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Woman Initiate Exposes Weird Rites of the Rosicrucians (1920).

Woman Initiate Exposes Weird Rites of the Rosicrucians (1920).

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Published by sauron385
The Sun and New York Herald, Sunday, April 18, 1920. Section 7, page 6. Transcription included.
The Sun and New York Herald, Sunday, April 18, 1920. Section 7, page 6. Transcription included.

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Published by: sauron385 on Jan 22, 2014
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Woman Initiate Exposes Weird Rites of the Rosicrucians
Fearsome Oaths and Exhibitions of Magic
Described as Chief Features in
Ceremony of Induction
a i {/>c~
M F T R O P O L IT * .
c o l l e g e
Member Who 'Resigned Tells of Attempts
to Make Her Pay Penalty for With drawing From the Order
s th* srner*] sad Indifference to th* mogi recent cam potation nf vrll Hi* coming force, and to the l«te?t Agro nomical and astrological date. from Mount Eccle»ln ibrrc lire persons In New York who re not itwar* Llvit many bran-’he* of lit** nonlrruclan Soclcty exmt In America *1Spencer Lewis, F, TL C., pranrf master *en«- tral and Jmf>erator of the Roiaecri i?tn(rot* the *[>clllnpl, eharcs thle ipnor*"-*  with them, or alms to. for bo sa«.s
 hi* history of th# ord*r tn Amrrleft"UTill* In the United States (hero man
* rrAy of 
 ftrcaniintJon* alt pUiTortiPS to
 true Fto«a ecru clone ihrre la In truth hut on©true order, the original nm] perfect Hnw?- crurlflrr order, which la known by one only name. The Ancient and Mystlwl Vler n^»a« Cruel*.* whose universal nnrf world  wide *v tn hoi it tit# rHanffln with ihe point down warrt/* Another statement
 Founder l^ewh will nurpri*e a sood many p*r»fin» who thought they knejr nil jtfcour Ftoflcruclnnlftn In thin country It !s that the Arrerl^n racittv datea bar k fmm J31C He made amiaread'oc of hi* ortirl/ia] instruction* f.-©mthe Inlfl- nici. und when In IMS he called upon lb* Society for psyeftteaJ Henearch lo help him form a lodce here of the Crnq* hf met with IndlfTcrenee, tt could not tv*otherwise, for the adapts* ha illretarded the dnte to HIS In th* early part of that *e*r, wth The n- elfttance of Superior Secretary ‘Genera! Thor Kllmal^hrn and when "the m*v>nwa* In Sar- Ittariua." •fmeH with charter f-nfl “hiaek book,** Founder Lewis called tn^fiher a Ititlfc band of nine mon nnd wnrrun lo form fteorn^iriftee to onjrtrifttQ aSupreme Connell for  Amcrlca.Crowth of the Or^inijnlion The preliminary won w ent for-wn1^ Readily. In March flfiv permne had mfoen the ’’preliminary cath In ihe fiffrlal
 L-“ On April 1lhlrt.v of flu- m«l ««- rive work^ met M nproposed lod,?* ronm lo Seventh avenue and there and then >bev constituted tliein*e|vo* the ttrM true R^l rmrlan convention of *li* »>rder ever h*M Sothe temple to America "Since then/1clowlnply reports F^u^ier
 ord #»r
 jr* grown nnmifinfflv There i»re nn« nsvrclatrl »fa fiuftdrol'*>f mrrclv’OtR June? owners. '■'li
luri Govern me nr nliv^lr’ai*' sirc*or* law^ei^ w^nnti«l« iirof*winnai nnd wom^n artjnsn?; |jiKorer« «« Hi*
lie trrtdea. oil wm'hlnr for
 *vT>nv»r< enoo
ntl meeflnc
rr-tnmon ’e^e! "
\ \
 oni'** the *3:r' i> e ^f'e ^rnarot^f) 'f'W
fhr son Iff ?tnrt nr'llr1h.'»ir 'ttrflftrjelv
^Inr Tntfei'* .tr +.fih*1fl **?**rrurlan* wcr^ *l;ert ir»nn
Manv r»f (hem di* ,-Jclaimed (hr ini»nf|«n n* ri•^trr*•n^^fM,' ^ clalh the erefli t^rr^i -i**rler Ore of Mm
 i nn nov*il _*nyitrrtl*1erpto^ierf *Tint *♦»*
rounded the "TT^irmrfn
O.I*tt no rreirrniion 'n leni^nrnd e^'v^'^tr«
 ptniMinnfl -h« n
|ri- sprt r>'>v ^
lir-r *‘T*!rpl
rn*» "
 »Tt' *,
mrr 11'ivW'i r-l the ^nr>em*«< »r
r^nriPi r'lir<
r»r<* «n< **»V F-nir
i-«*Htie ninotr* c-
taa‘nrm+nj ih m nnr rftlJe.i ,*Srfr- iHonltGivlnjr the F»r*t Furtv-nine U^icre's th* IllumlnaU nf th? ItnMcruclan Or<Jer.” ThN hook aoid for 110.But any connection be* iwwn Dr. Cl>*m»r anfl the true Fiotaecru cl* o
 *a* finally disproved T^hit
aKoaJiecrueian■*Here ifl f>r. Lewla'a annwer:’’A RoMecruelan N nne who llx®s nJife of attainment,, determlnrd that brfnre ho eom- pleiea this cycle or period of earthty exist ence h# shall have nccomp!l*hcc! throtiRh p»*r*onal e deavor
m r ia
 deed of coodncaa for the Setter lent of thLiuman niceThe I'.oaaecruelnns have nothing to rt w-libany other relig-ion, lnclut!lns the CfcrJa- tian religion Thev created the symbol of the cm**, they any. and the C’hriMian** adopted it. They <1onot leach splrltunllam nor mrdlumahlp Rosaccrurlanism lua noth ing to do with Tocl
 other philosophy. !! aellfl no hmok« or decrees purporting
 con tain aerrrta of Initiation It haa regular lndjfe^cr temples In various ClUea. ear.li with Ita muster officer and und^r ofTlt'i!Jle: II ha" also its irrand lodges, and Its «npn*nr lodjje I* In this cJl». The work of the American branrh Inoutlined hv the supreme cnutvil
f t
 ihe world and Is aecret. The fundi* nre ml* l^ried by rrpukr contribution? *'Th RoMerrurlana loilsfe of New Y<*rk city haa npparontly Jndjtjcd It wlae to urteanother name than Its hmcuii one. It functions * a society for educailonal purposes as the ^Telropollf1'lr^Colley. Tncorporatf’d The preaideni of thl* collefie wa« formerly n J^aulf prient ant! It hna a Inrc* aoe’ety of adepts and Inltlatea and prnt«ationeri irlth branches and connections In other cUto*Tell* of WeirJ Initation.Meeting j^nd classee nr the ,lcolle5f.,Hare held in the Masoolc Temple In H irlem Claasea for the Instruction of probationer" are held weekly and the "Initiates " aatie of  wfiom are called 'Initiates of Tibet** me+*ton the Jfilb n/id last or each month All mreUnt:" are i'eli at nI^tit i«nd the rellglou" meetings,
p o
called, stort at midnight,
vr^ihdldare for probation |pr>bUi?«<l »n flhnw from iliree welJ luionn hu^ln*- ^m^n who h
 m \ t ' 
 1{po«n him ft.ii- at l**asi f ve  years ^*hen tlie^e hnx'e been passod on f«- vorahly by tlir ofTtreri he will be siimm te»l to (he Initiation ceifmonlf* a a tH" ancient «t)il mystical or<i*r !* truly m%"ikaIan*! *<*-
croi. if* know what thes^ r^remonle^ are <^e
rnuFf depend on what
*oJd bv pf-rsors,^wi»o have cone «o far a* to have the experi*1
e rnd then baeked oijt noinati of a bJsh d^irr^e of intetlJjcenre and renulnetv "i«on^- Irc had the expertencc ftnd did retreat ^
t’tl?*11:<»tiurv nf hr-einftlrttJoti
f|i|thnnd Wftjjlrt *(#nlJIInc *0 sicn r ctntMipi'ti"
tf bi *lo nt
 urn «-oi»dpojld be r*Tlnt-i*
«Annf|iei nnmm
 man wer* ^.*-oihrr ranrtMri'*>p #*f mlrl»Hor henlfl*** ni'" i.iiH "'V 
 * rc+rm
'or^el |i)n sfr nil
 r<ftl'Krrher wVIe Ijif -o*l*tV ^I*r“ltl1 oh iIJI
r’l'H in tpic nvit
f)r r
a«u.r,a c\'#*I'jrHr'il -i
 rat*e,i Ifi Kpm^ch t tort
 *n r riha"'
th^ee rr»
rrmnt^l 1s-«1 wuH f|ir>nomnu r»n*)idefe* '*o w-a* \*e?*vne^voii* tnfl learned ■‘ha* ^he tniiijioerl ^»*rln?*vp And h> th** h>pr of r ulnc into rr’tnmfinlc.Ttlon with her *p|r|(
ran-, hf fhr ^Irt of th* rSo"icrueian»
The innle ^,m-iiffai^ >mpre*«,ePj rr,e n* boine Inrtuen^efJ hv .4jirfA*-1tv *|mph
\| «n-nk*
r f 
 nildnlcbl the
r}n*\ r*.
-*-er* t?-or-n n-i.tbr re prir "<1mltiA*1Pill ^1* *"C pfl-ivber I'
 '*imlv lisht’-rl\rj!he< *vl'Hi*
 n0r p('r«nni 'p- b
^ rie
 'tlJiTji hri^drrsc^
,m-+ nutii: moved
 jipn'f«*lnT> fin
11ir li»f| nir|*t orie>>ni^n \rrhi)
 ru^ * n Itl ^rd ri»*n UIl»lO
It 1iCbie.l
k ih
 ii+ hh
ti pira'Cfr’iitfij ivRlltid t^f. nn’ji. <m. !.•»»»»,•#tKiWl ui ra-Tlflrlal b?oo«i fiiid the tf.kull
 alhO iMumitllltrd lit r'.Hl-
trusty.' WVi' t!ir (>rnpcs«imi vnd pa
i a
 »nuir the ton oj the r*ii:im we ;hr ciiniliil^H %e»*»blindfol'bd unj 1*>ijhefui-t- iin*in Th n
on i bs wrrf adrohiHtrte<.i
n> |n hi
could tetix ml*' Mie-* ••ce ph* t!-<’dbui 1tlf« not Tbt v >\ *t. hm«w sod i«i A*>r« a*ked t«i reprat Hun. Mi rrtlnri* and all Irecoil**, tte tlnit tin-
II ' Wfit* vit% wrinl
oitb w.ie
coj-; hed
 v.lni 'i we ttere tolJ
;iihr* tinivn fr<Jtti the fourteenth yentyrv li>- lri-i ojith or |lie sent1* wj* fhal wr  wonlil ncvvr ivveal the socrtiB ol the order or *xhlt)ir to an out^idrr ,m\ uf 'he dteia* lure rtf tbr F'oslcvucLJins
 were then r^moi'ed from our <wri'if given #ieut3 in a circlefliilb miiihtej s;iive «rihlbll.ai>a of mii^lc
a,1«l .potvt.A -runbe gained ov » dill- Ren* *t*ulr-n(
Throughoiii ihlfl exhlbllloti Che audito rium r*jiiMiiied dimly hjchiert but the altar *itlt thp cro*4 and roee ahons brftlllaiiLly "in the circle In which I«at to witn***  whatever marvels nilslit jc rournted there  wrrr I think, about twenty-four persona. iiT’nmembers and w 
three candidates In .nt niMst afnod an Initiate of Tibet with hi* reatlnc on th* bare floor. We coal Iee Idm dimly and he ffradnalt*- faded from view 1
be sank Into the floor Aa soon a> lie fw(l completely disappeared from our circle bi« voice was hearrf from tb* altar and turning our ev*>* there we »aw hvm htandlng In front of the crestThis acemed wonderful but It did not content the male seeker who asked Tor fur ther miracles and h!w reque*? was echoed by several voice* Th-* Irlilnte s;re*d to produce a dor»n freah ms^s with the dew on them and can a* them to fall frnm the air In our midst. Apparentlr he did fills The t'oaea fell ore br one in the midst of fbe clr- f le e^th one wet w.th dew r« |f frenliW plucked The .season
 winter an*' tha initiate s*ood far removed from as near Ihe altar Fnltowln^ this demonstration
lnff further In the w.ir of magic waa don" and lo repented reque*iq for more the adept" ftnnkTy said th"T were eihausTed
Reif(nktien Carries Penalty ,HTwent to one or two ila«*e* after this ren^t il meetinjr, hut T d^fldeJ that T did not care
 carry out rr»y plan to become sui adept member qnd asked to be prrmlt'etf if* resign The secretary of MeiropoHian f’njleae who Is the wife of a.dealer In se cret society equipment In Malden lane re plied to my request that I could be allowed ir resign onl>' Hv fj.iyinr Into the society s sum *rtua! to one-tenlh of my Income and hv return In* all literature that I had bor rowed or purchased ! nave done neither Mid have rereived many letters from offl- ers and adepts which are fairly thteafeninE *n their nature tt has come to my knowledge slneo trvfiifc to fre* my-etf from any con* i*eci1oti with tlie Poflcmciana that an^iber nsplrnot In endeavorlnc to break srtth the society had an even more unhappy experl- ent-e than mine ’*
‘Our House of the Molv G)iostHIs th* '■elledadmission nf th» Soclely of R-^sl- rriielans Hthough a hundred thousand men
hmdd have looked itpor tt. Is yet doomed 1+rernnln untouched imoerturbable. out of s.pbt and unreveakd to the whole godUss  wor!fl forever As If In aicreenient w'lth thin desired my*- erv lbs be^lnnlncn of the Society of th* T!osv Cross are difTcult to And In history ThRt It was founded by one Christian Ro"* enure nt? a German niyatic who dwelt for a tini*' in India and C<r>'pt and claimed to have absorbed their secret wisdom Is vehemently denied, and so Is the slatement that the name of the secret order 1%derived from bis cog nomen Lewis d^niejr tMt It was eptnVjll9hed m Germany by him or
 Andrea Valentine nr b* >T?vriin l.uflier CUtlms of Ha founda tion b\ all of th^se are made by different authors aeeklnc the fountain head,1,ewla f**lLs of a r.eelre** namej A maud wh <bud heard of a wonderful society In Etypt  which held the kev to all science and all art  AT the Instance ef Charlrmas'n" Arnaud went Thelits In 7TS \D rclurnerl
Franc* *iiT vecirs later nnd established {be Hr«t PoalonjciRn lodce The place waa Toulouse and ttie year SOIFrom that start we hear of
all over Furope a*
rmraued its course
the various (Inrlures
of riifferfnc
mnterlaJ. na
habit and custom, but never
From the besinnlns the society pretended
tranirtiute matala to nroloiif Iifa. »* pn*«M8 knowNgj? of what a:n ocoUrrinir ii distant places and to foretell the fulur*.  Vnuphan, whn planted it In Amerle*. “loat""the Rosaecruclau stone in order, he tald. ’lhai It rflicht *Jnb Into the sol1and fertilt*" the land with the thought and epiflt of ^o^^l^^u^''ip^nl*m.,'' AMhouzh known
tttr. world ae Brother
thr Rn«y Cl o^s a mere exact ety«fllopr
 derived from ro* frtewi and vosa iroeei IVw w.is '•onsldM^fi hy Ihe ancients as th* KiOMpciwerftl solvent of roUI and the, cro’"' l.i alclirms Is the synonvm or liKbL TnIS3I a bit of dogger*-] ft^ed «Lsmission ihu'"For what tre do pr*s^s* la not tn cross*,Tor we are toothers or tT’e Hosle Crosse In
t o
 the Mason word and *^“ond sign! Thing* for to come we ran fortel! aright-**iome of the ancient hooka of the society may be aecn. aremdinjr to a statement made vy tbe bend of tTieorder h*re. In our punllo horary, "but only in aprivate place, wher* bp ap*rial privilege Tmiiv show them for the ndfflcallon of iriie adepts These Jooks ar* rudely bound, printed on papyrus anl leather *nm* of Hie leavej are cnirablinc from very see ^More modern writlnps are (llled like th« rolluwlne "AstroloGlcal Letters." ‘*Deatn a: dthe Uf* In Purgatory ’*rtf-lfe snd Activ ity In Heaven " *fBirth a Fourfold Event**Sstronomirai Allerorlea of the E'ble "
& r
 Thes* books and others like "Ttmtlnulty or l.lfe a Coimlr Truth.rby Frof. VV.M. t^'kwood. "Bevdnd the Borderline of Life.1
 y y 
 Guatavus Mvers. may
 had by addreas- h< the publisher^ and booksellers to the S Tl. I A who ar#* at flftJohn street New T nrk. hut other boo Us
 tended for si vide r. «and postulates #r** clven out mysteflously at ihe "college " *nd all are yarned no: to permit an outsider to see them To do so 1*to commit a crime bv making th« Rosl- cpielnr, **crets ^r-mmOnTbe
 y frrritrtj
 Is th* official organ of "Met- r-'polltan rollete'’^nd la isauSi! semimonlh- ly Tlgive* the calendar for The month, s idocrapby of some illustrious tnltiite anS nlliey Jnnoenoua Tnalter A l^ooV of ‘'PHn- riplea and Praclire for TtOalcrucians" #* Issued for neophTtc* Tlwas written for the fraternltr bv f,Khel - Another book -h^rj^ti^d bv Is "Tl>e I anflmarU" o^he Most Holy Order of tbe Golden and Roev <^ro<* and ibe Constitution of tbe Socte’a* no^lcruclana In America: to whtcb are ap pended th* Ft-T.bws nf'MetropoIllsn Collega
Roiicmelaa.He.ry Is the piayer of the BosJcrudan  which he
expected to repeat -atleast fhr<*"timea daily "in a slow for^effl! and lnt*n»* manner";''Great P^ntral Flam" th^e we \er»rsfe. ihee we adore. Thee we invoke nor as a per son bur a* E*senre Power wisdom and I-lf* Incarnate Be with is In this ind all laudable undertaking**Invisible Fr.nters of the ftoee Cross-f.et vnur guidance be manifest through counse" of the Worshipful Adept in tKfs and sir #n- t«re con vocation a.**To all t*ie **t:rM publjcatlens from whli-h the above dal* were d’-awn •appended ni* “ ^lleglanct’*'■Metropolitan College S R IA acknowu erices allegiance lo the magi snd officers of the hl*h council *f the Soctetas P-^icrtie^sns In America as the sorerelm source of ‘b* noairruclati art in the United States of  America. The
of the q S !s at u*n* ent situate In the city of N'ew TorkH
Catholic Charities Preparing to Americanize
Expected Hosts of Immigrants
^ ^ v r t'lK iiin <is-v.rf o? t-olrr* fo» '
" Laucatlonal \\ ork Alonu Lines ThatHa\e Proved o0 Successful Among Poles and Italians \\ ill Be hxpanded to Embrace Kntire Archdiocese—Women Taught in Home Circles
^ *r*Lit eniiTic'tariTij: cl^rly in slncinc *
11foui sTttnens of *Amei-Jci* They sane os (I.ounJi tli^v i:ne\v Hie mean
inc of th'' words nnd appre^'ated the** -uz' f-
H'srce Ttio\ pane m* iboiirh Iti^mlr—*1f^r- tb*y nof1*, ^inri? tlie sing*rs were roil--h
men ^ho have long
the word l|t.e-fv
ne^er tmew
mennltic unlit they On me
 Ameeici nnd were taucht by the ivtrter of their rhurt-li
 Amerk.i migb* s*'J
nuld IBMn (o them
The fureanlng stiiietnei.i is « quutiftion from th^ om._'lnl '^port of =»urrnmmlsflon roi- the An^lulloef^ of Von  York eubmllt -O'o Ari'hhl^liin Hayw H ^ nil nn <*innnnlp r.f n’hiit Cn Ihoi I.charities of tl«* Ar hHlon'St* nr Nf" Vark hope to F^tfn^l Into forclun parlth inThe Arohiiiocf1'^The slnslnc
 "AmPrltn ' th- nalut* tn ihe (l'K by » croup tit PoltBb mpn. 1* a weekly occurrrnce Irt tha FPhoolroorn uf l Joseph-* rwlsbIn ihl* parlsli of the Archdiocese
 ^<'w Tor^ the population In nlmcral csrlUMvely Polish. '..*t more than ntty rier ci?m of 'he rtulls nro naturnllieil MnerkJir,* more than h»It of th*1remalnrter Imvo their (lrsi dtlien- ehlf naner?, and the teve who do rot know Tnellsh »rc dttendtnc ulslit clame* where they learn the Unsuipe. the clomentj o Arlcan pltlaenshlTi nnd the «lKnlHe»n» « the "Star Spawned Banner" aniJ "Amerl'* The Importance
 *he role being playea by the Catholic Church In the work of
can S* sein In thwe neures TJurlne Ihe laat period <if aellr« Immlrra- iiop preceding the »ir. tha bulk of imml- trnnt* came frotn Utln Europe, especially taly and Poland Or tliese. ninety per cenl. onlnelj-Hie per cent, are Catholic", nnu .. soon ns tlw sctlle In n commimltv they ind their f.unillr-0attend a Catholic Church. ror them the pnn'or h^orys the kxler ,n i Rulde, not merely In <fflnc* spiritual ut also ’•the solution cffthelr practical>roblems. -\ vael campaign m^lcantiatlon hasteen mapped out hy“eTpcrts under Arch il.hop Patrick J Hajes. will t>- rar- ,ed out a* a part of the Catholic charities of he ArchdlocoM or Nc* TorW now belnt or- ■anlred.Men in olflclal positions, especially In the mmlsraMon service, have rccodnlred the lri>- nrlanre of '.Inklne Amerlcinlziitlon Trlth tourch worlt. The chief ejtaminer of the Inlted Stale* Bureau of Naturalisation in lew Tnrlt city. Mnrtor A. Siurees. said:“I’m not a Cathnllf. but without reserve Tam «ll!in« to BOon record as eaylns that more actual results have been achieved hv the Catholic* In this educational work of tDRkins citizens of forelsncrt than by any other
 of which Tnm conversant."In the foreign districts the priests are
ri'tficn <1. fin rti^v know hoih
nnd I'n^llftli- il
; .
lie A*n!Vl*uce i.if ihe foreigner and tell
blm h>Ofrnelll^
l o
 be Jerlvn) tt
ti uly aOonilnR Ihta new cnuftfrM n* their own 111ninny tlie>yrlfstp eOVh them Inthetj u*<in8. l^JI them how Imake *j<:i Ilielr fThi>ern artd tielp them In evo*y strp It
 n ^pleiidld InMMncJ' i.it construcltvt> pn- t-loiti niiial tic.rk I hoi.e they keep II uu nisd e^ternl it. nnd I
h id
 entirely In act'"|il i>iih the V.'chlii*hop‘i plan? In llilss mailer " Knihr>r StUOln*til ar^'ompllsihes his end* In an imerestlrj; iv»y I k>tma u. artl fllert fur fvery (ttmllv with nrft-ut'd nt Ihe clrlicniihlp of the father, when nnturallzed when flr*l paprrs «fre token out and^hnn il la time lo flfFplw for tie second pai»er* In his pnrlih there ar^ al'Oui tour hunjrtd votes polleU at every ek'etlon. The numbir of adults mil fltlaona ortj «|ihuut thclr first )iapcr>i is les*i than four
 cont. Theie people take ihnr flutl'ns elrteens scrtouely They are Uught
tliiii [he rlebl to v.ne Is i,i>th a liiity smd ■*|)iivi:e*!e ivhlch *riould t,cn Be necleim'd.b or the m^n «‘f the p.n-lsh wlio .!■#not l:hnw lintli;h f-’nther Ss'iiMnskl h;i.aor- mniwd nn evening iMmr>( of ['■faoni Kroni 7 1(1 lo :*o'ekek r.»nfour nlqhln nni^lt almut :iilrt> men imther In llir pirni-Hlnlh'Tfii
(it i tie tic'ki the it -.Mlilre:, Mctiny In the navtlme nnvl Htru.-ittr in b.Ttrn Itie lrtlltu»pc .>r Hie counlr1*they %^-uit t*. atl' pi II Isn’t oa«y Mrinj1tl!j*tii.:if .ite !■>*( fifty; few aro yiiun^wr thi-n twenty, live. Uity have tJillea hmtl all ili»v lit ht’avy rnn!i:utl I.-*Io >they are " i»;i ry piliyBlcully »1|‘J Ihetr minds art* not nlor« i'tlll Itn'v onie nnd lenrn
Tile member* ol :i claia which begun In Nr.vcinhtit. 1?1!)
‘iin now. in A|ull. ISL'tj. read on.] Wfl(t> ek^til n‘Mry !(Lnsh^h This l» iiroKruss Indie Iwb... .>ne t'nntililer* thnl funic ut ihrm ■.... cn rea^t and tvrltn thtilr own InimuiiH''
knuw tliu wordc and mimic of
hk “niiti
 tirdiie of them linoiv the four std'iiaa hy li ill They have renil In clas" 'Civic* for  Ainerlc.i:.^ (n ill" MiiHlnff." anH ports of "Knsllt-li t<jr Coming CUlxens." The eu|>er- hlii.i.dertt of schools eupplles the teacher. 1!■■L’lmroh provides the rlnnsroom and pays t>th<. hear Is 1stand lnrldcnnl exyenaef! TIis teiiciiir Min Miry Karri'll, knoivi no roll'll Iberefore Ilie cl.is« la tontluaied en- llre'v In UtiitliAh.The -.lie.-c:muf thin venture In Knirl>*h Lsn1t.lliiiiell In unit by Kulhcr SKUblnskl to the f:ic-t 11Hirn
 rhurch unile-uklns."The lin.ird ot Cd nation has started lUsht ■Imiils 1■ii te.icltlnfi forelcnern," sUil Father S:;null
ki 'tint It la almost impossible to InJuce th.'Ke men to attend They are shy. iashful, alr.ild t» appear r’dleulon* before -titinlifrf Tht-> CDniDlo our SL-bnol because Ihey know they wilt h<?arming friends Th* >..-.la held In the ixirwhlal school, which lltf-v feci is their otvti. for It
v a t
 built from their ow n contributions “Home circles for the women have been organized In thr umr parish, but no classes have been held as yet because of tha lick of teachers The homa circlcs are so planned ihat five wnmnn living In the same nelch bnrhood nould meet several afternoons a  week at the house of one member, anj there nvlslllng leacher would Inilmct them in KnellaH All pastor* RRr.'e on thl* point— (hit It li muth easier to brlni; the t*acher to the home than (Tiemother to the teachor. TVItliOUt the cooperdtlon of the hoard'- of education rni* cannot be done extensively.In the
Catholic centre" this lack of trnchera 1j felt more keenly than elKetvh^re. M*ny of the Italians aro Illiterate. Tn»y muni tte 'aught not merely Kncllsh. hut the rlrn'enln of rending and w-rltlnit. Sever.J  American oastors of Italian descent are
 VEN In the day* of an acute print priper shortage it Is a far erv from cot1.on lo p:ioer. hut the Forest Products Laboratory of the University of  Wisconsin, after lorvj experiment, has sue* . in turnln*1Out nhlah trade pi mrderived from waste cotton eeefl hull*. The new paper l« extremely fine In lecture, ex cellent for bond nntl bool; use and Is diffi cult
 tear.Durtn* the years of the *tnr wuen esn- nnrvallon was the watchword In Induslr? tne laborstory look a prominent part In the movement sntl devoted its resources, time mid study lo means of [e*«enln«r the nnnual ronnumptlun of the natural product* of the country, especially rhoie de"oled to w*r uses. When the war was ended and the country returned to the arls of peace the laboratory in turn devoted iuelf to alalng In the new prohlemn or 'he <Is’\ The shjrtace In news print paper came and the ory ivsf hetrd from ocean to ocean. The lsbontorv betm e*p«rimentlnB in waste ma'.erlals In the hope of finding a new uroees* for the maniifacttl.-e of print paper Cotton seed hulls came to the aHentlon of ihe men conducting the tesi*. It appear* that In the Rlnninir of cotton aome fibrous mi tier is lefi on the litjlln of the sned* anil It Is impossible to remove It. Combined with the liulln Ihe two form Ihe b" Is for the unnufBcture of a wood pulp Then fol ’owed the constant experlmenls ano flnnllv ~ne new paper was produced and ptonouriri'd (if
quality sulrabls for the highest trrade
u sea
t"*chlris English to fmall group* but lh»»» are necessarily limited. In an Italian dis trict near the Eaet River and Thirty-thim street Father Conccclo. pastor of the Church of the Sacrcd Heart, has a small group of adults which ha himself Instructs In tbe evening.“The Italian* are willing to learn, but we have not yet enough facilities.” Father Con- gedo saidIn many of tha foreign districts tl^ere are a number of children who came lo this coun try when thev are about In or 12 and If Is difficult for them to go tDthe public school* in thoso districts, for none of them ha™ classes for th'se embryo cttliens wliena th»- ei= tausht English. During the war the nesrt for ErtGlisti classes for children was not felt fee souse Immicratlo ■was at a utardstlll.  With Ihe arrival of the new tide Immlnrant* from southern Europe this problem wilt linVe to be met. The parents most of them Catholic, will want to send their children to school, but these children cannot be put in classes with other children. TTiey must flrat bp taught the language of their country.Not only has tne new formula assisted In obtaining a new supply of pulp for the man ufacture of piper, but It al«o has irlven to the United Slates Government a means for tl
 disposal of 700.000.000 pounds of cottom linters, which w-»re acquired during1the war for the manufacture of explosives. Sin
# e*- liloslves no lonir<T are needed—at least rot on the er*(e us will'll bat Han n'ere a dally fea ture In the life of Europe—the Government found Itself with this l.irge supply of lefrover material Its utilisation, according to the Forest Product* Lnboratory. In pap*>- mnnufsrture Is of great commercial Im portanceSo fer m Is known there vrs» no tnrnns for th* utilization of th" GovprtimerK "up ply of llntero with ihe possible eiceptlon se a cattle food Thl* was unsallrfactory be cause of Iha preponderance of the fibrous matter In the hulls And Ihe nHjrbt nourish ment In the entire cation seed
a CHTXESE Government representative .\ who was new to .American ways * » cams lo the horns of an omlnertt New Tork banker f<>ia vet*k'* vtsl! It irai  winter, but hr cume without biagcagc, and  yet every day he appeared at dinner with a [Unrige of garments At fir*r his hostess wandered now h* msn- n^ea It. but soon she discovered thi<: his body was his trunk, and ihat Instead
 put ting hl
 clothes Into a trunk, ho put his It-jnic Into his clothe*
Paper Made of Cotton Waste
 Woman Initiate Exposes Weird Rites of the Rosicrucians
Fearsome Oaths and Exhibitions of Magic Described as Chief Features in Ceremonv of Induction
S tha general tad trdlftereroe to tfce most nrrBl enrp^ut'.^ or rrl!, tts
t a r **,
 at* to the as^ro*r -?;•V ft: Iastro!rg;ral i^VA frem Meunt! •:the?e art In N‘(w Tori who j *;
T:o*: -r‘„ri.*n exM
 Araer:ea. H.
 F. 12.C. ata-.d mister gen-
f :H
or the*» ’h* spel£wr>. e^area this ijnoranca
t-_)iT-in, of ilms to. for tit Bftys In fala
! *' *y n*^t»cr<f‘P
IV t 1-1l*!f L**ili'.4 there !j *3
p; oT aU purporting to
■.» r.f’awr rlan*
t f 
r* Is In e-utb b^t ere
t r-.ir, 1'“ <ir;pira] and perfec; Poeae*-* sorj'r, ■Majoh!ft known hr one on1?
A irient j^'l Or**r
' Cr^tia* crv .-*•u:;h-rsil end W>:U-
* « 'r.-yjt in tHe triangle Trft»i the pcint
(- -.(r^J *
*.>•i- iij'rnf-' fcy F«;ind*i* will
 i'vi] ntiijv ptpGK) thi'.ifht
-#:::»*'1Tt-^L'rruvlarl-Tii In this
_*v.ry It Is tha' the American society
^*■*?! ?a rJti^ra K*1j- II1: mad* a misreading
* -=^rStinal from tilt Iflttl- r
 ^nd irhnn *n iSjfl h* cs??ed upon tfre
* -r 
 E’hvot .
 R*'ea>xh *o hell* him
'>-j injEt p[ ;iit Hojv rross he niit
".■j Ttcould r-?t be etherwi«*.
 V , 7
 i!:? lid^iprs h-nd retarded fw date to 1&1S.
In Thn tailT [tjrt Of Thlt JET, Vilh ill* il?*Eerretary-'Ten^ral Thor
]!.is-s'lir^"tli* m-.njn waa tn Sac-
.■Lar.^5.” sirir?'!
 : '!
charter nrd ''b'a^te
; ■Fni;r.'l''r ca.I^d tr>grih*r * little
l-iin'i f:f rin^ TT*-fi sad tmm»a to rorm a coin- Trj.V-'i* to a S:iFT*mft Ccjuncil for
the OrEmiwtiflD.
Th"* preliminary wcrk *tat
 VtidJy. Tn ^lardt r*!*or;= hai tsKrnt!:« "Lr^taliQiT*- Olttt 1” ti!e Oftl^lll
E i c c k 
J i f n t . " 
 On Ajiril 1tl::ny pf the most ac-
fjv< TY^tkMB tnct at
 propped to-^s^ room
in Seventh aveniiE antj ihfre a^fl t^n *^,,y
 j:OTs(itiil*d tliTOS^lven the first tru^
cr^ciai coav«niIon or
 i q
 order evtr h*I4
tLft W=ip!^ to Aawriea.
*Slii<» then.'rRlowirBlF reports Fnunfl*r
Tjenri^. *‘ihs order 1
 grrofcn ftirazlnely.
Thtr« ftp? ro* asaoclfaied "wlt^ us hun4r^1s
cT m?Ti:baRtH, land trwti*r^. r.twL=par“r
;o:*, G'JTPrnmtnt
pTiysle:ans. s:ir-
r<‘<'r.*.lut^'ers. itJftPtl*
s. profeESlon&r mm
trcrnen. art 3its. artisans. J a borers at I!t- tlt* IritjJ"?. Bit Trolling for a pmmon gooa
ri i inMtlas on a conumn AI c^i t^ tha ihftit wfra B*parat*d fTom
thJ? m&atj. ar.^ B«les whlcti fca/t sraln^fl
'. . ''i a r l e t
 as befnp lodgM, *c.
o f  
 th? Ro-b^ ■rniciana ife7« asked to eivs an account «?
Msny ot t*.*m dH airl d!s-
■:!aiiti*4 tho totentlon <rF r*prK?n*tnt o™-
ihn great *#crt£ order. 0^»* or th»*«o -i*** Max He^nilti. a writer tin m>stl?Ifa «3p1airi« that Ini. lTidr*-1.fo„-rtd«(J th*» “Ftoa‘eru<*[aii Fellow'h'p-'' ’hnt H ms do no pr*ten*[on to t^TnpnrjtJ p^ ^pr. ?TrK. Marla R'i!sa*t also eijiTalReiJ m'fTTt- 1"hT S"d itcrwera cr faer '■T?tt;rle
n t 
 the E^a?
 Wt'Ji tba Foslcm^lan
f n 'i a r r 
 of 3>r. H»- Tp.cr. at AU*nfown. ra., the American au- thnrlt^d society had more trouble. From
printing centra went rorl^i br" 11-airong th?m one called a ‘'Secret Eonl:
Th^nt»t Forty-aln* Dcfreei of tl*
I!!':ai!ns!! of tho Rw!o*j'Un OfdfT."TUb ‘«k sr-'l for |!G. But
 wbk^q b*-
itmii Ur. C'jmer an4 th* true
cia:’s *m flrtV.r
'fFlit Is a EofierntcIaaT Hen ta Dt.
Lewis's sw»*».
"A RcoetmdtB !a ene vt«
v m
 a Ute of attaliameati i»ietrr^*4 t&&t beforo ba root* rlttn tfci> ejcla or period d nrttlr cxlit- enea ba shal] haerospKaltad throygb paraonal *a<esrflr t«a» dead (wAitn for Cs« bet term ff't of tfce h-jstai nca ''The Hnafaadi£9 taie nth!ii( to (t  with at't ether rfl'pioft, inc]D4lc9 tha Chria- t^aia r#ll*1*n They t>« amM Of the cro«9. they »t. and tha Onstiaaa a^pt^d it. They ds doc ttadt rptrltnatl"ta
rtor rcediunrsbJp Ko»4?<Tticiaii‘*n Km notii-
 da with Tppt or other pld]q«Dpby. It m!!j rn booTcSor de^rea* purportlnc to con tain secrets cl InfLlaUori. It tm^regular cr ttmpt»a in T»rims d+le#, ttth -wtthl*a oI6;*r aod uc^er of&rUts; It haa
n.'o :js muni !r*jes. tud }ta aup**!»a I»ft«
ts in this city. The work nt lha AtseHoaa
branrh is trtliirvw) by tlio F!ipr»me mu Bell nf th^ Tortd an4 1
 B***ret. Tha funds ate cel lared b? recuMF t.ontribuiIora.“
Tl'e R^piecrm ians l?s4ffe ot New Tctk dty
t*s app-^Tf'nt]^ juds«4 It wt» to use anoUter
none than lie fasaoua one: It funettoBS aa
a srrloty for eduoatfosal purposaa u tha
Metropolitan College;, Inccrporated. Tha
of this oalleeo o fotiserly a
J*pjlt prleat and It fcaa a l;rg:» sfd«t? ot
adepts asfl initiates and pro'bitlonere; wltb
branch’s and connectlona In otbtr dties.
of Waird Initmtioa.and classsa of
“coUr s*" 
b»!4 In tha Platonic Temple fn llarlctn.
Casj*s for !ha tnElructlon of probatlocera
ra hold weekly ai:d tht “ir:iua.ti*Br“ ermo ot
Tihani ate ciiT&* "Initiates of Titst,** m»t
on til* l^th and lait ct each Rioutfa, AIJ
Tnectltips ar* h“M at nf^bt ard *be religious
m-°;!rjgr. fj-rajbrf. etart at mldrlg'ii. A Tor probatloa la ob’ifed toplfi*r If tttra ??oui thr« well frr.uvti bunlreai
men sh# ba-.e known him fcr at least fiva
vtais. ^Vfien 'Ji-^sehave besn pa«d«d on ra*
Mjisbly by the qfFlrec? h* tvill be EuoimvtjeO
to tire JnJttetftin c^rc^ioatw* As the micUst
an3 mt'uJLsJ 1=truly mya!!caJ andere*. t^>krorr a;hat th<>9eceremonies ara ena
in-ist depsnd Q"what Is tul l by persar.B who
lave gor*e
 ?ar sa to hav* the eyptrUn«
aTtaihen b^c^cj put. A Trnman of n h!«ddt fruB of !^T0)i;5*'n« and eenulaely Inp"
txperlence arrf
retreat. Bha tells th*-
;>er InltLaiEpn In g'wJ faltb
 wi’iirfc *t>s!^n htr p(a«mcm
il by tlo.-d so any gojM would be gbtnetL
"Aneir’er anil a man were thefllh^r f-iinijieatps f<r ii,ltJa!ion besfJea my self.” Mtid phe. "W** w(re loikej In a Btnsl'ant^rbaifiber ^rhile the stsclety
rituai In the main -lurtltorlum. OccE-iicnall^-ttpIirar>l
Ii?ur] vnj^ ra^ed In speechcr a
 wrt of rr byt these came to yaI *Hh the it'ofnafi rsniMet*.^ho nan very n rvrvjr and learned that eba
tniiirnei) a
re!at"r« anj !rr tbe bope oT*''»tEn.e inr-i i.rininiin!cation wltli her spirit
had =oiisht tb- tiia «*Ithe HovIctucIbub
Th** rpa’t candidate ttriprctsea me aa
hy r’jrlosity B^mrly.*"A* ih- airokp of irr'clnijrTir thftfloors irer*
tflT'iwmopen We threfl ««>re 8(]TnItl#dInto the bE? chutnhfr. It ras dimly lighted
 An c? 200 or 200 f-prfons. sa"hTTP^rlr*: a b!ack roT>awirh a
and mrttk movM !n proi esalon past us and
axnuni the ha!t. Kaeh one. whethn* tha» er
itrmaii. carried a cro*»vltb a red rose upon
Member Who Resigned Tells of Attempts to Make Her Pay Penalty for With drawing From the Order
It. lighted bp electricity. At the bead r?Fthe
profession talked
t*o men,
one bearln? a bowl of gacrlfiqjal biowl and the ott,r a sttulT. TheS* were a'so ItltimSnaied by tJpc-
MWken th*» pfUce^flon' *3ff patwd r^ar tb* to^ of the ptoh v-a. the Candida'?*, wrrw bllnifelded-anj Ted- tefqr^;them. Then oath'’«enp admtrIstereJ tf^us. I ■wish1
could r^rrrmber liow th*E"
v e tr *
bin I do not. They were long and -srow*j-p af^-1 to rereat them in peciSnns uid si'f Irecollect Is that thp oatbs itere very ttelrd
anJ ifr!r<i.7Tt“ principal oatb *aa cou?hed
in quaint Jang-jaf?. which wo were tot I
r e i b
 flo^n lrom th^ ro’jrtpenth cpaturi1.
The las*, oath of ihe series -wig that sc
 wouH r?T^r the sctn'ta of the orderr.r eihlbit to an outsider any of the litem-
fjre "f th? Ros=:cr:.iclans.
“The fo^ds were then retrieved tiom ojt
eyea and n» weie jlv^n seats In a circle
VMS! Ini^at^s jate esliTbltfons of magic to
prcv* irl'.nt powers can be gained E«ya dUi-
ceri_ siu lent-'Throughnut ih]j exhibition the
rliim remalriei! dircly lighted, bat <b( a.lar Trfihthe
and rOr'eshone brilliant]?.
J,Iti tM In which I oa* to '•itief*^batove? mir^vla piljtt be vouehflafed the^e
«tn^ f think, *botit twenty-four uaraoM.
new tnsnbtrs and we tbre» tBaillsttt. Ji
crjr ml
 rtood an InJtU^ of Tibet «Uh
hla f«t rtrtlaf on tba bare floor, we could
m Mm dimly ard ha g^uaity fadid frcm
view aa If lie wk l!*le the floor- As eon
 be ht1 HmiitttA; d^appoajed from our
elrrlo bis Vok* *« htarj (no th* llttr,
end turnlirff oir eyee thft* w» saw b!m<tUntinB In front of tb* eiew.
“Thta iwrf 1wrorterfdi bat it did aoc content tbo main seeker. -*>* asked for fur- tber and
 reqaeet was echoedbj Hitnl ToEseeLTba Ini’lata arveed to prai^ee * doien freah mh with the dew oi tbem aqd aueo tbam to Sail from the
tooar mltfcrt Aprveatly he ^td Ihla. Tho rose# fdt one tr one l>i tfce midst of the *ir- tj(, «ach got **t wltb dev. as If freebly pltteked^Tbe aeaaon waa winti'r end tha Inliiate r*ood rar removed from us. nf*r ihe altar. Followlnc tbj8 demonrtreTSonn"**Ti-
i u t 
 further In the «at ot magle waa don-*,end to repeated request* for wore the eleflip innfcly eaid they were eata^ated.
R«nys*tion Carries Paultf,"1 *mt to on* or t*to elassea altar lh!t
(rer.eral moettnff, but I dteided that I old
not care
 carry eut my p1<anto become
an adept member and a*ked to l« pennJt ed
to re^ijTL Tbo *ecreUry of Metrtpo?!i»n
Collee*, *ho ts tb# wife of a dealer In se cret aoctely equipment In AEaidja lad*, re plied to my request that I could be allowed
to re^im only by paying into the ecultfy 
a sum c^ual to ore*teniii o! my income and
br returning ■!! Uteraiure tbat 1had 'jflr-
eawed cr parchasp-L I have done neither
^nd have Mt'elv*'? many ie:ters from officers
and adepts which are Jelrly 'ulhe£r nature. It hag conae to my hno«t«c5?^p?n« tTyics-to leee myself from nny isiii-
 with the Rt-slcruc'-an? ttiat another
a.^rilrarit In endeavoring to breat ^Ith thtj
soe.e’y bati an even mure unlfitjrpy e-sptri*
cue* than ml no."‘Oar Houw of the Holy Oh-’St,"
veiled alirtffc*Ioii of the Sn-^'Iety of H-jsI-
crucians, "ihousli a huntireq thousand
fl.ould ha-.-o^'cok^d upun It. ts y“t
1*-r?main untouched. J^pprtur^aK’e, out o!
F^Eht, Jind unrevealed to t!:e whole g^dJiss
 world forfrTer.-* As if li s^reerrte-.t with this irtd m>-»»fpisy the befrlnni»:J'» of ihe Society o- the
Rc^y Crofs ere dlfHTiilt to fird In blsterj-. t
That it was foundrd by oro Chilian Ttos-
eiror^uti. a (iprram mystic who dwelt for a
lime in ir.d*a and Egypt and claimed io hiTe
ai,?<roed their secret wisdom. Is veh^ir^r.tly 
d-.tiled, and so Is ihe etaimient that the nns
of the secret ordor is de-rivpdfrtim hH C??-
nriairn: IJ,'vwi.pdenies tint it 'wus esr-iblieh-^din fi^rmiuy by him "r by Arflrfa Valtnliss
nr by M'lr’ri Luther. Claims nf it< fnurrti-
tionby all of ;he.ao are mrirte by difFfrcnt
amfcnns &f;kir;s <hpfountat:i b^sibL-'-n-lslel^ of ;i :r* !7.'r nar.jfi Arri'jd w]:*)t«d h^nrJ of
 vrtftid'-rfiil so-'l^ty til Mrvnt
vhicb brtd the key to all sc£Mnce Hfldill art.
 At th“ lnsCAT:Leof Chir’entfigno Arnau-1 \rent
It- Thebta in TT3A. P.frrtijr«td to F^ans
rIx year? Ht^h and established tlse flr?t
^R^skrui lin to^ce. Tht place ms Toulouse
and the jf-^r *01.From that start we heir
It all orer
Env.-'I'CR? :t r^r.s'ifd its course with the
f^rleus Unctur<jPo-fillff^rlnjj mit^riiT, na-
and tusi<iT;i.
ply-From !he bfisl^rhrj th^ soolc'v prrtcr.iJ,’dto transmute metaTi. to prolong Hfe. to
knowledge of what w«l e*cuirtii* in
distant pboea and to for*s**- the future.
 Vauehar, who planted It In c*^_tha RssBoenjeiaP etone In order, bo s®!
“that It m!®ht alnk !rto the eoll aad tertJili*
the land with th» ifcon*ht and epirit « j^itructeniim." A'tfcpute kioTA fo the world aa Ero.hara
the R"*y Croet. a ate«e
o»a--t otynelo
Is 4eiiv«d from ros (4**> d (roe*1-
t *
«aa eonaidered
the aseienU aa the
powerful eo!ve):* o! gold
cro^“I a’chemr i* the aw»anym efl light In I 1
tit of «of*wel toed Its mJ»1oa thus:“For what we 4o piehaSe la not in rneise.
are brothers of tho Eofle Crosse:
Tt> huve the Sfi^soa ward and second
Tbt=gs for to L-OH.Bwe can forteJi atieht 'fsome cf the anOnt
of ths toeiety 
may be ae^n* accerdln^to » statemenl rni*'*;
by the head of th* ord'Jr beie, in our
library. only In a pn*at* p!aw. ^
 special prlrlf^se I may eh«w then f^r
the *d!fl^tion u! true sdepts* TheM
im- ii
.*are rudoly booniS, printed or. |-ip.';us at:d
;eath^r: ?otne *( the le Sje CftWCMinv 
from '«r* age.*1More modern writings are title? Ute th*
followins: “Aitrplfrgltftl trt’eri?,” “Dea’h
and tbo Life Jn Pursatory." “Lifa and
Ity In Hsaten/' “Birth, a Fourfold Ev?::!.’*
 A3^;cr-es of tbe
Biblt.” ft
These boaKs and otijerF tike "Continuity 
or L‘fe. a CoQini- Trui^." Prof. « 31“Be
Fd the Borderline of Li!*-.'by Gustafus Mye-p. may bad by addrp^s-
Hs the pubH-ihpra and tK>ohsel!er3 to (ho
S. R. L A, who are at 45 John street.Tork, but other bcoIts'Intended for *lu3e: '.s
and poMi/ales are gtiteti st**HkusIat the at<d*3: art warded tiot tftpermit an oat.-lder to them. To do so
i= to commit a by maiiu^ ths R^rf-crocETns^rroti qttnn’r»r>-
The i/trcuri;
*hp oiftcfal fr^an tf rcpoliun Co?!*J?e'1and is Fetninor.lli-ly.
t? e
Ives the cait^jr for the month.
 Worraphy of some illutirio is irlti*tQ mi other irsnociious matter. A lo k t-f "Frir- "clj'Ie? =»n^Practto* EoeEosiiL'ruclar.s" la issued for nccr^-ytes. It -im written Tur the fraternity hy Klui 'Ancther boo* ch^rlsTifd tiy seeker? '"The Lmdmirk-i of tl.- Most Holy Ori^r of ihe Golien and Itosy Crce?. :i.nd th- Constitution of tho £oc!?iflS Rerierudana in Atr-r’ci: to whlnb are ap pended the -La«s of Meiropclitau College. S K. r. A.™
Prayer af
Is the prsrer of the nn5icrucian.
 wTilrfi he is e.’tpectfd
repeat at least three
d^lty “ia a
aoj Lnten-o
‘■OremCentral l-*laine: th»e m T«rerste,
thee «e adore, tliee we Involie: not as a per son but its E^f^nre. Pr^er. w^d«n. Liabl
and Lite Incarnate. ^ith ua in this anJ
aii la::cab;(» uniler'la'rii^gs-
■■InTlf^e J-'rattrf= o! the F.O'se
^TjiJaiir’bo miLnifes; thrtugh coun«^|
of the ^’nrsh!pf»jT A sept in t’lis ill fu
ture convoc3t:ot^.'*To
pub'lc^tioad froas
Eke tlyiv> dira ivisre craxn ia appended tJi^ "A*it(jianoe":
"J-feircip'j!:*;iuCo'!■’?» 5. H. I. A, it’Fmowl-
edTte I'it'iilarfe ;q th1-mil rtn-5&!fi(^rs 'v
tite !il=ri t-rt-jnrll pf th.?oji?’*is Ri’Sicrurlana
:r>Am-’r’'_a is :hr s’ave of thelir»eI'-itidi.n ar: in ^.s of 
 j;car;~ *; th'' PF 1?at *)rts-
er.i situate Jn :ii’ ^it>* f'f N-^;- Ytrk.*
Catholic Charities Preparing to Americanize Expected Hosts of Immigrants“M
rlTOS thin a wore of voices. Jor-
eijjn jn accent, a bit strangpw
but enunc-L’iOrte tlertrly. Joined
In elnjriTit all four stfttitaa of "Amities.*
They aane aa thauRh they knew the mean -
r.fr of the vrordj and appr^rtated their sl^n^f-
Irtnce. Th^y fiitiff as *hoy*h ir.splre'd. Perhaps they -aere. since the Pincers Were Palii*h
men tfh-o have lorp known the word Iltieyty.
hut nc^er Itnew [ts meaning yntll thpy eattto
to Amerlr* end wre taucht by tbe pastor
nr th^Ir churqb what America mtftht ax.d
could mentt to (bem,”
the forepolrn slat^ment Is a quotation
fr^m the ofR'-lal report of a sjwolaJ sun ey 
cr*mml!elon f^r tha Archdiocese of New 
 York, submitted to Archbishop Haye^ It Is
cited as an example rf whit *h* CMhoUo
;iarW‘9 Of tb* Areh^locee* nf New Tor*
hope to entend Into every foreign parlrh
th# Areb.dio^f'e.The e!n*fr,f
'Am*!icaMtbe salale to
bT s pr^^tp of Pp''ph m*(t. Is a
<^e5tiynrcurrenoe in the fr'ftrtoiroam
T'jaeph'fl par>b
In thts TJ'fJel1nrf tho ATcb4!flSf%^of New 
T*Tk the populstson 1*-a'm^t eicliirliely 
P;',!ah. ve>
 tfert fifty per f"*n». of rh*
dulte nre rat'jralir-l American?, norf1*h^n
b -!f Cf th" rem^n'Vr thplr c.Miren-
*i!p r^p*r?. aod th- ^hO do not
r-.eiitb nre HJirn^imr ‘^jrh* HSfafa
*- ny 
 T^rrt ^rcniHi*, ^Vm-r.’s of cMzt-nsiiV1-ml (h«i ?!sr.tfi"ar *7>a-«er'"nr-i "Ara*ri^
Ih* tmt''?■'*n ■of th#i rue be3rc pby*l
1»he CStSrtU^<h‘jrrb 1r.the «er!< 0?
 Airi'rKfl^ira'lon f=ifi h* e^*n «r th^e fP'iro*.
-t-jrc the t**r?adof arilro tmr^lfT^-
i >ti, rreeedln* 'ihe wtr. "!bprf Itrmi-t *-i?Srim* ffem I**<n 1v»:r'jpC‘.T*'d'ar.i IWartl. Of tbw' niMty per <ert
t- :tln^\'-ft-.* p*r r»r*. are i‘AthO:l'-.«, fj^d
#; ,* they settle Jn a *wnunUv il\ey 
f^-I thefr families *itte-;l A Catiwlfr CbvrM:.
]fv them tha r^’or ih' I^-^ra Id nulao. r,ot merely i iti •;*> an
 ji rast ounpalin Ani*H ar*ij?*n':- *•»v*.nmapped c it by
■^hop Pa’H'-b
 J- ft*?**-
 -"Hi ^*ai
in thitr^T <r'.*
tii« volution of tTw!r pr^'1
a p»rt of tt-e Ca-hoU -<i >.* Ar‘hd!<v^*a of n".*
Educational Work Along Lines That Have Proved So Successful Among Poles and Italians  Will Be Expanded to Embrace Entire Archdiocese—Women Taught in Home Circles
Rf?rrice, have »eeopnI*?d the
portanw of Unking Airertcanlzation with
ob’iivh work. The chief examiner of tha
Elates tlurrau of Naturactatton In
Torh ctty. Merlon A. Sturge*, eaid:“I'm not a Catholic, but without reMrrt I
am ^HKnc
 go on ft^Ord a* eayfr(r that
niOrp artoai resuite have been achieved by 
tli^ t:ai holies In this eou cat tonal ■wortinf 
i/jikl'p cltli^s of fowlsrers ttiin by any 
otfier i^dy o' *-h;ch 1vn ront-tr&ant."In the forclyn districts tba ptleats are
r^ftfn of fnrelpn de»'enl:they hnow both the
language^>1the ImmiCTnntar.d i:ns.!*h, they
Farn the <-onf:d?r. ?e «f th-
and tell
liim by d^Kr^s the I'neflta to be derived by 
truiy aj*optftic this new royr.try ns their own.
In many th» priesis coi^h tnem int^H them how to
tb*!r pap"r*. anfl help th#-m
rti»ry ItIs a Instance ef eon? Irut lire, p»-irln-'f *'irlal v.r.rk. I hcpe they lt*ep it un
 j»rd *"(terfl i". and I en entfrr’y In ac^rd
'hp Ar^h 'ship's pl«r,s It this malter,’*
r Ffrit-lrijTii arcomplltb's bt* er.^ji
en Ittt^rr^Tt^p w.ny. j|e ha* a **ardfl>d f^r
evfry family, a lib
 rtc'trd ot the clMzenthlp
*i'y fci »’i*
[jondon in Cloud
 \ T.RT
 fteat illy 1mrr'*>r* t^-'*f ’:rAT>tre atm^rhere er*) hs?
aertil double F‘^.|‘i<e,d-ir. r v jt
r.»»t a:rreni9 sr.d msffy ^*Vr thlr-• a
par!!cular eh*ric-ier f> the sir i^er >tow n:ite Pari* Londrn rr Ne v T
 v.h!- h ^th
finrrns «nn>t »lteg*th<'.''r !'ivf wiy.
The ErJUsW «rllal H rtLpec-Sil? f^TA
l^r It* e!Te(;ia upon the amnopher*1.TAh*n
#ir.a of it* frrat fORs ta in full stvim ihe
■T-aal city la lo^t to jrprht for its ir.hAbiunt^
but Tt«w*d fr«* tha ujp»r air It itp'Jld
then Etmst tba appearar.oe of
r [■ Of vapcri.
of the father, when naturalized, when first
papen were taken nil anjiabcsj it ia itaip tf>appiy for tt* second papers. In hi? pnrjfh
there ara abo>]t lour hundred ^ctes po!led at
every election. TJift number or adulta rot
citizen* and without their flrsr papers le less
than four p#r cent. Th^e people tnB
duttea as dtieena srr^ou^y. They nre t kiphi
th\t tha riltht to vota is hoth a duty and a
privilege which aftcitld r.ot bo
For the men of the rftrlsh who nnt
hnftw Ent!i?h Father ^Bublnpkl baa or-
ffanltM an erinlng course of l«*. From
1:19 to 9 o’clnck on f^ur rights a we^fc
about thirty men gather
 tht* rirothlal
Prhoo'. sli at the de»ks thrir chiHr*r ort'tpy 
Tntb^daytlma and jtropB'o to learn tha
lifntfs of the couniry ther wint to
adept. It Isn't en?y. M^riy aT 'h' men aro
ps»t firty; r*a are j^ungtT t^wn tw-nty-
flie; they bsve loilt-dhard a]; isj at hf^T
tli^y Wfsry phvsltaliy 
urd tb,e|r mlrds are not alert.
vome and learn.The mMnbera of
 whl'h b*^m
Nflwm^r. 1^1?. fut o', (n .lp:!n *.
read and write el^nuntary t*nie"ws !n
Emflish. This Is pmgrrsa Ir.deei when oae
tnnsidera that sinie thfia co’i'd not tier,
read and write their one lauGua^e. They
know the wo, dnand muale o£■'America.*’
aul some of thpm know the four naniaa by
bf art. They hav* read In class “Civic* fpr
Am^riCims In thf Mahm
and parts Of 
"Er.pIiPh for Coming CitHers,TtThe euper-
Intenn^nt of fcIiooIb supplies the teacher,
the church provides thn c^assnoom and pava
f<>rthe h’it. t^ht and !P^|Cental expends.
Tlio lea^h't.
Misji Mary
FafTC’l. Iirowii no
Poh^b thornfore the claej la tend jcted entirely In EnElL^h.
The Miccers of shls venture In En*tU*b
atirlhuted in part by Father Sgublntki to
the frirt tl«t
Is pchurch und*rtaklny.‘Ths Br i,rdnf ivluraion has atarted nltht
^ b^is for learhhsy fnrekn^re.’' n!d Falhar
P^'iMnphl. “but It Is almost |mtwslb> to
ini'W'J* thc*^n,en to attend. Th**y are eby*
liashf'j!, r*frafdto app*ar ridiculous brfor*
^tr.-intnrf. They come to our **cho?it betause
they knrttv th-v he am^jig frlendfl Tb^cTass h^d (nthe paMthfai acbod. which
they feel is <h*Ircnr. for U
r j j
 built Trflrnthtir oan cC'lT^-'JtirTs.''HpTKe circles for ^he wromnn have besa
organiz'd In the sa*»e parish, ^ut no clri*s*s
hare been h^d as yet because of ihe jack of 
teachers. The hfme clrd-a are su planned
IfiAt flve wom<n Hvlnft In the fame neigh borhood wojld meet itversl afternoons a
 wte’s at the liou^e of are member, and there
a vIsMne teacher would tntlr*et them in
paslors a^te^
 thin point—that (t la muph easier to bring the leather
to Thehome than the mother ta th* uacher.
 Without t!ie coopera-ion of Ihe fco.irdi of 
tJ ^at^n th lacannot be dene esttnsiveiy.In the Italian Catholic e*ntr*s this 1ac\ of 
tftachari. is ie:t more keenly than 'elcewhcrev 
Many of the Italians ai* i:i:terate.
T b*?
rn'J«t be tftTight nnt merely English, bu; the
elf^en*e of rta^ln* and ttriti^B, Kever.il
 American p«stora cf Dalian d^ifent aret^acTiIr^Hnjsai-.ihr<>ErmiT!?. !;it tbepo
Ji; ltT3!ir. *!■£-
tr:tt nesr th R!r*"f and T:ilrtr-th!rd
istreet Cnr:E- «!•i'f th.' £f*+rr,S
t!:p Fatrcd
II fart, hai* a
n't,.cl: bt b.ttts^If liiE-i^yv’ts in thaer-'iilr's.“Thi Itatltms are wl’llns *o
but wa
hav#- not let enough fa.-3iities.” Father Con-
In rainy cf the foVeSsndl^tri
 lh*re arw 
a cumber of i-b'Iiren c-me tu thlf co:jn-
try when they are about 10t>r12. and It la
difflrult Ter thftn to go ta tht pub'.ic schools
i’i those dletrtctp, for nnne of tbem htvs
for tl.ere «mhryo dtiaens where the
ai^ **ught tngl’jh, D-irlnj t*^ew it th'i n^ed
ftr tng':sh cTa:?*** (or children was tint
felt l.enuilf^imn’.untlo i was n', u s^ndjtiU.
 With (he iirrival ef the new tfcie ImniiKrants
from eoulh^m K’irvpe (Tils pioTiltm will
hare to t-emet. The pare nut. rr.ort
; them
fjtholfc. wi:i wan: to their chirdren t-i^(Ilooi. but th?.‘e vhUdrvn canrot be put In
cJuf?'.*s *|th osl^r children.They must Rrat
be tausht ths language of tktlr country.
Paper Made of Cotton Waste
 VEN in the dxye ff art aruM prlnJ
psp'r It in
far cry fromcotton to paper, byt thn Forest
Pt^dicta Laboratory rf the Vti|w.-tHy
Tonfr eai''r.'nent, linn **jr.
reed<d In tunilr.it <'ul a high cmd* ruper
rter|\cdfrtin was:'' carton Mfd bu"f. Tlia
nnn- pap-r
 eJtCroinijiy fine
 tfjxintA, e»-
for l-nd *r.d bcoli U.-aaul ,s diffi cult I* I*ir.turirfi tht rf thi* n-»r *n.i r^n-trrotion w^s t;*e *-tt<.hw*7d in indawry. th®Jabtrtvrv t^-Ts^prpmin?nt r*rt tit th*
Mnd d"^o!»i n» t^i^ur-'s. time
*ti;i bt nd;.- m^am o: li't jrrrnnir. r^uinrt^Ti r>fTb«- n*;i;r%l prodinijt t f tM
»fp^<n,Uy d*'o’edt^ t*ir
li«'- WrH*L ttl‘'.Vil' ^ j. lir‘1J?d .1*1 j th^
I’O'H'.t'y* t^turri-rl t* rV.f srt^ ol p-a,:'>. th*
!»Kr^K t'ir;i »naldr ? »*r
rp v pr«*i- '.r.i? >'f
i\ >.*
 A*; .i :t* ;h vitcp
n rt^e p^in rs( *r .tint *h» «-t \r*a
ii*»td fr^vi iv-r^si *'j
<ap th* *^b'r>’^rv 
rrr< e>[ f't’!ri''i'!l'f ill ti »%t>rliT'I hr O'f'lllns it
;rc ’•? fa;mi
 ifijVpr* '/ p. h-t rt.0tt#ii «‘H
**i'» : >tT.^rf t;-.'-lOVflii-tJ’itpj
Jha: '*i tp.r (tp'iii si rf t>oiv;i :
TOat;*"1^if;t*?in1ladni .->fth*>-v-;> at'l
ififf Imh-'7s i'V <orrrn11
 fti>r^btn* d v iih
thij liwPf ftlK f.rn
 f 1;* ff.« rj- :f\< jr* i-f s v.^ ^fr^_
 M'n>tnnt rsrpi>r[r,if:iv fivnlly 
ihp Ti^re r^r-f^r Tv*r
»o<lu‘-*‘d ftiid ptrono-ir.''*fl »>f n <iuiMy aultnbtt Kr Th^ btehtsi Rude
iinl'j his tha r^nuT* aariat-
a new auppiy ti pU|p ^ u
ufaclur^ of papt r. but it Ins Fii.pn ta
the'felted States f!m-<rnment a ireans fee
the dlepo.sal or TOO/'O.O^Oponnd» cf t,oi:rn
Inil^rf. ^vhlcb \*eroacquired during the n>ir
for the manurac-tvr* of F^ptorLve!! Since **-
 longer are tt^ded^ti roton the scale
n r
 uhen ba:‘Jcs xmr# adal’j.-fu ture in the l*Tecf F-jirspe—the no^-erntnept
found ii*e’.f M:h tl la l^rge supply pr left
o-er ttmtml. It* utiliaation; a^corflti# to
the Fflrei! 'lurVkLiberatoift:, in p*sp*r
miTifiiftu™ la cr great crrajEftretai tr-
pM tance.
i r -'- 
 fir sr I* knpwn there wai no tseara
f r th* UI Ilia* lion *f tV ^ovarniaent
t vf >- 
Ply of '.inters wt’h the p-Tlbia rKcept!ea a a
a tittle le «t This waa tinaitlcAirtrr^ be
frependfran^a tha
 the buti? ^nd the aiijht tourtjfc*
tn^n! irt the entire <ot(^n ,p-r 1.
 Wardrobe Mystery Rolled
^ CHtfffc5E firvfmmept rapr#fentatbw 
t o
 Avmt^nAm* to the herse of etmineot
 X|* T«t»t frr a "ttk * vtnt. It niv fc'it h<*cam* witiiput baggi^*. arfl
b- »pp*jirH at dinntr with a
ms* rjirmc-r'tf tTf^r h:» ^r,r-*Pff^howb*man■eced
if, * it * .
riicem-trtfl tbit
l -ly Ofls hn iru''?* urd t?'^t ir,si»*d p
lf"p hie rlc-tJrw I’ito
ifanK-, Ke pm bi*
(nil k ir'o hi* cloth*«Ml?
lvment* vi^re BVe th* lnyern of 
onj^n, rxoop» thit irv la^'^r mlgrhr b»
tl j* ouisid^. ar. 1a^e^rp* of hla go^e-
'■t ^u.'h they miiht ba tailed—»rr# of 
.iir.ed wita fyr, or fur li*H will ailt< ha
Quidwear tkiai a»ta w mi
t a
Woman Initiate Exposes Weird Rites of the Rosicrucians
Fearsome Oaths and Exhibitions of Magic Described as Chief Features in
Ceremony of InductionMember Who Resigned Tells of Attempts to Make Her Pay Penalty for
Withdrawing From the Order
In the general sad indifference to the most recent computation of vril the coming force, and to the latest astronomical and astrological data from Mount Ecclesia there are persons in New York who are not aware that many branches of the Rosicrucian Society exist in America. H. Spencer Lewis, F.R.C., grand master general and imperator of the Rosaecrucian (note the spelling), shares this ignorance with them, or alms to, for he says in his history of the order in America:"While in the United, States there is an array of organizations all purporting to  be true Rosaecrucians, there is in truth but one true order, the original and perfect Rosaecrucian order, which is known by one only name, 'The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis,' whose universal and worldwide symbol is the triangle with the point downward. 'Another statement by Founder Lewis will surprise a good many persons who thought they knew all about Rosicrucianism in this country. It is that the American society dates back from 1915. He made a misreading of his original instructions from the
 and when in 1913 he called upon the Society for Psychical Research to help him form a lodge here of the Rosy Cross he met with indifference. It could not be otherwise, for the adepts had retarded the date to 1915. In the early part of that year, with the assistance of Superior Secretary-General Thor Kiimalehto and when "the moon was in Sagittarius," armed with charter and "black book," Founder Lewis called together a little band of nine men and women to form a committee to originate a Supreme Council for America.
I Growth of the Organization.
The preliminary work went forward steadily. In March fifty persons had taken the "preliminary oath in the official
 Black Book.
 On April 1 thirty of the most active workers met at a proposed lodge room in Seventh avenue and there and then

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