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Red Star - February 2009 - Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

Red Star - February 2009 - Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

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Published by Communist Party
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

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Published by: Communist Party on Sep 24, 2009
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Political Resolution on Present International
and National Situation

1 The unprecedented meltdown starting from US, which is termed worse than the Great Depression by IMF like imperialist agencies, is showing no roll back with 18 big banks broken and AIG like insurance firms also in crisis. What was started as a sub-prime crisis in the real estate sector has spread to all fields. Even after $ 700 billion bail out moves, another bigger bail out is planned to stem the rot. As it is spreading to all imperialist countries, US together with EU countries, Russia, Japan and China have announced $ 3 trillion bail out plans, resorting to \u2018nationalisation\u2019 of these financial institutions without naming it so. In spite of all these, the crisis and consequent recession or depression is intensifying with unprecedented gravity. None of the imperialist centres or agencies is daring to forecast an early resolution to this Greatest Depression so far.

2 Marxist analysis on the fundamental contradiction within the capitalist system, the one between socialisation of production and its private appropriation, reveals that it cannot come out of the perennial crisis created by it. The experience of the 300 years history of the capitalist-imperialist system which experienced 30 crises, almost one in every decade prove it. If the imperialists, mainly US imperialists, and their lackeys all over the world shouted after the disintegration of Soviet Union in 1990 about \u2018end of history\u2019, \u2018socialism becoming obsolete\u2019, etc. they are cutting sorry figures today. As socialisation of production is spreading fast, as the finance capital has become overwhelmingly speculative and parasitic in character intensifying the frequency and intensity of the crises, only by the overthrow of the imperialist system and social ownership of the production, only through production for the people, this crisis can be resolved basically. That is, the capitalist-imperialist system is a failed god and it is again and again proved that socialism is the only alternative before the humanity.

3 In the 1970s following the crisis created by stagflation, the imperialist camp had launched neo-liberal policies, in place of the hitherto Keynesian policies, and the imperialist globalisation-liberalisation-privatisation recipe was imposed over the Asian-African-Latin American countries through the comprador rulers there, under guidance of the IMF-World Bank and MNCs, and later, the WTO. In this way their economies were integrated into the global capital-market system. The Congress Government in 1991 imposed the neo-liberal regime in India also. While all ruling class parties applauded it and the CPI (M)-led social democrats embraced it, repeating \u201cthere is no alternative to globalisation\u201d, from the very beginning the Marxist-Leninists had denounced it as a further intensification of neo- colonisation. The dangers they pointed out then are proved correct as the crisis in the imperialist economy is fast spreading to these countries, including India. Apart from the already serious, double-digit inflation transforming to deflation and the price-rise irrespective of them, the recession and economic retardation are fast spreading. With the closure of export oriented units, including cutting down workers and employees strength, IT units facing acute recession, more than 35 lakhs are going to loose jobs soon worsening the already acute unemployment and pauperisation. Instead of \u2018development\u2019 boasted about by those running the Central and State Governments, as far as the vast majority of the people are concerned, they are facing devastation in all walks of life. Similar to the \u2018India Shining\u2019 propaganda of the BJP-led NDA in 2004, the so-called 9% GDP growth and the stock market boom talked about by the Congress-led UPA Government are loosing whatever value they had fast as the Lok Sabha election dates are coming nearer. The whole gamut of imperialist globalisation is proved hollow with the consequences of the imperialist meltdown spreading fast all over India.

4 Elections to the six state assemblies have taken place at this critical time. All the ruling class parties including the CPI (M)-CPI social democrats had joined hands to conceal the unprecedented imperialist crisis and its grave consequences, exposing the hollowness of whatever sham propaganda they were making to project imperialist globalisation as the only alternative. The election campaign was made more and more apolitical, leaving aside any serious discussion about the neo-liberal policies pursued by all those in power in these states.

Instead communal, caste, parochial vote banks were sought to be created, and money-liquor- muscle power was utilised. BJP and Congress had led this heinous game. BJP aided by the Sangh Parivar was in the forefront to communalise the elections, to win it utilising all dirty tricks. Though BJP\u2019s frenzied propaganda about terrorism, trying to project the whole Muslim minority as terrorists, is fully exposed with the arrest of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and others linked to the Sangh Parivar for the Malegaon blasts, it was persisting with more pernicious forms of communal fascist tirades creating hatred among communities and vandalising the election atmosphere. When the terrorist attacks took place at Mumbai on the eve of MP and Delhi assembly election, BJP utilised it with maddening haste to recover the lost ground. The corrupt, communal appeasement policies of the Congress and the autocratic attitude of the election machinery had added fuel to the criminalisation taking place. All these factors are going to get aggravated during the Lok Sabha elections, overruling any possibility of any serious discussion on the economic, political crisis faced by the country and the devastation of the vast masses. The results of these assembly elections show that frantic communalisation and threat of terrorism utilised by the BJP has not helped it much. The pattern of the main ruling class parties sharing the spoils being repeated for decades happened again in these elections also.

5 Four and half years of UPA rule, propped up, till recently by the CPI (M)-led LF, has further enslaved the country to imperialists, especially to US imperialists, in the name of a \u201cstrategic alliance\u201d with the US. The signing of the Indo-US Nuke Deal in spite of strong opposition from the popular forces has intensified the neo-colonisation process. All welfare policies are further cut down, depriving food, housing, drinking water, education, healthcare and employment to the vast masses. The number of people under the poverty line has further increased. The so-called development policies under the neo-liberal raj have only led to devastation of the country economically, politically, culturally and environmentally \u2014 leading to the rich becoming richer while the poor becoming more pauperised. In implementation of these anti-people, anti-national policies, all the ruling class parties and social democrats have joined hands. From Congress, BJP to CPI (M)-led LF all are executioners of these arch- reactionary policies. It is these policies including appeasement or promotion of religious fundamentalists by these parties which have led to growth of criminal gangs, \u2018quotation squads\u2019, and terrorist groups all over the country. These policies have only aggravated the situation in J&K and Northeast. By pursuing a reactionary foreign policy to appease US imperialists, the relations with all neighbouring countries have also worsened.

6 Grasping the critical importance of these developments in the objective situation both internationally and nationally, which are intensifying all major contradictions to unprecedented levels, and creating a favourable situation for the revolutionary forces to launch an all-out offensive, is the important responsibility of Marxist-Leninist forces today. As far as the CPI (M)-led Left Front is concerned, the total bankruptcy of its \u2018there is no alternative to globalisation\u2019 line and attempts to give a \u2018human face\u2019 to globalisation are fully exposed by the unprecedented recession, depression and devastation caused by the unprecedented crisis in the imperialist system, making its \u2018third alternative\u2019 and the very unity within the Left Front itself a mirage. By embracing the line of peaceful transition in its 8th Congress of December 2007 CPI (ML) Liberation is in the middle of its own crisis, similar to what is happening to other rightist groups. As far as the CPI (Maoist) and its apologists are concerned, the developments in Orissa following the killing of Swami Laxamananda Saraswati and during the Chhattisgarh elections have exposed their anarchist line fully, further weakening them. The political line of those forces which are characterising India as a capitalist country, is further exposed, as the consequences following the crisis in the imperialist system in India is exhibiting, more than ever, the neo-colonisation becoming intense. In this situation the conditions for the polarisation of all genuine Marxist-Leninist forces, fighting against all these alien trends, have become more favourable than ever.

7 In this context, the CC of CPI (ML) resolves to:

a) Develop relations among all like-minded Marxist-Leninist organisations at the international level so that an Anti-imperialist International Forum of Marxist-Leninist forces can be develop;

b) Take initiative to start discussions with Communist Revolutionary organisations in India
to carry forward the call for unity issued by the 2005 Vijayawada Unity Conference;

c) Take immediate steps to develop All-India organisations of the workers uniting all trade unions associated with our party and other like-minded trade union centres into a single All- India trade union centre or federation, to develop All-India peasant, youth, student and women\u2019s organisations as called by the Political Resolution adopted by the 2005 Vijayawada Unity Conference;

d) In view of the gravity of the economic and political situation in the country, and the impending Lok Sabha elections, to take immediate initiative to start discussions with all revolutionary left, patriotic, democratic, secular forces to launch an All India Anti-imperialist People\u2019s Democratic Forum as the people\u2019s alternative against all ruling class alternatives.

8 The Central Committee of the CPI (ML) calls on all party state committees to take up
the following tasks immediately:

a) All State Committees should immediately launch an ideological-political campaign in the context of the ever-intensifying present crisis in the imperialist system and consequent recession and depression, at the state level with the slogan \u201cNot imperialism, socialism is the only alternative for the world\u2019s people\u201d. The form of the campaign can be decided by the state committees.

b) Intensify the activities of all class/mass organisations at the state level, and prepare conditions favourable for taking up All-India movements. Launch working class struggles and agrarian movement with land to the tiller slogan.

c) Take steps to forge unity with all revolutionary left, patriotic, democratic, secular forces so as to build up the Anti-imperialist People\u2019s Democratic alternative at the State level with a view to develop joint struggles and to utilise the impending Lok Sabha elections.

Satyam: Biggest Scam in Indian Corporate
SATYAM, the fourth biggest IT company in India, has fallen as a result of Rs. 8000 crore fraud

through manipulation of accounts by none other than its chairman B. Ramalinga Raju. He was pampered by earlier chief minister Chandrababu Naidu of Telugu Desham as well as the present Congress chief minister, and by the whole state machinery. It helped Raju to manipulate the company\u2019s funds diverting this huge sum toMaytas, a real estate company owned by his family, to engage in large scale speculative business.

Though the chairman claims that he alone is responsible, after he was compelled to talk as the manipulation could not be kept secret and he was about to get exposed, it is damn clear that the top executives, those dealing with the accounts, the auditors, his close relatives and political associates are all involved in it. How can one believe that such a big fraud did not show up somewhere and could not be spotted by the numerous investment analysts or the several investment banks and institutional investors holding huge shares in the company? Satyam\u2019s collapse exposed how the corporate governance is run in India.

If the imperialist meltdown had not started exerting pressure on Indian economy and the
real estate business, the Satyam chairman\u2019s fraud may not have come out at all. In all senses,

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