thatwhen someone says they aregoing to resolve something, theykill it. We are talking aboutdissolution, not resolution. We aretalking about making it unpleasantfor the entities. This is not a fatepeople will want."
Man surrenders after standoff at Chicago hospital (AP)
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News)
Constance A buzzed up: Gameover: Fla. cops caught playing Wiion the job8 seconds ago 2009-09-23T09:49:50-07:00
2Internet News Record
The First Draft: Gaddafi, the tent andThe Donald
By Deborah Zabarenko (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 9/23/2009 7:28:36 AM
Official Washington is gazingnorthward this morning towardNew York and the UnitedNations, where President Barack Obama will be followed in theGeneral Assembly by Libya’sMuammar Gaddafi. The bigquestion in the blogosphere is notwhat Obama will tell the gathereddiplomats of the world — theWhite House has indicated he willstress a new tone in foreign policy— but where Gaddafi spent thenight.Unlike the rest of the assembledenvoys, Gaddafi prefers aBedouin tent to a hotel (hateselevators, reportedly) but hisplans to pitch a tent in thesuburban town of Bedford, NewYork, hit a snag with localauthorities. Construction of thetent, featuring draperies with acamel print, was halted onTuesday. ABC News reported thathe bedded down in Manhattanclose to the United Nations.The titillation factor grew whenit was discovered that the estate inBedford was owned by none otherthan Donald Trump, New York real estate magnate and publicitymagnet extraordinaire.The morning TV newsprograms — NBC, ABC, CNN,CBS, FOX — all featured stories,with video of the tent underconstruction. A quick Web searchfor tent+bedford+libya (leavingout Gaddafi’s name because of the various spellings of it)resulted in 227,000 hits.There are plenty of criticalissues before the United NationsGeneral Assembly (and the G20in Pittsburgh) this week: nuclearweapons proliferation, MiddleEast conflict, climate change, theglobal economic slump. So why isthis the issue that’s grabbing theheadlines? Is it because it’ssomething to spark outrage?Laugh at? Because of all thegnarly problems of the world, thisis one that at least iscomprehensible? Let us knowwhat you think.Photo credits:REUTERS/Hugo Correia(Gaddafi in his tent outsideLisbon, Portugal, December 6,2007)REUTERS/Chris Helgren (Tentfor Gaddafi pitched on thegrounds of an Italian villa inRome, June 9, 2009)
So what’s the carbon footprint ofa motorcade?
By Caren Bohan (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 9/22/2009 12:36:08 PM
World leaders in New York Cityfor the U.N. General Assemblyalso bring motorcades, gridlock,and idling engines.So when White House reporters,also in New York followingPresident Barack Obama around,got a briefing on U.N. climatechange talks, the question had tobe asked.CBS’s Mark Knoller wonderedabout the carbon footprint of thesummit: could the earneststatements on climate change beundermined by motorcades,gridlock, idling engines?The answer: electricmotorcades!(Would that mean electricsockets on every corner inmidtown Manhattan?)“I think the U.N. should make apledge to electric vehiclemotorcades within five years,”U.S. climate negotiator ToddStern told reporters.Photo credit: Reuters/KaiPfaffenbach (power plug is seennext to an electric-drive car)
Ga. man indicted in female soldier's beating (AP)
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News)
Submitted at 9/23/2009 9:40:23 AM
Ms. Susanna buzzed up: Cantor:Pelosi 'in another world' (Politico)1 second ago 2009-09-23T09:47:22-07:00
Obama urges ‘new era of engagement’
(Financial Times - US homepage)
Submitted at 9/23/2009 9:00:08 AM
Barack Obama on Wednesdaypromised fellow leaders a newrelationship with the US and saidneither he nor his country couldsolve the problems of the worldwithout them.Challenging the world’s leadersto work with the US to addressglobal problems, he referred to an“almost reflexive anti-Americanism” that had definedthe attitudes of many statestowards the US in the past.“Those who used to chastiseAmerica for acting alone in theworld cannot now stand by andwait for America to solve theworld’s problems alone”.
Politics/ Top News/ Finance/ 
3Internet News Record
Slide in support for healthcare overhaul slows,poll says
By JoAnne Allen (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 9/22/2009 7:36:42 PM
Public support for PresidentBarack Obama’s healthcarereform initiative has reboundedslightly following his speech toCongress this month, according toan NBC/Wall Street Journal pollreleased on Tuesday.Forty-five percent of Americansapprove of the president’shandling of healthcare, comparedto 46 percent who disapprove, thepoll found. In last month’sNBC/WSJ poll last month, 47percent disapproved and 41percent approved.Obama delivered a healthcarespeech to Congress on Sept. 9followed by a media blitz torevive his case for reform. Hishealthcare overhaul initiativesuffered a setback as the hot topicin a summer of raucous rallies andpublic debate.More people still believeObama’s healthcare plan is a badidea than a good one, 41 percentto 39 percent, according to theNBC/WSJ poll.However, 45 percent now say itwould be better to pass ahealthcare plan than to stick withthe current system, while 39percent don’t want any change atall.
Skelton making point on Afghanistan with turn ofphrase
By Tabassum Zakaria (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 9/22/2009 2:47:32 PM
Sometimes it takes a colorfulphrase to get the point across.And these days when it seemsalmost everyone’s got an opinionon Afghanistan, House ArmedServices Committee Chairman IkeSkelton’s words caught attention.In a six-page letter to PresidentBarack Obama, the MissouriDemocrat bared his view thatGeneral Stanley McChrystalshould have the troops andresources he needs for the war.“The last administration alloweditself to be distracted from thefight forced on us in Afghanistanby the fight it chose in Iraq,”Skelton wrote.“I believe that this was astrategic mistake, robbing the warin Afghanistan of the necessaryresources and resulting in anapproach of ‘half-ass it and hope.’We cannot afford to continue thatpolicy.”Can bumper stickers be farbehind?Photo credit: Reuters/JoshuaRoberts (Skelton on Capitol Hillin 2008)
Gadhafi Slams SecurityCouncil - ABC News
(Most Popular - Google News)
Submitted at 9/23/2009 9:30:10 AM
In his first U.N. appearance,Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafiissued a slashing attack on theSecurity Council and chastised theworld body on Wednesday forfailing to intervene or preventsome 65 wars since the U.N. wasfounded in 1945.Gadhafi called for reform of thecouncil — abolishing the vetopower of the five permanentmembers — or expanding thebody with additional memberstates to make it morerepresentative."It should not be called theSecurity Council, it should becalled the "terror council," hesaid.The veto-wielding SecurityCouncil powers -- the UnitedStates, Britain, China, France andRussia -- treat smaller countries as"second class, despised" nations,Gadhafi said."Now, brothers, there is norespect for the United Nations, noregard for the General Assembly,"Gadhafi said.His speech followed PresidentBarack Obama's first GeneralAssembly address, but not beforea recess of some 15 minutes wascalled by the Libyan president of the General Assembly sodiplomats could take new seats.The U.S. Mission wasrepresented at a low level by anote-taker and an African expert.U.S. Secretary of State HillaryRodham Clinton and U.S.Ambassador Susan Rice departedbefore Gadhafi ascended thepodium.After waiting for the room tosettled, Gadhafi rose and swepthis robe over him and strode tothe stage, using the handrail onhis way up. He wore a shiny black pin in the shape of Africa pinnedover his heart, on his brown andtan Bedouin robes.Gadhafi laid the yellow folder infront of him and opened some of the handwritten pages as hereceived scattered applause.The chamber was half-empty asGadhafi gave his first speech andheld a copy of the U.N. Charter inhis hands, each with a large, shinyring. For a moment, it seemed helost his place in his speech whilehe sorted through the pages of hisyellow folder.He appeared to be speakingwithout a text, looking at a set of notes before him on handwrittenpages. He was not reading fromthe TelePrompTer.
Geithner pushes for stronger financial regulation
(Financial Times - US homepage)
Submitted at 9/23/2009 8:49:03 AM
Tim Geithner, US Treasurysecretary, and Barney Frank,chairman of the House financialservices committee, onWednesday insisted that largeinstitutions would not gain animplicit government subsidyduring a sometimes testy hearingin Congress.The Treasury’s desire to preventlarge failing financial companiessuch as Lehman Brothers andAIG from threatening the entiresystem has sparked fears thatlarge companies will benefit fromlower borrowing costs becausethey are implicitly protected bythe government.
Hit or Miss: September toRemember?
(ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 9/23/2009 1:54:00 AM
Do you think your fave celeb'sstyle is super sweet or totallybeat?
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